Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: 10 Animal Crochet Patterns for Afghans

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They’re here. Straight from the AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns‘ mouth are 10 animal crochet patterns for afghans. We’ve compiled ten animal crochet patterns for afghans that are ab-zoo-lutely wild. From butterflies to bears, these free crochet animal patterns are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Crochet a blanket that you’ll go hog-wild over once it’s done. If you’re an eager beaver for animal projects like we are, you’ll find great joy in our menagerie of free crochet animal patterns. But we won’t beat a dead horse, you can scroll down and see for yourself.

Cuddle Dog AfghanCat & Mouse Throw & PillowFrench Poodles Crochet Afghan

Full Afghans

Cuddle Dog Afghan– Be ahead of the pack with this crochet animal pattern. This daring doggy design is so cute, you’ll just love to cuddle with this afghan. Give this afghan to an animal lover, a child or your faithful canine companion.

Bears and Balloons Baby Blanket– For the advanced crocheter, this is one of those crochet animal patterns you have to try. Set your crochet hooks to work on this project. If you’re a real crocheting veteran, you’re probably hungry as a bear for a project like this.

Cat & Mouse Throw & Pillow– Of all the free crochet animal patterns here, this one certainly is intriguing. Do you dare to pair a cat and mouse on the same afghan, or are you a scaredy-cat? One thing is for sure: afghan patterns like this one will certainly improve your cat naps.

French Poodles Crochet Afghan– Find out if you’re top dog and try this French Poodles Crochet Afghan. Every dog has his day; and this is yours. Crochet a blanket that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Crochet Filet Bunny Afghan– Easy crochet afghan patterns for beginners aren’t always this adorable. From this tutorial, you’ll whip up an animal afghan quick like a bunny.

Pretty Butterfly SquareRocking Horse AfghanPaw Print Afghan Square

Granny Squares

Turkey Square– Let’s talk turkey: these birds don’t disappear (completely) after November. This advanced animal crochet pattern will yield a granny square that will have you swelling with pride. We love the colors in this bird and adamantly believe they shouldn’t be reserved for the fall.

Pretty Butterfly Square– This is one of those animal crochet patterns that looks complicated, but is actually pretty easy. Show us one little girl who would object to a granny square afghan that is colorful and has 3D wings. It’s impossible. Don’t disappoint her; make this square!

Rocking Horse Afghan– We know this granny square is a rocking horse, but as Mr. Ed said, “a horse is a horse.” This square would be perfect on a baby blanket, and with the spring comes new arrivals (i.e., lots and lots of babies). This crochet animal pattern is for the advanced crocheter, so saddle up and get a move on!

Row Count Butterfly Afghan Square– Because of both spring and trends for girls, butterflies are in full swing right now. No doubt you’ve got someone in your life who would be all in flutter if you gave them a butterfly afghan.

Paw Print Afghan Square– Leave your mark on your animal adventures by trying out this paw print granny square. Here at AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns, we have nothing short of puppy love for this darling square.

We certainly hope you’re as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed over these 10 animal crochet patterns as we are. In our opinion, they’re worth working like a dog for. If you loved Straight form the Horse’s Mouth: 10 Animal Crochet Patterns for Afghans, browse through our site to find other animal designs.

What animal do you want to crochet on an afghan?


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  1. Char55 says

    I like the cat & mouse one, but I would do it in Tunisian from a graph so I could work it all in one piece….I hate sewing blocks together! Having looked at the pattern supplied by, they should have included a graph of stitches for the cat & mouse showing facial features so the crocheter would have the correct placement.

  2. Karen Trainor says

    My brother and sister-in-law just took over raising her 6 hr old and 9 mo old grandsons. So, I will be crocheting the puppy and rocking horse for them. Thanks for the patterns.

    • Stitch&Unwind says

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for reading! While we only have one fox afghan (it can be found here), we do have a few fox crochet patterns that you might be interested in. They can be found here!

  3. says

    I am looking for a throw or afghan that looks like jars the shark. My daughter seen it and so I would like to make it for her boys. Can’t seem to find the pattern. Could you help me?

    • Lynne says

      Me too. I cannot believe how hard it is to find crocheted farm animal appliques, cross-stitch for knitted or crocheted squares, or granny squares!

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