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Crochet afghan patterns are definitely one of the most sought-after patterns on AllFreeCrochet. If you always find yourself searching for interesting crochet afghan patterns, then we definitely suggest this amazing book by Robin Chachula. Unexpected Afghans features a beautiful collection of fresh and vibrant afghans for your home.

Inside this 160-page book, you’ll find contemporary-looking afghans that were designed using traditional techniques. The book is broken down into five chapters: cables, granny motifs, color, lace, and Tunisian.  Some of my favorite patterns include the Eloise Baby Blanket (pg. 15), Bethlehem Star (pg. 91), and Van Gogh Waves (pg. 139). Featured designers include Kristin Omdahl, Drew Emborsky, Kim Guzman, Linda Permann, Mary Beth Temple, and more.

Enter to win your very own copy of this book today. The contest ends December 26, so don’t waste any time. Enter right now!

What is your favorite pattern for crocheted afghans? (Ripple, granny square, round, etc). Tell us below!


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  1. Char55 says

    I simply can’t pick a favorite! I’ve made rectangle, hexagon, rippled lace, hexagon motifs, and tunisian with a worked-in design…all within the past year; and am currently finishing a “zippered” square afghan.

  2. DEBORAH COOK says

    I love to crochet and afghans are my favorite project to make. Usually I make them and give as gifts and I would love to have new patterns to try.

  3. Wendy J Mecca says

    My favorite type of afghan isn’t one you have listed. I like different textures created with just the basic stitches. I tend to do other things (read, watch tv, talk) while crocheting, so using easy stitches works for me, and varying how I use them makes some very pretty and interesting designs.

  4. Joann Jones says

    I love to make afghans of all shapes, sizes and patterns. People want to know how I can talk or watch tv without looking at my patterns. I just tell them that I use the basic patterns when I do that. I like patterns that are colorful but do not need to sew blocks together.

  5. Kathryn Meador says

    I always have a granny square project started! When the scrap yarns start piling up, I start making squares. It’s so easy and compact to carry somewhere, because all you need is a few colors at a time. Although I have learned to start putting the squares together after I have enough for one row at a time. I doesn’t feel so intimidating to me that way, and I know I will finish, and feel a great satisfaction when it is done!

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