Bring Fantasy to Life with Dragon Scale Patterns

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Dragon Skin ScarfEvery now and then I need something a bit out of the ordinary to brighten my day. When real life gets me down, I turn to fantasy, fairy tales, and myths. Dragons may be creatures of legends, but you can bring a little part of them to life with dragon scale patterns. Create your own dragon-inspired accessories to add a bit of fantasy to your day. These enchanting patterns will whisk you away, if only for a moment, to a more magical place where dragons and fairy stories can be champions over real life.

Beautiful Dragon Scales

Dragon Scale Keyhole Scarf

Create beautiful dragon scale accessories with these gorgeous patterns. Use purples, pinks, blues, and cool greens to represent the mighty creatures. Variegated yarns in these colors can really help reflect the image of scales in the knitting.

The Dragon Skin Scarf (shown above) is personally my favorite dragon pattern on AllFreeKnitting. It has an enchanting repeating pattern of delicate scales through the scarf.

Engulf yourself in a Dragon Skin Wrap. The stitches in this pattern can be multiplied so you can knit a simple scarf or a luxurious wrap. Gradually change colors to give some extra flair to your piece.

Dragon scales don’t always have to appear the same way. That is the beauty of the beast. Create a Dragon Scale Keyhole Scarf using a smaller stitch pattern for smaller scales.

Dragon Scale MittsI’d like to heat up this collection with these fiery red Dragon Scale Mitts. Work up these fanciful fingerless mitts in red or orange to reflect the more dangerous side of the beast. You’ll catch the attention of others in a flash with these flaming scale patterned mitts.

 What creative knit patterns do search for to brighten your day?

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  1. Susan Meyer says

    Dear persons, I have been given a Heap of wool and a project that has been started, It is variegated and the colours are purple blues greens,And I am wondering if you can help me out and tell me where i can get it.I thin k the scarf is Lovely. and the dragon stitch seems quite lovely and unique.

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