20 of America’s Favorite Patriotic Crochet Afghan Patterns + Granny Squares

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Think of summer… What comes to mind?  Sunshine.  Popsicles.  Swimming pools.  Red, White and Blue.   Flags waving in the breeze and bunting on front porches. I love decorating the outside of the house this time of year, showing off my patriotism, but often lack in the inside decorating.  This year, I’ve decided to bring […]

#springmeadowKAL – Week 2 is now LIVE!


Just a gentle reminder to all those playing along that week two of our Spring Meadow Knit Along is now live! Heidi from Hands Occupied filmed a great video for you showing each step of this new section and you’ll love the end result of this week’s light and lacy section.  The pattern might look […]

Father’s Day Crafts: 9 Quick Knit Gift Ideas for Dad


Is your Dad the the type of person who already has everything? If you never know what to put on a gift list for him, this group of simple patterns for men offers a variety of unique knit gifts for Father’s Day.  It can sometimes be hard to knit for men, especially when you are crunched […]

The Snuggle is Real: Our 9 Most Popular Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

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The Snuggle is Real, people!  New babies are popping up all over the place, so those of us who love to give crochet baby blanket gifts are in a hurry to get all those babies wrapped up in homemade blankies.  So let’s not waste any time, here is a collection of our reader’s 9 favorite […]

Kid Stitches: Finger Knitting Projects To Keep Them Busy This Summer

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School is almost out for the summer for children across the country, and that means we will soon be serenaded with the sweet cries of “Moooooooom, I’m bored!”  from the moment they wake up each day until they place their darling little heads on their pillows at night.  Don’t let that happen this year.  Get […]

Owl Always Love You: DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Baby shower season is upon us!  Spring is in the air, and babies are coming left and right around me.  For the soon to be mom’s who are closest to me, I tend to go all out and give them big themed gifts.  Rather than reach for baby gifts at the store, I start early […]

Make Amazing Projects with Multicolored Yarns

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If you’re like me, you are instantly drawn to multicolored yarns in the store or at a fiber festival. But once you get home, you may find it challenging to pick a project that suits the yarn. Today, I’m going to be sharing my tips for using more multicolored yarns in your crochet and knitting projects!  Working with multicolored yarns […]

Fast & Easy Knit DIY Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make in a Hurry!

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There is a special woman in our lives that needs a little bit of extra recognition. While we should love on her everyday, having a special day that is all about her is truly a gift in itself.  This year, instead of buying a gift, try knitting one for her. Not only will you have […]

DIY Spring Cleaning Tools to Knit and Crochet + BONUS GIVEAWAY!

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Winter comes and I look forward to snuggling under a crochet afghan while I finish my knit holiday gifts.  After a while, though, it because tiresome and the house loses that warm and snuggly feeling and just begins to feel stuff and closed in. The first day after a long winter that I am able […]