22 Lace Crochet Blanket Patterns

22 Lace Crochet Blanket Patterns

There’s something so pretty and delicate about lace crochet blankets, don’t you think? They’re worked up so intricately and with such care yet they still provide some warmth despite being so light and open. In fact, I’d say they’re perfect for the spring and summer months as you don’t want to get weighed down by […]

Fancy Floral Afghan Square

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This groovy crochet granny square is the pattern you need if you want to make a fun and funky afghan! The Floral Kaleidoscope Afghan Square from Gleeful Things combines a delicate floral motif with a bold color scheme that all comes together in a truly unique way. You could alternate the order of the colors […]

How To Crochet Granny Squares: Free eBook!

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Just because the weather’s warming up, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your crochet afghan projects! Afghans are perfect for any time of year even if it’s not cold enough to bundle up – you just need to update the types of afghan patterns you’re working on. Flowers are, of course, the […]

Babypalooza! 13 Pastel Baby Blankets

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Spring is fast approaching, which means one big thing in the world of crochet: it’s time to start making your baby gifts! Spring is a really popular time of year for baby showers, baby birthday parties, and other celebrations (such as Easter) where giving a gift could be appropriate. There’s no better gift for this […]