Crochet Baby Booties: 15 Free Patterns


There’s just something about baby booties – so cute, so tiny! – that’s enough to make anyone go “aww!” Even without a baby in my life at present I can’t help but want to collect the little things. I mean, someone I know has got to have a baby eventually, right? As far as crochet […]

Printable Crochet Patterns for Fall


My favorite way to celebrate the beginning of fall is to start in on a new project. This time of year, my thoughts always turn to yarn – what cozy crafts can I make using only the softest, chunkiest, most autumn-approved yarns out there? I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about thick blankets and […]

NEW! 10 Free Crochet Cowl Patterns Perfect for Fall

fall crochet cowl patterns

It seems that summer is in full effect…  long sweltering days and thunderstorms.  Of course that means that I am thinking about nothing more than fall!  I can’t be the only longing for the shorter days, crisp air, red noses, fall colors and cozy crochet cowls. Crochet cowl patterns are the perfect for the fall […]

Fun & Flirty: 9 Daring Dresses and Skirts to Crochet

Untitled design (86)

Learn how to crochet a dress, and you’ll have the perfect wardrobe item to pack for those last minute summer vacations and events.  Most of these crochet dress and skirt patterns are made with lightweight cotton yarns, so they won’t be too warm during the day while in the sun, yet are suitable enough for […]

13 Character-Inspired Crochet Baby Hat Patterns


When I hear the joyous news from friends and family that a new baby is on the way, the first thing I always do is reach for my crochet hook and a free baby crochet pattern.  My favorite gift to give is a fun crochet baby hat, not only are crochet baby hat patterns plentiful, […]

In a Jiffy! 11 Less than One Hour Crochet Patterns


Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock… You only have a few minutes to sit down and crochet, but you really want to have something finished soon.  Perhaps you’ve got a gift you need to give and you don’t have time to work up something complicated.  Don’t fret, because I have collected our favorite “Less Than An Hour” free crochet […]