Handmade Christmas: 19 Crochet Ornaments

Handmade Christmas: 19 Crochet Ornaments

The cookies are being baked, the chimneys are being swept and we’re preparing our little hearts out for the joyous holiday season. It still cracks me up that my two-year-old wants a cookie from Santa; he got off easy this year. As we’re prepping to have friends and family over, we’re also preparing for our […]

10 Thrifty Christmas Gifts to Crochet

10 Thrifty Christmas Crochet Gifts

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus right down Santa Claus lane”. My husband and I have been prepping our two year old that Christmas is on its way and we’ve been talking about all the traditions that come with it. I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her and she said […]

Secret Santa Gifts: 30 Gifts to Crochet

Secret Santa Gifts: 30 Gifts to Crochet

Already on the hunt for festive holiday crochet patterns? Make your home merry and bright this year with some handmade crochet designs. Nothing speaks the holidays when your gifts and decor are made with love (and most likely frustration with those dang knots in your yarn). I still cannot believe Christmas will be here in […]

Harvest Your Crochet Patterns for the Big Feast

Harvest Crochet Patterns

Harvest season is upon us and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and I can already smell the fresh turkey browning in the oven and the mashed potatoes being mashed. Thanksgiving is a fabulous holiday to spend with your nearest and dearest and what makes it even more special […]

Pick Your Pumpkin and All Things Like It

Pick Your Pumpkin: Crochet Pumpkins and More

I truly believe stores are starting to push their traditions onto families and homes. What do I mean by that? Stores set up their holiday decor months before the holiday arrives and I’m starting to see the same with homes. Before October even hit I saw Halloween decorations on front doors and on lawns. Don’t […]

Festive Holiday Flair to Drool Over

Festive Holiday Flair: Crochet Patterns

It’s time to panic! There are less than three months until Christmas is here and I’m only just realizing this. When I overheard someone talking about it something deep inside me got all flustered because I’m still trying to find out what crochet gifts I want to make for each of my family members. I’m […]

16 Wreaths of Winter’s Past

16 Wreaths of Winter's Past

As people are already out planning for their fall and Halloween festivities I can’t help but think how quickly winter and the holidays will be here. I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about the joyous times I get to spend with my family in the kitchen that smells like homemade apple pie, or around […]

I’m Dreaming of a Crochet Christmas in July

I'm Dreaming of a Crochet Christmas in July

Charles Dickens once said, “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year.” With this in mind, we bring you our collection of 35 crochet patterns that will keep you dreaming of Christmas in July. We know you have been waiting anxiously (but maybe not so patiently) for this month to […]

Red, White, and Crochet: 24 Fourth of July Patterns

Red, White, and Crochet: 24 Fourth of July Patterns

It’s the time of year again to make sure the flag is waving on your front porch and to stock up on sparklers. If you want to spend a little less this summer by having a homemade holiday celebration, try these 24 Fourth of July free crochet patterns. Put out some red, white, and blue […]