Knitting Word Search + 10 Free Fall Knitting Patterns We Are Addicted To


Busy week?  Need a little breather from the stress?  Everybody loves word searches, right? So, take a relaxing moment to check out this word search and see what words you find.  There’s no answer key, so everyone who searches will find their own set of three words to describe their knitting personality.  There’s no answer key to […]

10 Cold Weather Knitting Patterns for Boys

Untitled design (4)

The cold weather will be upon us before we know it.  It’s time to get started on the the cold weather knitting patterns. If we get started now, while the weather is warmer, these great free knitting patterns for boys will surely be done in time.  Whether you are looking for a simple knit cardigan […]

Uniquely Yours: Textured Scarves to Turn You Diva

Sweet Pea Ruffle Scarf

Knit and crochet scarves are not only simple to work up, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to the design, color and texture that you can create. Your creativity can take you far when you look at things in a different light. Using the same pattern with different types of yarns can give […]

#springmeadowKAL – Week 2 is now LIVE!

spring meadow knit along

Just a gentle reminder to all those playing along that week two of our Spring Meadow Knit Along is now live! Heidi from Hands Occupied filmed a great video for you showing each step of this new section and you’ll love the end result of this week’s light and lacy section.  The pattern might look […]

Father’s Day Crafts: 9 Quick Knit Gift Ideas for Dad


Is your Dad the the type of person who already has everything? If you never know what to put on a gift list for him, this group of simple patterns for men offers a variety of unique knit gifts for Father’s Day.  It can sometimes be hard to knit for men, especially when you are crunched […]

Kid Stitches: Finger Knitting Projects To Keep Them Busy This Summer

Untitled design (59)

School is almost out for the summer for children across the country, and that means we will soon be serenaded with the sweet cries of “Moooooooom, I’m bored!”  from the moment they wake up each day until they place their darling little heads on their pillows at night.  Don’t let that happen this year.  Get […]

Fast & Easy Knit DIY Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make in a Hurry!

Untitled design (54)

There is a special woman in our lives that needs a little bit of extra recognition. While we should love on her everyday, having a special day that is all about her is truly a gift in itself.  This year, instead of buying a gift, try knitting one for her. Not only will you have […]

You Knit It: Now Learn How to Wear A Shawl

Untitled design (45)

Now that you have spent countless hours finishing that beautiful knit shawl pattern, you are going to want to wear it.  Once you’ve made a cute shawl, you might wonder how you’ll keep it on all day.  After all, nothing is worse than putting something on in the morning and not being able to keep […]

Light & Lacy Tops: 9 Lovely Free Knitting Patterns for Spring

Untitled design (38)

It seems like when Spring finally arrives that the only seasonal knitting patterns that I can find are light and lacy scarf knitting patterns.  While scarves are always a great choice when I need a little knitting project, sometimes I need a wearable knitting pattern to keep my interest and give me the satisfaction of a […]