CHA 2013: Yarn Trends Report

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Last week, our craft editors attended the 2013 Winter Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. Not only did we get to meet some amazing crafty celebs (scroll down to find out who!), we were also lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some of the new yarns that will be hitting the shelves later this year. A few of the major trends that we couldn’t help but notice are still trending are neon and sparkles; some new trends we were super excited to see include ruffles and faux fur. Read more about all of our favorite new yarns below, and scroll down for the celeb sightings!


We also came back with a swag bag full of exclusive goodies that we’re giving away to one lucky winner. Find out how you can enter to win right here.



Red Heart:

  • For those of you with little ones in your life, get ready for the most exciting new line of 2013: the Anne Geddes Baby collection (below). Available February 1, this line will include both solid and multicolored yarn in 19 different colors. If you’re tired of using the same classic pastel colors for all of your baby projects, then you’re in luck because this collection includes beautiful bold, vibrant colors including Bumblebee, Ladybug, and Grass.

CHA-Blog Post-AnneGeddesBaby

  • Yep, neon is still hot, and it’s better than ever this year. The Vivid collection (bottom right) is brand new this year, with 8 bright colors to choose from. This super bulky yarn will be available April 1, 2013.
  • They’ve also added a few neon colors to the ever-popular Super Saver collection, including this multicolored option shown here: Day Glow (bottom left).
  • Another popular super bulky collection to add neon to the mix is their Swerve collection. These new colors (below, top center) will be available May 15th.

CHA-Blog Post-RedHeartNeon

  • Although there are no new crochet thread colors on the horizon for 2013, Red Heart is excited to expand their promotional efforts for Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread. This premium quality crochet thread is available in both solid colors and metallics, and truly is a is a great product to use for a variety of projects including fashion accessories and home decor. It works especially well for wedding patterns, as well (as shown below).

CHA-Blog Post-Wedding-Thread

  • Available February 1, 2013, Filigree yarn (shown below, top left) is a unique yarn that can be worn alone (no knitting or crochet even necessary!), or crocheted with an edge. Seven colors will be available: Ivory, Tealy, Bordeaux, Toasted, Urban, Jubilee, and Imperial (shown below, bottom left).
  • Red Heart’s Team Spirit line was so popular last year, they are not only adding three new colors (Red/White, Black/Gray, and Royal/White), but they’re also creating a Sashay Team Spirit line (below, top right). Available June 15, this will include the top ten original Team Spirit colors: Navy/Gold, Green/Gold, Purple/Gold, Gold/Black, Red/Grey, Red/Black, Orange/Navy, Navy/Grey, Burgundy/Gold, and Orange/Black.
  • They’ve also decided to expand their Sashay line even more to now include Metallics, Sparkles, and Sequins (below, bottom right). These will all be available June 15, 2013.

CHA-Blog Post-RedHeartRibbon

Premier Yarns:

  • The four main trends they’ve identified for 2013 are ruffles, neon, fur, and chenille, and we’re totally okay with that!  Check out their latest yarn products below including Starbella Artic, Reggae, Lash Lux – with and without sequins, City Life, and Deborah Norville Everyday yarn in neon (clockwise from left)

CHA-Blog Post-Premier

Lion Brand Yarns:

  • In honor of Lion Brand’s 135th anniversary, they’re introducing a brand new collection in 2013 called Heartland. This collection of premium acrylic yarn features 24 classic colors in denim-inspired neutrals.


  • Neon is definitely still trending, and so is faux fur; Lion Brand has decided to bring the two trends together and add neon colors to their already popular Fun Fur line. The six new colors can be seen below.
  • Romance is another fur line that we’re absolutely obsessed with. This yarn literally feels like the super soft feathers. The yarn in this collection is meant to be a bit more upscale and luxurious, reminiscent of high-end fashion.
  • Both of these faux fur collections include brights and neutrals. When worked together, these two color palettes can really come together nicely and complement each other in a unique manner.


  • Lion Brand’s Imagine line of yarn is unique tube yarn that can be used to create a no-knit, no-crochet scarf in just a few easy steps.



  • This was perhaps the most exciting revelation at CHA (for me personally, anyway): new Bonbon colors! I know Christmas was only a month ago, but these red and green Bonbons have got me counting down the days ’til Christmas 2013!


Although I did love the new Bonbons colors, the most exciting part of CHA for me had to have been the Lion Brand fashion show, Our World of Yarn: Fashions from Around the World. The show featured items that were designed and made by fashion students in the US and Europe. And oh yeah, I got to meet Vanna White! And if you’re wondering: yes, she is just as gorgeous and kind in person as she appears on TV.


Vanna isn’t the only celeb I met at CHA. Check out who else I met (clockwise from top left): AllFreeCrochet’s very own contributor, Mary Vaughn from Crochet Chiq, and craft designers Jonathan Fong, and Mark Montano!

Jenny-MaryKathryn Jenny-Maggie-Melissa-JFong



 Which new yarn are you most excited to try in 2013? Leave a comment and let us know!


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  1. Shannon says

    Do we have to pick just one!?! If that’s the case, I would say Heartland first; then the Anne Geddes collection, then the Aunt Lydia’s; Team Spirit… and what else?? OH YEAH! The Fun Fur would be fun to try and work with!! Too many fun new colors and textures to try out this year!!

  2. Adriana says

    I would love to learn how to cable knit. I was taught how to knit, when I was very young, evn the cable knit, but just can’t remeber ti now, after almost 30ys of no knitting. Also I would like to know how to do Tunisian crochet. I hope by posting this comment, I’m entred in the contest o0f the “big bag” Giveaway

  3. Julianne says

    The Anne Geddes line, probably, but why oh why doesn’t anyone include brown for baby yarn!!!! Grrrr!!

    I grow weary if the acrylics, too many are scratchy and/ or pill easily. I would love to see more cotton yarn options out there!

  4. kirstine Thornburg says

    I love the neon blues and purples.
    Lots of new and exciting things happing in the yarn industry for 2013. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Corry says

    I am totally loving the neon colors.. in wool and crochet cotton.. just gotta find a place that sells them to get my hands on them!!

  6. linda turner says

    Hi are the Anne Geddes Yarns available in the UK, infact i cannot find any of the Red heart yarns here. T.Y. Linda

  7. Char55 says

    Thanks for the updates on Red Heart and Lion Brand, but what about Bernat, Caron, and Patons??????

    And I’ll take “cheap” acrylics anyday! I like their softness, durability and easy care! (reverse yarn snob) LOL!

  8. wendy isbell says

    That new varigated red heart yarn almost made me jump into my laptop, It’s been so dreary the pretty bright colors instantly caught my ( I need that now ) mode ,

  9. Lori Buswold says

    The Anne Geddes sound bright, soft and fun. I’ve been enjoying the new Red Heart Love yarn’s softness and rich colors. The Homeland line looks very tempting.

  10. Jenni J says

    I think my husband is banning me from yarn for a while:-( But I really want to get my hands on the new Anne Geddes line yarn!!!!! I’m tired of boring pastel baby yarn. lol

  11. Dixie Dietsch says

    So excited about the neon colors but I’ll Have to try different ones depending on what I’m crocheting. Like to try new patterns

  12. Florence M DesAutels says

    great new yarns I think I would really like working with the Day Glow yarn. Especially if I were making something for a child.

  13. Lorenia Fish says

    I have seen and used your patterns for years. I use them on the labels on the yarn. I have also taught my friends to crochet using Red Heart yarn. Please keep putting new patterns on your yarn. Thanks again for all the patterns through out the years.
    Lorenia Fish

  14. Mary Wood says

    Anne Geddes and Heartland…very cool…I make newborn hats… and these are such pretty colors…thank you for having all of these available to all of us…:)

  15. Shannon says

    so excited for more offerings in the sashay line… and the team spirit line which I use for more than just team spirit!

  16. Elizabeth Moren says

    I like to make baby things and crafty things so I always am looking for something new to do…those neon colors look good to kick up baby stuff beyond pink, blue, yellow and mauve…And them my stuff will be more “with it”…I hope to find new patterns as I do know a lot about crochet (40 years experience)

  17. Jody says

    I am excited about the neon color in Red Heart and the Bon Bons in Lion Brand! I have been crocheting fingerless mitts and character hats and these yarns would be perfect!

  18. Rita Karaffa says

    I really am looking forward to using the Anne Geddes collection. I am so tired of the pastels available now for infant wear and can’t wait to try my hand at making something for the grandkids with those vibrant colors.

  19. Kirstine says

    Hello. I am excited about the new neon and baby yarns that will be comming out.
    Can someone tell me if I love This yarn from Hobby Lobby is comming out with any new colors for 2013? Fantastic is what comes to mind for the yarns we know are new for this year.
    Kirstine Thornburg

  20. Joy Sharpe says

    Sashay in the team spirit colors!!!! So many of my orders are for sports fans! Who doesn’t want to show your team pride!!!

  21. Robin Johnson says

    There are so many out there that I would love to try. Bon Bons, Team Spirit, Anne Geddes and I just love all the new neon and bright colors.

  22. Kamama says

    Am looking forward to trying the Lion Brand Heartland. I love the slightly muted effect of the “denim” look but the colors are nicely saturated and deep.

  23. leann anuraga says

    I need to start using more bold bright vivid collections colors! Been using the earthy tones and they ares gettin boring

  24. Lynda McHugh says

    The faux furs look like something that could be fun. Maybe the feathers. My granddaughter loves the soft fluffy stuff, so I’ll have to see if I can use this for her.
    Looks like you had a good time.

  25. Brenda says

    The neons will make great shawls for friends but also the Barbie dolls as accessories. I make a lot of Barbie clothes and sell them around Christmas time.

  26. sue mack says

    I would love to be able to translate the knitting and crocheting terms in all the old English patterns that my mother and grandmother left me. Some are just too confusing, but they are all so beautiful. People used to put so much heart and soul into knitting, instead of trying to make everything simpler and quicker. The old patterns are lovely.

  27. Rebecca Wallace says

    The Lion Brand Heartland! The colors are so soft and soothing. Can’t wait to make some things for my guys.

  28. Kathy B says

    Wish I could have been there this year.

    Love the neon colors! Also love that Sashay is including team colors. Love Sashay yarn. My customers love the scarves I knit.

  29. Amber Fuller says

    Wow! Way to go Red Heart. I love the Vivid collection and can’t wait to get my hands on it. The Anne Geddes Baby Collection also looks like a winner!

  30. Judy Dalton says

    Just found out I am going to be a Great G’ma so of course the Anne Geddes Baby collection. I want it yesterday. Bravo Red Heart!! I also love the Heartland by Lion Brand. Just my kind of yarn.

  31. sandi says

    Heartland and Anne Geddes Baby. As far as using ‘acrylics’ there are different qualities. I was a fiber snob not long ago until my poor bank account told me I’d better open up my mind and give a few of these blends/premium acrylics a try and I was pleasantly surprised. Glad I’m not a fiber snob any longer. Nothing like being able to throw a well used garment into the washing machine or not having to worry about baby throwing up on it! OPEN YOUR MINDS FIBER SNOBS.

  32. Winnie Sipprell says

    I have a pattern for bracelets using Chenille, I think that’s next. And although I have used fun fur for scarves, I would like to try something even more fun…maybe a jacket.

  33. Linda says

    I make baby items for charity and I am definitely tired of using the same classic pastel colors for all of my baby projects! I am so excited about the vibrant colors that will be available, and I am very anxious to get my hands (and knitting needles) on some of this new yarn! Thank you Red Heart.

    I also make teddy bears so the wonderful colors of fun fur by Lion Brand are also intriguing. Thank you Lion Brand.

  34. Earnie says

    The Red Heart Anne Geddes and the new bright colors. It won’t be so boring to work with. Next would be the Heartland demin colors.

  35. says

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