Chevron Round-Up: Knitting & Crochet

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Ah, the ever-popular chevron design! I figured it was about time to pull together our knit and crochet chevron patterns and put them all in one place. I’ve been seeing the chevron trend in clothing, accessories, home decor and so much more! This design seems to have just popped up out of nowhere, so I decided to go back to the beginning and see what it was all about.

Turns out, the chevron can mean a couple different things. It can be a badge worn on the sleeve of  officers, like police, as an indication of rank. Some associate the chevron design with the Chevron Corporation (an energy corporation in California). Chevron can also be a geology term, referring to the folds in certain layers of rock. I find all of this to be pretty fascinating, but let’s get on to the patterns!

Chevron Crochet & Knit Patterns

Chevron Crochet Afghans

Now these patterns are by far the most popular. I have a chevron blanket in my living room that my great aunt made for my family way back when. This type of crochet has been around for awhile and some may refer to these patterns as “ripple” patterns. As far as I can tell, there’s no major difference in the terms. I like to view chevron patterns as more of a “zig-zag” style and not a wavy “ripple” style. Still, I think it’s safe to call them all ripple patterns. They are all beautiful no matter what they are called!

  1. Spring Dew Chevron Afghan
  2. Chevron Afghan
  3. S’mores Ripple Afghan
  4. Chevron Blanket
  5. Pretty in Pink Chevron Baby Blanket
  6. Zig Zag Classic Ripple Afghan

Chevron Crochet Patterns

Remember when I said earlier that I started seeing the chevron design in clothing and home decor? Well here we have it, patterns just for you so you can  join in on the trend. I love the pillow pattern and the color scheme it uses (similar to the Spring Dew Chevron Afghan). Dress up your wardrobe with the crocheted wrap and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

  1. Chevron Lace Wrap
  2. Crochet Zig Zag Pillow
  3. Ripple Socks

Chevron Knitting Patterns

Alright you knitters, here are some patterns for you! Two scarves and two afghans coming right up. The Chevron Scarf is so elegant and in such a pretty color too. With knitting, the chevron design tends to look tighter and tidier than with crochet (but both are amazing!) and these patterns will help you knit your very first chevron design.

  1. Chevron Scarf
  2. Chocolate Layer Cake Afghan
  3. Zig Zag Spread
  4. Crazy Zig Zag Scarf

Have you crocheted or knitted a chevron design?

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  1. Char55 says

    Think they were called “rippled” because of the “back loop only” stitching involved…it made it look like the rows were rippling. So chevron, zig zag or ripple…whatever you want to call them…they’re great to make.

    I even found one that was done in simple Tunisian stitch! Love the way it turned out!

  2. Cecilia says

    I would say more ‘modern’ patterns “ripples” have softer waves and “chevrons” are the sharp points. And the back loop only if done straight is called “ribbing”.

    I have made soft wave ripples, but not chevrons and not ribbed. Love ripples though.

  3. Karin says

    How would I crochet the chevron stitch in the round. I know how to do the stitch, but don’t know how to do it in the round. Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you

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