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  1. Robin Johnson
    May 4, 2013

    I have sold potholders, crochet edged kitchen towels, slippers nothing real big though.

  2. Kim M
    May 5, 2013

    I’m in the works for a show in Aug. I’m making a lot of bags out of plarn. Making scarfs, hat, slippers and jewelry. Hope it goes well.

  3. Maggie
    May 7, 2013

    I’ve never actually sold anything knitting-related, but I have to say that I’m seriously thinking about it now. These projects would be great ways to get rid of various stashes that I have lying around, and they’re absolutely adorable. I love the tea cozy and the PacMan case especially- I can’t wait to try these out when I get the chance. They look like a lot of fun to make.

  4. Diane
    May 7, 2013

    I have had luck selling slippers, scarves, and washcloths.

    • carol
      February 21, 2014

      Dianne, what price did you put on your wash cloths?

  5. Marcee
    September 3, 2013

    I have tried to sell my crocheted hats on Ebay and Etsy, but they have not sold. I also tried to sell some wash cloths that I crocheted on Ebay, and those didn’t sell, either. I thought these would be items that would sell. I guess not. Looking for another market to sell my items at. Any suggestions? I do crochet a lot of hats and afghans for charity. The people appreciate it, and it keeps me busy giving hats away! = ) I’m unemployed and need a source of income. Any suggestions on how to sell crocheted items would be appreciated.

    • Christina
      October 1, 2013

      To Marcee:
      for Etsy its is a lot about o how many listing you have because each one has tag words which will lead someone to see your store, and then if you have only a couple of items or all the same they do the turn pretty fast and might go, so the key word is: 1- list many and frequently! add all the 13 keyword on each listing, pretty pictures, nice details etc… equivalent price from competitor with similar items, promote on your Facebook etc… create treasury list, favorite many items from many different shop to create traffic, this all will bring you VISIBILITY on Etsy which will bring you customers as well! 🙂 Good luck and wish you the best! Christina

    • jessica
      September 29, 2015

      Do you have local yard sale groups on facebook in your area that is how I get alot of my sells

  6. ReeY
    March 11, 2014

    I’m getting ready for my third year selling crocheted items at the local farmers’ market. Last year’s season was pretty dismal for everyone because of the heavy rains we had here in NC for weeks on end. Even the farmers suffered because of the storms on market day and the crops, like tomatoes, that were ruined by too much rain. So, we didn’t have a lot of customers.

    However, the market is still a newer one (this is the 4th year) and in a small, rural area, and it takes about 5 years to really “grow” a solid market. I have repeat customers, and what sells best are kitchen items, like dishcloths and scrubbies, small stuffed toys, cat toys (basically colorful crocheted balls), and, after September, I sell a lot of winter hats and scarves, especially if I make unusual ones, like a pumpkin hat and such.

    The space fee is only $5 (which I’m not charged because I build and send out an extensive weekly newsletter), and I get a lot of my yarns for free from a Canadian friend who get the yarn from a high-end thrift shop in Ontario and sends it to me. So, my supply costs are minimal. Still, some weeks, I make very little while others I make a good amount. Clearly, I can’t make a living doing this and don’t really want to, but it helps my grocery budget each week, and I often get discounts on the lovey produce and fresh eggs from my fellow vendors.

    I don’t know how anybody sells much of this sort of thing on Etsy…there are hundreds of sellers with the same stuff. I think Etsy might have been great in the beginning, but they’ve grown so big that I think the competition is just too big.

  7. Lauren
    April 25, 2014

    Never sold one item on Etsy… Did a craft show at a local high school and had some luck, made these cute ballerina slippers that I sold for $5.00. I know – not much of a profit but, people don’t want to pay much. My winter hats did very well at $15.00. I guess it just depends. I’m buying my yarn at thrift stores, it’s amazing what people give away. I just add it to my store bought yarn and mix the two!

  8. Brenda Kocourek
    May 4, 2014

    I am fairly new to the craft fair thing. I am still trying to find my nitch in what sells well and fast. Can you give me some ideas on what sells well and quickly? I know owl toys are popular, anything to do with owls are also popular.. how ever I want to get some ideas on other things to look into making. I have noticed that people seem to like things that look unique or brightly colored. I am still going through a trial and error stage. I am kind of upset though. I paid $80 for a craft booth and only made $50. That did not even cover the cost of food and gas.. Ah well. Like I said, trial and error. If anybody has any good ideas or wants to chit chat with me about craft fair how-to’s.. Or tips on display too, feel free to email me!

    • Kanita
      May 20, 2014

      I’m really new to the craft fair scene also. I did one last year. My aunt and I made a huge tub full of hats, scarves and dishcloths. She crochets and I knit. She sold two dishcloths and I didn’t sell a thing!! We both just got frustrated and haven’t done another one since I’m really wanting to do like more than one this year though!!

  9. handbag
    June 22, 2014

    Cute shoe! Recommend seller; thanks for fast shipping & delivery!

  10. Tamara Paugh
    July 6, 2014

    Was surfing and found this site! Looks like several are in the same boat as me! I tried a flea market and made $4. All Weekend. Was so upset. Do people use cotton yarn? What about your potholders? Going to try smaller things next time. Pricing is so hard

  11. Lisa
    October 25, 2014

    I am getting ready for my very first craft show next month! I would love to hear some ideas, advice, etc. I live in the Midwest.

  12. Kim
    January 3, 2015

    I did a couple of craft shows 4 years ago. I made $100 at the November one, and $300 in December! To my surprise, what I sold mostly was a basic cabled beanie that I crocheted with Bamboo spun yarn. I sold a lot of slouchies and head warmers too, but that cabled beanie was the most popular. I sold them at $15 and $20 each. I did the happy dance every time I sold one! It was gratifying, and shocking that people were paying me for my hobby that seems so easy to me! I’m working on stocking up for this spring and doing it again.

  13. Robyn Polsfuss
    April 8, 2015

    I have done a few craft shows with my crocheting. Each show varied how well i did and the westher played a big factor too. Last summer I set up at the local flea market and most of my sales came from crochetrd topped towels two othet vendors also had them but i madr mine with a loop in centrr and the towrl could be changrd out samr with my scrubbirs i did mine different mine had netting on one side and cotton on othrt. I found the longer i had my booth i started getting repeat businrss but also had days i made nothing or bearly covered cost of gas all week but looking forward to a ftesh syart from the beginning necy month. I haf one lady suggest i should set up a page on facebook with my crocheting so i did and am vrry glad i did. It brought many new customers who gave me new ideas and i now enjoy many custom orders still not enough to be ahead with orders plus have zome for making for craft shows but hoping it groes this year. I have learned to keep the popular hats stocked like tmnt,frozen character hays and the scrubbies and dishcloths to match same with any hsys with matching svarves.

  14. Etta
    October 6, 2016

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  15. Kelly
    October 17, 2016

    I have not started selling at craft shows, but is something I want to do. I’m still considering what to make. My medium of crochet is quite different as no one does it. Interlocking crochet isn’t seen very often and when done well, it’s stunning.

    If I made scarfs/cowls/bags, do you think they would sell well?

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