Tippy Top Toppers! 16 Animal-Inspired Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

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When my first little one came into the world someone gave us a handmade chicken hat for her to wear home from the hospital.  It was probably the silliest thing we were given for the new baby, but that crochet baby hat was THE MOST ADORABLE thing I had ever seen once I put it on her head.  I love it so much that from that moment on, she was forever known as my “Little Chickie” and 9 years later I still call her that.  11 months later (!!!) when her brother was born, he wore that same hat and I started calling him my “Chicken Nugget.”  They love these little nicknames that are just for us their father doesn’t even call them these names.  They may seem silly, but every time I say them I think back to the day when I was nervously strapping that tiny little precious cargo into a car seat to go home for the first time.


Since then, I’ve worked hard to give every new baby a sweet little animal inspired crochet baby hat.  Whether I choose a fluffy bobble stitched lamb or a bright green frog, the new baby always looks precious and the new mommy thanks me and asks for another for a friend she knows who is expecting.  The best thing about crochet patterns for baby is that they are small, work up quickly and are perfect portable.  Since they are such small projects, I tend to keep one in progress in a tote bag in the car, that way when I get stuck waiting somewhere, I can be working on that perfect DIY baby shower gift.  By doing this, I am able to have a little stash of perfectly tiny little animal inspired crochet baby hats ready to go whenever someone surprises me with a baby announcement.

Untitled design (2)

Animal Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

Elephant Crochet Hat

Crochet Owl Hat

Crochet Hippo Baby Hat  -This free crochet pattern quickly became a staff favorite!

Little Bear Hat

Monkey in the Round Baby Hat

Crochet-Elephant-Hat_Large400_ID-698276 Little-Bear-Hat_Large400_ID-733488

Unforgettable Owl Newborn Crochet Hat

Lamb Bonnet  -Baaaaaaby will look adorable in this crochet baby hat.

Infant Giraffe Hat

Baby Lamb Crochet Hat

Teddy Bear Crochet Hat

Baby Chick Crochet Hat  -This is close to what my little ones wore!

Baby-Chick-Crochet-Hat_Large400_ID-695051 Baby-Lamb-Hat-for-Featured-Image_Category-CategoryPageDefault_ID-896535

Bright Baby Owl Hat

Sock Monkey Baby Hat  -Who can’t resist a sock monkey?

Baby Owl Hat

Pretty Little Fox Hat

Polar Bear Baby Hat

Baby Frog Crochet Hat  -Ribbit!

Smiling Newborn Frog Hat


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What animal do you want to see a new baby wear?

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  1. Kathryn Abrams says

    These crochet baby hats are so cute! I am definitely going to pass this information on to my friend who has an 8-month-old son. She loves dressing him up in the cutest outfits and one of these hats will make the perfect addition to his wardrobe. I would love to see a panda bear hat since pandas are my favorite animal. Like you said, these hats will become keepsakes new parents treasure for many years to come. Thanks for sharing these great patterns!

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