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Crochet Flowers by The Crochet CrowdSomething you may not realize is that The Crochet Crowd is on a mission to flower bomb a community tree with donations of crochet flowers from our global audience. Flowers have arrived from all parts of the world, including Europe and Australia. Many of them are absolutely stunning.

The Crochet Crowd Community Tree was developed to be on display at Creativ Festival on April 27-28th. Originally, I was going to crochet all of the flowers on my own, but I just ran out of time. To make the tree truly inspirational and a good representation of our strong crochet community, I sent out a request for help. We have received over 700 flowers to date!

This has been a very strong movement which has pushed another brilliant idea: The Crochet Crowd Flower Power Movement

In light of our movement, Creativ Festival has announced a Flower Power theme. Creativ Festival is held twice a year in Toronto Ontario Canada and hosts upwards to 30,000 guests within a 2-3 day show. I suggested that the festival should encourage people to make flowers from each of their crafting genres and wear them around for the duration of the event. That’s essentially 22,000+ people wearing handmade blooms. It’s the ultimate spring parade of flowers!

Even if you are not going to the festival, you can take advantage of free flower patterns right here. Check out these 10 free crochet patterns:

  1. Bunny Flowers
  2. Cute As A Button Felted Flowers
  3. Pink Rose
  4. 6 Petal Flowers
  5. 5 Minute Flowers
  6. Chrysanthemums
  7. Leona Flowers
  8. Layered Dimensions Flower
  9. Makeover Flower
  10. Tiny White Crochet Flowers

That’s it for this week. Keep on hook’n and we’ll see you on Facebook. And I’ll be back again next Wednesday right here on Stitch & Unwind.


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  1. Lynn G. says

    Way too cool! Thank you for the free patterns. I love crocheting flowers. I’ve made lots of them for my Mom’s crocheted hats and turbans.

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