Crochet Granny Square Baby Blanket

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If there’s a new baby in your life this spring, you need to make them this adorable Crochet Granny Square Baby Blanket from Daisy Cottage Designs. You make this crochet afghan pattern the same way you would make a granny square, just on a bigger scale! I love the cool, refreshing colors she used in this example, but you could do any colors you like – even pink for a girl or blue for a boy! There’s no better gift than a crochet baby blanket – it’s enough to block out the spring chill and it’ll show your family’s little one that they’re so loved. Their parents are sure to appreciate the gesture, as well!

Granny Square BlanketClick here for the full tutorial!


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  1. says

    Beautiful. I started one this weekend while sitting at a booth at the Flea Market. Granny square blankets are great because they don’t require much counting and I can stop and talk to customers without having to figure out where I left off.

    • Ria says

      How lovely for you. I cannot walk properly and am crazy about crochet. This is my second year.
      I made about 28 baby hats without a pattern at all.They turned out so cute. I would like to sell them at a Sunday market. But I’d have to be there at 7 a m at least and that is a bit rough on an old Granny (87 years) Never mind, I will find a solution. Am just finishing an totally different hat.
      Especially for winter. Stronger colors. Turned up rim finished off with a red edge and simple trim.
      Quite a bit bigger than I used to make. Much succes with your work.
      Ria Plate

  2. Sharon says

    Thank you so much for sharing this granny square blanket pattern. It is written so well, that I am finally able to make a blanket using a granny square. And I really appreciated your tutorial on how to print patterns without using so much ink and paper!

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