Designer Spotlight: Roseanna Beck

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If you’ve browsed through some of the projects on FaveCrafts, odds are you’ve come across the work of Roseanna Beck. Roseanna is, to say the least, an avid crocheter who loves to experiment with color and texture in her beautiful handcrafted projects. She makes throws, baby blankets, tissue box covers, handbags, and more. Though the color palette changes from project to project, from soft pastels to vibrant jewel tones, every project of Roseanna’s manages to be light and refreshing.

How did Roseanna become such an expert crocheter? She’s been honing her skills since childhood. Since those early days spent crocheting on the front porch with her best friend’s grandmother, her designs have been published in multiple books and magazines. Ever a generous spirit, Roseanna donates much of her time to crafting for charities. Plus, she’s a very patient instructor. She taught me the difference between Bavarian Stitch and Catherine’s Wheel, and I vow never to confuse the two again.

In addition to the editor’s picks that I’ve posted here, you can find many of her free crochet afghan patterns on FaveCrafts, where we’ve gathered an impressive collection of Roseanna originals.

Free Crochet Afghan Patterns

Bavarian Rainbow AfghanI cannot read, sleep, or watch TV without a blanket. Roseanna’s afghans speak to this little quirk of mine. Although some of these free crochet afghan patterns were designed with babies in mind, I can’t resist the beautiful blend of colors in them. This Bavarian Rainbow Afghan is a special favorite. The colors are whimsical enough that I can get away with using this wrap even in the middle of summer.

Bavarian Rainbow Afghan

Busy Beehive Afghan

Pastel  Multi Colored Floral Afghan



Floral Crochet Throw Pillows and Crochet Flower Patterns

The Flowers of Spring PillowAnd what’s an afghan without a comfy pillow? Roseanna has managed to design pillows that are just as cute as her afghans. I like to wear floral year round, so her designs always go with my wardrobe. She’s also come up with tons of cute crochet flower patterns for beginners, so you can carry a bit of spring with you wherever you go.

The Flowers of Spring Pillow

Shades of Pink Flowers Pillow

Small Happy Flowers


More of Our Favorite Crochet Crafts from Roseanna

Shells and Ribbon Tissue Box

Roseanna’s designs don’t stop at afghans, pillows, and flowers. She also dabbles in crochet home decor and accessories. Whether it’s a precious tissue box cover or handbag, these free crochet patterns are guaranteed to brighten up your life.

Bavarian Tote Bag

Floral Tissue Box Cover

Money Purse

Shells and Ribbon Tissue Box



 Which of these crochet patterns would you like to try?


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  1. pam says

    I am looking for a crochet afghan/throw pattern, it uses 2 colors and looks like” stairs” or “steps”…its from 2005 to 2010, closer to 2005…I thought I had printed the pattern, but I cant find it and I made 1 and sold it otherwise I would be able to read it and figure it out ! I think it was listed with some ripple afghans…………….can anyone help please ? you can just send it to my Email above address and put step afghan in the subject line………..THANKS BUNCHES !!! pam

  2. marie says

    Hello, I am trying the lovely afghan design of Pop Goes the Weasel.
    I am stuck on the 3rd row of DC.
    I seem to lose a stitch in the multiple of DC3 DC in PC, DC3 (here is where I lose one) before the CI
    Please advise – or is there a video which illustrates this?
    Thank you!


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