DIY Clay Handle Crochet Hook

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Designer hooks are even more fun when you design them yourselves! These are very easy to make even if your don’t consider yourself a crafty or DIY person. All you need is polymer clay and a crochet hook. If you have never worked with clay before and/or want design ideas check out these amazing jewelry projects on All Free Jewelry Making.  Once your crochet hook is finished, you will have something that is not only pretty, but easier to hold while you work on that big crochet afghan pattern or sweet little crochet baby hat.

Designer crochet hook

I used Sculpy brand clay and a 3 pack of clay tools. The tools are not necessary for this project, though.


The brand of clay doesn’t matter as long as it is a polymer clay that is oven baked to finish it. Protect your surface with wax paper or tin foil, but newspaper is not a good idea because the print will discolor the clay. Also, make sure your hands are nice and clean.

You might be surprised how hard the clay was at first, however, kneading it in your hands makes it very easy to mold in a few minutes.

mix 3 colors

I only had primary colors so I decided to mix three colors together to get a pretty purple. As you can see by the photo, you don’t need very much clay to make the handle. You can decide to leave the colors swirled or mix completely.


Roll the clay in your hands and then wrap it around the last half of your crochet hook.

clay handle hook

Don’t make your Handle too thick! Hold it in your hand to see if it is comfortable. Add a design (I added white dots) and preheat your oven to the temperature on the clay package.  I also choose to make some fun clay beads using extra clay and my tools.

clay hook and beads

Once you have baked for the temperature and time on the package let your hook cool and then have fun using it!

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Have you ever made a designer crochet hook?


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  1. Betty Frank says

    So glad I found your tutorial on the “hook handle”. Manufactured ones are so pricey! I’m hoping using one will help my 82 yr old hands continue to crochet with less pain. Thank you from Boop890

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