DIY Crochet Hooks: For Friendlier Hooking

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Lately I’ve been seeing some pretty unique crochet hooks out there. And while you can buy a wide variety of hooks, sometimes crocheters like to make their own hooks.

This can be for a number of reasons. Most of the time, crocheters make these hooks because they are more comfortable than store-bought hooks. However, one option is to modify a standard hook to make it fit in your hand a certain way. I’ve collected a few examples and each picture will lead to the website or blog that posted the image.

Wooden Crochet Hooks Crochet Hooks Made from Toothbrushes Polymer Clay Crochet Hook Handles
Pencil Grip + Clay Crochet Handle Kitchen Shelf Liner Crochet Hook Grip Pencil Gel Grip Crochet Hooks
How To Whittle a Crochet Hook Beautiful Polymer Clay Crochet Handles Fancy Crochet Hooks

Carving wooden dowels or even sticks that you find outside is popular. One image shows a basic pairing knife to carve, but you could use a Wood Carver Starter Kit to be on the safe side. Be sure to wear a glove and proper safety glasses when attempting this type of hook. I also recommend using an actual hook as a reference when whittling away at the wood. You can draw the shape of the hook in pencil on the stick too.

The most unusual hook I’ve seen is made from toothbrushes. While creative and inventive, I think carving plastic is a little tricky to do. I do like that the toothbrushes have gripped handles which makes them appealing to work with.

Probably the cheapest and most efficient way to make your hooks more comfy is to buy pencil grips in the school supply section. If you have been feeling pain in your hand from crocheting, it’s also a good idea to use these grips on pencils too. You can also check out our video about how to avoid crochet pain to make your crochet experience pain-free.


Have you made/altered crochet hooks before?

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  1. says

    I haven’t made my own hooks but I did a post on Crochet Concupiscence awhile back showing different ways to decorate your crochet hooks and it was so fun to do the research to see what others had done for that!

  2. crochetingcindy says

    I have used the polymer clays hooks that a dear friend made for me…However my favorite hooks are the Bates hooks with the kahoot’s grips on them..You can get them at Jo-Ann’s or Michaels..I’ve gone thru 3 pkgs of them and all my hooks have them on the hook now…

  3. Suzanne Wild says

    I have a set of Susan Boye hooks that an Etsy seller makes beautiful turned wood comfort handles for. I had been drooling over them for a while, and my wonderful mother in law gave them for me for Christmas! I wish I could think of the name of the shop to post for you….

  4. Barb S says

    Yup, sure have. When I first wanted to learn to crochet I didn’t have a hook. Living way out in the sticks it’s just not convenient to run to town to get things on a whim. I got to thinking I could probably fashion something into a crochet hook. I found a pack of chop sticks and went to work. I used that homemade hook for quite some time.

  5. Linda Campbell says

    I have altered the handles on my hooks with the clay. Just marbled some colors that I had on hand and forced the handles into the roll of clay. Made sure it was fastened securely and flattened the end near the hook to match the flattened place where the size is displayed. Carved the size into the rear of the handle and baked according to clay directions. Have been using them for several months now and I love that they fit my hand so well. Now I have to make something to carry them in since I can no longer put them in the plastic case I used to use. 🙂

  6. Nancy says

    I would like to find someone that can and would carve me a size P and a size Q hook. I cannot get them in anything but plastic which is very hard on my hands. Is the there anyone out there that can and would make these size hooks? Please reply to above email Thank you.

  7. Lorrie says

    I’ve turned a few hooks on a lathe and also carved some from branches. I love them, each is unique and very beautiful.

  8. Norma Hunt says

    Love all the ideas, I made my self wooden tunsian out of an old odd wooden knitting needle , am thinking I need to make some wooden handles for my hooks as My hook had is arthritic now.
    I love hunting down hand made ones(homemade) in thrift and junk stores . I have a home made rug hook perfect for worsted weight and one for chunky that obviously the hook was handforged and incerted in handle love love love

  9. Kristen says

    I use Sculpty brand clay and fit it around the handles of my hooks. I make the handles extra thick just because my fingers dislocate if I don’t

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