Crochet an Easter Lily

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This amazing Easter Lily comes to us from Tamara Kelly who is a writer, pattern designer, commissioned crafter, and photography dilettante living on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. You can find her work and more of her patterns at

Easter Lily

The Easter Lily, aka the November Lily, is a traditional spring time plant – as iconic as colored eggs and chocolate bunnies. But real Lilies can aggravate the allergies, and they only last a little while. What to do? Break out the hooks and create a handmade crochet Easter Lily!

This pattern is easy to intermediate, and takes just a few hours to complete. The finished flower is approximately 7 ½ inches wide.


  • US F hook, 3.75mm
  • Worsted weight yarn in white, green, and yellow
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


Make the Stamens:

First Stamen: With light green yarn, ch10. Switching to yellow yarn, continue with 5 more chains. Sl st in fourth hump from hook (the back of the first yellow ch). Switching back to green, sl st into the next green hump and on down the rest of the stamen to the end, moving the yellow yarn ends back and forth with each stitch, to either side of the working yarn, so that they are trapped under the stitches. Cut the yellow yarn, but not the green.

Second Stamen: Continue with green yarn. Ch 12. Continue as for first stamen.

Third Stamen: Continue with green yarn. Ch 10. Continue as for first stamen. Sl st to bottom of first stamen. Cut the yellow yarn and the green yarn and finish off. Do not weave in ends. Set aside.

Make the Petals: (Make 6)

Using the white yarn, ch 15.
(WS) Working into the back of the ch, sl st in second hump from hook. Sc in next 2 ch. Hdc in 3 ch. Dc in last 8 ch. Turn.
(RS) Working in blo for this entire row, ch2 and dc in first 8 sts. Hdc in 3 sts, sc in 2 sts, join to last st with a sl st. Break yarn and finish off. Weave in this tip end only. Do not weave in the yarn end at the base of the petal.

Make the Trumpet, adding the Stamens:

Joining Row: Using the white yarn, join yarn with sl st to WS of base end of first petal. Ch1 and sc 5 sts evenly across. Pick up second petal, and working into the wrong side of the end of this petal, continue with 5 more sc across. Continue in this manner until all 6 petals are joined. Sl st in first sc to create circle. (30 sc)

Now use the remaining yarn ends from the base ends of the petals to attach each petal to the one next to it with one stitch, and then weave in these ends.

Row 1: Ch1 and work evenly around. Do not join with sl st. (From here the Trumpet is worked in spirals.) (30sc)

Row 2: Working directly into top of first st of last row, [sc in 3 sts, sc2tg] 6 times. (24sc)

Row 3: Sc evenly to end of row. (24sc)

Row 4: [Sc in 2 sts, sc2tog] 6 times. (18 sc)

Row 5: Sc evenly to end of row (18sc)

Row 6: [Sc in 1 st, sc2tog] 6 times. (12 sc)

Row 7: Sc evenly to end of row (12sc) Now insert the stamen into the flower, so that the yellow crocheted ends are pointing towards the petals and the loose ends are sticking out the end you are working from. Hold these in place as you continue to work the flower Trumpet.

Row 8: Sc2tog around to end. (6 sc)

Row 9-11: Sc evenly around to end (6sc)

Break yarn, finish off. Knot the white end and several of the stamen ends together so that stamens are held securely. Trim all these ends together to about ¼ inch.

Make the Trumpet Cap:

Leaving a long tail and using the magic circle, ch1 and sc 6 times in the circle. Pull the circle tight and move the tail to the front of the work, so that it points towards you from the middle of the circle. Join with sl st in first sc.

Row 1: Ch1 and sc evenly around, join with sl st in first sc. (6sc)

Row 2: Ch1, then [sc in st, then 2sc in next st] 3 times. Join with sl st. (9sc)

Row 3: Ch1 and sc evenly around, join with sl st. (9sc)

Break yarn, and finish off, leaving long tail to sew to flower. Firmly push the end of the flower into the Cap, making sure all the stamen ends are tucked in and not visible. Sew the Cap to the flower, then weave in and trim end. Flip the flower over and arrange petals to curve outward.

Use the remaining long end to sew your new Lily to your favorite summer hat or to add it to your handmade springtime bouquet!

How will you celebrate the return of Spring? Will you be making your own flower arrangements and décor this year? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. Tammy Hempel says

    I really like the Easter lily. It looks nice. I think I am going to make me some and put in an arrangement. Thank you for the pattern.

  2. Jeannie says

    I love it. Will make a few to bring to my daughters for Easter. She will love them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    I love these. They will make a lovely flower arrangement for my living room and Dining room. Thank you. I’ll need to buy some florist wire for the stem and make them a bit longer for my larger vase so they’ll stand up more erect. Thanks again for the pattern. Wonder how I missed this pattern as I get a lot of free patterns from Moogly page. Glad I didn’t miss this one.

  4. says

    Just learning how to crochet. Don’t know what the (WS) and (RS) mean. I tried to find out by looking at the instriction for the Easter Lily, but could not find the meaning. :Please Help.

  5. says

    It is too bad that you have chosen this print color as when one goes to print the directions one can hardly see the print on the page. Is there any where else that I can go to get the directions in a black print that will show up?

  6. says

    Thanks Moogly. I can see from the date this is why I missed this pattern. I just recently stated following your page. Thank you for a wonder pattern of the Easter/November Lily. And thank you for letting Stitch & Unwind to share it with us.


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