Grow Your Crochet Garden: 28 Flower Crochet Squares

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With the way this winter has been going, it’s not too early to think of spring. Once the ground begins to thaw, flowers won’t be far behind. If you can’t wait until then, AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns has a simple solution: flower crochet squares. You can make a gorgeous garden bloom even in the middle of a snowstorm with these free crochet afghan square patterns.

Flowers have a language all their own, and you can express so many different emotions with a bouquet. The same concept applies when it comes to flower crochet squares. There are tons of patterns to choose from, and because these easy crochet squares are a great way to pass the time, you’ll have a garden before you know it. Decide what you want to tell a loved one (or yourself!) and make a meaningful flower that will never fade.


Flower Crochet Square Patterns and Meanings

Black Eyed Susan SquaresBlack Eyed Susan   The Black Eyed Susan is much more beautiful than its name implies. The symbolic  meaning of this flower is encouragement. Give a Black Eyed Susan crochet square to a friend who has recently undergone a significant change in her life, such as starting a new career. Pattern:  Black Eyed Susan Squares

Camellia   The camellia has delicately-ridged petals and comes in a variety of bold colors. The camellia represents graciousness, so use it to thank a friend who has invited you over to her home. Pattern: Red Camellia Flower Square

Carnation   Carnations are go-to flowers because they are inexpensive and easy to grow. Traditionally, carnations symbolize gratitude, but these days most people use them to congratulate loved ones on a job well done. Pattern: Carnation SquareDaffodil Square

Daffodil   The daffodil is one of the first flowers to poke its shoot up through the winter slush. These bright blooms symbolize chivalry, so give them to a polite and thoughtful colleague. Pattern: Daffodil Square

Dahlia   Dahlias grow on bushy plants and come in many colors. They represent commitment, so make a flower crochet square with a dahlia for your best friend. Pattern: Little Dahlia

Daisy    With their clean white petals and bright yellow centers, it’s no surprise that daisies represent innocence. A daisy square would look right at home on the wall of a little girl’s room. Patterns: Easy Daisy Granny Square, Seaside Daisy Square

Monet's Lily SquareLily   Similar to the daffodil, the lily represents purity and virtue. You’ll often see them on altars around Easter. Specific types of lilies have their own meanings. For instance, tiger lilies represent prosperity. If you have a friend who likes to play the lottery, this might be the flower for her. Pattern: Monet’s Lily Square

Poppy  Poppies are the flower of choice for remembrance ceremonies and holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day. They signify consolation. Use one of these free crochet afghan square patterns to commemorate a loved one. Pattern: Poppy Remembrance Square.

Sunflower   The sunflower is so named because of its yellow petals and the way it leans into the sunlight. In some cultures, they represent longevity, so they’re a great birthday gift. Pattern: Sunflower Granny Square

Tulip   You may have seen pictures of Dutch tulip fields. Recreate those beautiful photos with a flower crochet square or two. This springtime flower comes in vibrant colors and is a simple way to express your love. Patterns: Tulip Around Square, Tulip Center Square

Violet   Deep purple violets have small yet eye-popping centers. These adorable blooms represent faithfulness. Pattern: Blooming Violet Square

More Free Crochet Afghan Square Patterns

We have tons of other flower crochet squares on AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns. Whether these blooms are real or imagined, they’re sure to bring a little bit of joy into your home during this long, cold winter.

Blooming Lace Square

Blooming Lace Square
Blooming Granny
Blue Lotus Flower Crochet Square
Brilliant Flower Square
Buttercup Square
Granny Square Flower Tute
Granny With Flower
Minty Flower Square
Periwinkle Flower Square
Pocket Full of Posies Square
Popcorn Flower Granny Square
Wildflower Square
Yellow Puff Flower Granny


What’s your favorite flower? Do you know what it symbolizes?


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    I like so many it’s hard to pick just one, but snapdragons always make me smile and think of summer! I don’t know if it has any meaning other than the dragon face-like appearance.


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