11 Seriously Amazing Crochet Cowl Patterns & BONUS GIVEAWAY

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It may still be summer around these parts, but the chilly fall air will be here before we know it.  Get a jump start on your cool weather crochet list and make everyone you know a crochet cowl.  Each of these crochet cowl patterns are reader favorites.  Each valued for their beauty and simplicity.  Nothing is easier to make than a crochet cowl.  This pattern is great for beginners who want to begin working in the round, as well as seasoned crocheters who just want a simple pattern that works up quickly.  And beginners, don’t fret about working in the round, because if you do twist that starting chain – you’ve simply just make a mobius, another fancier type of cowl!  As an added bonus, we’ve include a great giveaway for you at the bottom of this post, so keep reading to find out how to enter.

crochet cowls

Free Crochet Cowl Patterns

Seriously-Amazing-Crochet-Cowl_Medium_ID-731974Cushy Cowl Fingerless Mitts

Vintage Crochet Corsage Cowl

Shimmer Buttoned Cowl Crochet Pattern

San Francisco Cowl

Infinity Broomstick Lace Scarf

Spring Sparkle Crochet Cowl

All That Glitters Crochet Cowl

Buttoned Crochet Cowl Pattern

Matching Crochet Scarves

Simple Ribbon Crochet Cowl

Seriously Amazing Crochet Cowl *STAFF FAVORITE! Shown to the left*




CONGRATS to our winner Adrienne S.  Please be on the lookout for an email from us!  


Enter to win everything you need to crochet the staff favorite Seriously Amazing Crochet Cowl:

  • 3 skeins of Red Heart Medley yarn in Energy
  • 1 Susan Bates Bamboo crochet hook
  • Split-Lock Stitch Count Markers
  • Plus, a Red Heart Yarns canvas tote


  • There is a maximum of one entry per person. The entry will be based upon a comment left on this blog post, answering the question below. Duplicate comments will be deleted and are not tallied.
  • Winners will be selected at random from the comments on this blog post.
  • Winners will be announced here on this blog post July 7, 2015, as well as contacted by the email address provided.
  • You have until July 6, 2015 at 11:59p EST to leave your comment. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.


What is your favorite cool weather crochet accessory?



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  1. Celeste Jakubowski says

    I have a pair of mittens made using the afghan stitch so they are double thickness. Great for those really cold New England snow storms we get. Made of wool so they keep my hands warn and DRY when shoveling snow, especially this past winter.

  2. deb rowley says

    Fingerless mitts come in handy inside and outside. I haven’t tried a cowl yet, but there are many beautiful patterns. I make a lot of hats and scarves also. A cowl is on my list before cold weather comes back!

  3. Cat McClaughry says

    Scarves or cowls here in Florida even in summer where the air conditioning makes shopping or offices too cool.

  4. Beulah says

    Myfavorite item to wear in the cool evening weather is a light weight cardigan that i knitted many years ago.

  5. Jayne says

    I love knitted and crocheted scarves. I have not yet progressed to glove (other than finger-less). That will be the next passion. I do make LOADS of hats for kids and infants and donate to several charities with my knitting group. We also donate scarves and blankets!

  6. Pam Wingfield says

    My favorite cool weather accessory just happens to be cowls. I love that they can be made to match any outfit and really jazz things up while keeping you warm at the same time. Thank you for this opportunity to win this fantastic prize package! I could have alot of fun with this!! 🙂

  7. Kathy Brand says

    Cowls, scarves and hats. Have been teaching myself to crochet over past couple years and love it. There is no end to people to gift or give them to and so useful in our climate. The Food Bank is one way that I pass them on to people who need them.

  8. Jackie says

    Even though it rarely gets cold enough here I enjoy making hats, so mostly I do them for babies and toddlers.

  9. Shirley E. says

    So far my favorite is a short scarf, crocheted while doing chemo. Thankfully it isn’t cool enough to need a scarf NOW! Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. says

    Definitely fingerless gloves. None of my sweaters are ever long enough to cover my wrists, but I like to still be able to do stuff with my fingers.

  11. says

    My favorite cool weather crocheted article is a long cowl I made.
    I wear it long like a scarf if cool, and wrap it tight around my neck if too cool and can cover my mouth if windy or my hair if it’s raining.
    A perfect multipurpose item of clothing!

  12. Rev. Marcia Urban says

    I make cowls and boot toppers for myself and everybody I know, plus some for others to use as gifts.

  13. sonja Ferguson says

    Love to knit and/ or crochet cowls, throws, fingerless mitts, scarves, afghans, dish rags, and sweaters. I have yet to make mittens. Think I will attempt it
    this Fall. Thank you for the opportunity to win this package.

  14. Linda Jackson says

    For all the years I have been knitting / crocheting, my favorite project has always been scarves and cowls. I just love the spark of creativity!

  15. Darlene Demell says

    For me I think I prefer a light weight shawl for evening wear. Be it for sitting outdoors with friends or taking a walk or an evening out. A shawl would be perfect.

  16. KittenWithAWhiplash says

    Hats are my fave, I’ve always got at least a couple dozen. To keep from having to move to a larger apartment, when I make new, the older get a good cleaning and are added to the charity hats I make. The shelter wants only dark blue or black acrylic rib beanies, but they’ve gotten used to my few colorful additions. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Wendy says

    My favorite cool weather crochet garment that I made was a 3/4 length cardigan made with a bulky yarn from Red Heart, similar to the yarn displayed in the picture above! Love to crotchet everything! 🙂

    • Gayla Walker says

      I love these too. I had neck surgery last year and the hardware doesn’t like to get cold, so I made a few of these to make it thru last winter, now I can make a whole wardrobe of them! I’m so excited!! Thanks!!

  18. Elizabeth Sheehy says

    I wear cowls ALL the time, including to bed. Beloved Husband breathes down my neck – not so romantic at 4 AM LOL! I made a ginormous one that can double as a hood – beautiful…A girl can never have too many cowls.

  19. Jessica Thompson says

    My favorite cool weather accessories are super long, super squishy scarves and soft thick cowls. 🙂

  20. Christina M. says

    I love a cute pair of wristlets for the winter. They leave my fingers and thumbs free, but keep my hands warm. And they stop the cold wind from coming up your sleeves! I have colors for every mood, coat and jacket!

  21. Barb Fallows says

    I made several hats for my grandchildren and when I wanted to make the same one for my daughter-in-law it was too small. I crocheted several rows, then switched to knitting for several more rows, then back to crochet so it could be turned up. Never did anything like this before, but everyone who saw it wants one just like it. Kind of like a slouch hat! Now would be fun to try a cowl instead of just a scarf.

  22. Trish Poynot says

    My favorite crocheted accessory is a small cowl-scarf — it’s light weight, but very comfy and warm on my neck and shoulders!

  23. Teresa P says

    Scarfs are my favorite accessory but I really want to make a long coat once I get some other projects completed. 🙂

  24. Felicia Butler says

    My favorite cold weather garment/ accessory is a wrap around sweater. It can be worn multiple ways.

  25. Jean Palidwar says

    I would love to curl up in front of a fireplace with a soft and cuddly afghan (preferably shared with someone else).

  26. Rita Jewell says

    I’m new to the crochet world . , , but this looks like a wonderful scarf. I’d love a chance to take a stab at it …

  27. Michelle hendricks says

    I love the fingerless gloves. and so do my girls. and grand girls I also found one for my grandboys … LOL

    can’t wait til Christmas

  28. janice says

    chilly, cool, or darn right cold, my favorite accessory is a poncho i made using the granite stitch. keeps me and my little dog warm when he crawls under as we are watching tv!

  29. Michele Kirkpatrick York says

    The first item that came to mind was a soft crazy colored slouch hat, then I thought a fuzzy pair of fingerless gloves would go really nice with the hat followed by the longest scarf I could find. So a perfect matching winter set is what I would want.

  30. Mearla VanDenBerg says

    My favorite cool weather accessory is a shawl. I also wear shawls in the summer with indoor air conditioning sometimes being too cool at church and restaurants.

  31. Pat manring says

    I love my scarves especially the hooded ones and my fingerless gloves (I do tuck my fingertips in sometimes).

  32. Rita Clack says

    My favorites are my hooded cowls. My neck is protected and I’m always ready to pull the hood up if the temps dip or it gets wet out.

  33. Coreen VanDerWoude says

    I love to make scarves, shawls and hats. I’m also trying to do some fingerless gloves lately. I use each of these at various times of the year and always enjoy new colors or styles!

  34. Sherry Z says

    I love crocheting gifts for other people; however, it is ‘seriously’ time for me to make something for myself. This cowl would be perfect, because when my neck gets cold, I’m cold all over.

  35. Kathleen Roethler says

    I love scarves and cowls. Several years ago, I made a wonderful poncho that I wore when it was chilly, but my kids tell me it is out of date…

  36. says

    Shawls! I have several I’ve made over the years and I LOVE all the compliments I get when I wear them. Plus there’s just something comforting about a shawl 🙂

  37. Davida says

    I like to do fingerless gloves and hooded scarfs. They are a great break from the large blankets I usually crochet.

  38. Sue Hutchison says

    Cowls are great, easy and fast to make, I have made a few in different colors great for when taking walks in the cold snowy Cdn winters.

  39. Judy Chambers says

    I love to make hats, scarves and slippers for cold weather and my favourite cold weather thing is a hooded sweater I am making for myself

  40. Diane says

    Love to make boot slippers and spa items (wash cloths, dish cloths and face scrubbies) make great gifts

  41. Sue DeWitt says

    I am learning to crochet, but I’m left handed and it’s hard to learn. But I am learning step by step. Thanks

  42. Leah Royer says

    I’m fairly new to the crochet world so scarves are still my favorite cool weather accessories to make for friends and family; although I did make a few beanies for my grandchildren last fall. I’ve only made 1cowl….and to say I need more practice is an understatement. Lol.

  43. Shawna White says

    I love making the leg warmers and slippers for gifts at Christmas time! Also make lots of ear warmers!

  44. Felicia Garcia says

    I love teaching my girl scouts to make new things. I think that they loved the finger crochet scarves. I like to wear scarves and shawls when the weather is getting cooler.

  45. Emily Daszkiewicz says

    My favorite cold weather accessory is a scarf, any scarf that is made of soft yarn & a bit bulky. Love wrapping a warming scarf around my neck to keep the cold away

  46. says

    Pretty, flattering. crocheted headbands! You can embelish them in so many beautiful ways to suit your style and the occasion… Using different texture yarns also creates different moods. I like to add jewelry or crocheted flowers making them uber feminine! It’s a simple, fast and easy project…

  47. T. Hall says

    I manage with cold hands or a cold neck; but I’m a wreck without a hat. I always make myself a new winter hat, but I’m never in a rush for the other accessories.

  48. Debbi Boonstra says

    I like cowls and sweaters for myself, but I enjoy making afghans for other people. It is always fun to try new patterns and unique yarns in fun colors!

  49. Roxanne Nelson says

    I would have to say broomstick lace and infinity scarfs infinity scarf hold a sentimental value for myself and my daughters cuz we always say we love each other for infinity therefore the infinity scarf has come to symbolize that for us

  50. Roxanne Nelson says

    broomstick lace & infinity scarfs hold a sentimental value for myself and my daughters, we always say we love each other for infinity the infinity scarf has come to symbolize that for us

  51. Amy Arroyo says

    I love making hats even though I live in AZ and don’t get to wear them very much. Hats are so easy to make. My daughter has stolen a few of my hats and her friends love to borrow them too.

  52. Carol says

    Crocheted shawls! I have made one in almost every color to go with different outfits. Love the warmth and easy off and on of a shawl.

  53. Robin Johnson says

    Earwarmers with a matching set of fingerless mitts to match. Have alot of friends that love them when they go out for their daily run…

  54. Shaunna says

    Definitely hats! I wear them almost year around. I also make winter hats/toques for the homeless in my city.

  55. Pam Fricke says

    I love crocheted infinity scarves that are long enough to be wrapped around the neck like a cowl.

  56. Brenda says

    I absolutely love crocheted infinity scarves!!! I make them extra long so I can wrap them several times!

  57. Sheila says

    Scarfs if I win this I might try a cowl ,I have never worn one.They look dressy.Good luck to everyone.

  58. Mags says

    Cowls!!! I love them in the cold weather and were one of my first crochet projects when I started a couple years ago. Last winter I moved to more elaborate hats too and I’m yet to crochet other cool stuff like mittens and leg warmers.

  59. Tami says

    Cowls are my favorite cool weather addition to any outfit. A nice custom made cowl can make a outfit go from blah to wow. I get some many compliments on my handmade cowls when I wear them. They make me feel pretty.

  60. Diane says

    I love cowls and scarves. They are versatile and allow for a wide range of fibers, stitches, and textures. One can never have too many!

  61. Debi Deason says

    Hats and fingerless mitts for my 15 year old granddaughter. She loves them, and rocks the look!

  62. janice urffer says

    Scarves are my favorite so many varieties to choose from and beautiful yarn to work with. Would love to add this to my stash! Thanks for the chance.

  63. Michelle Jensen says

    curly scarves – I can make a fast gift when I need too and everyone I have given then to has loved it.

  64. Pat Logan says

    My favorite cold weather item is scarves and shrugs. Would love to win. Never have before. Thank you for the opportunity.

  65. Barbara Bieranowski says

    I like the fingerless gloves and a nice little scarf. This works inside and outside.
    Thank you for the chance.

  66. Gail Kilman says

    My favorite “go to” for fall & winter are hats, scarves & afghans! You can’t go wrong with any of them ~ at least not in my opinion!

  67. says

    During the summer I am usually working on hat, scarf, and mitten or glove sets for the Christmas giving tree at church. During the colder weather I work on afghans.

  68. Amanda Bose says

    I live in North Texas, so believe it or not, there are actually 3 months of coolness here. When it starts cooling down however, I break out my legwarmers and my crochet camis for a little thicker undershirt.

  69. Lu says

    Scarves!!! They keep my neck warm and that keeps the rest of me from getting too cold.
    And…I love to crochet scarves!!

  70. Marde McCraine says

    I used to crochet, made some rugs and afghan, but haven’t crocheted for a long time. This crocheted cowl looks wonderful and would love to make it for next fall and winter.

  71. Celeste A. Rheaume says

    I have a new found interest , Motifs! They can be made into almost anything for gifts around the winter holidays. It is good to work on projects
    year round to prepare for the winter events.

  72. Sandra Burge says

    As I live in a warm climate, a shawl is my favorite cause it can be used to cover shoulders and head or to warm the neck!

  73. Alicia Bell says

    I love to make hats, scarves/cowls and mittens. They are for the homeless vets in my area. Nothing better than having a nice hot cup of coffee to help me crochet/knit along TY

  74. c rogers says

    Don’t need a lot of warm items in the South, but I have a favorite cropped cardi that I wear all year round in air-conditioned stores, restaurants, etc.

  75. Daniel Francis says

    Some nice warm winter mittens like the ones my grandmother taught us how to crochet, when we were children.

  76. Debbie says

    We’re covered in snow from November until April – hats, scarves, mittens, headbands, socks, sweaters – how can I choose?!

  77. Mary S says

    Hats & mittens! I have tons of them and keep making them. It is cold for many months in my state so being able to switch it up often helps the dreary days go by faster. 🙂

  78. Heidi Kirsch says

    My favorite cool weather accessory is a lapghan. I live in the deep south and as much as A.C. is necessary, I do get a bit chilled.

  79. Edie Lyster says

    I love shawls and caplets. Just that little extra warmth needed either in the house or over a coat when you go outside in the really cold weather.

  80. Maxine V。 says

    Slouchy hats are the best type of comfort crochet during the cooler days of the year, especially autumn. They’re easy to coordinate with outfits and don’t take too long to make 😀

  81. Kim says

    My favorite crocheted cold-weather accessory is an old scrap afghan that I wrap myself up in as I sip a hot cup of tea and read a good old-fashioned murder mystery novel.

  82. says

    My favorite item 2 crochet is the Blankets 4 my granddaughter!!! 1 year old now, and from 5 i’ve made, 1 is her favorite… Makes ur heart beat with feeling…..

  83. Sherry Altoft says

    I would have to say hats too 🙂 My daughter just loves her earflap hat with attachable beard 🙂 She says it really keeps her face warm on thos windy days 🙂

  84. Wanda Barefoot says

    I have a scarf and mitten set made for me by a dear friend that actually got me into loom knitting because I can’t use crochet hooks or knitting needles. i wouldn’t leave home without it! I hope to win so I can surprise her with a gift!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  85. says

    I love to make and wear SHRUGS. They are great for gifts too. A shrug can be fancy or plain. I started making them when it was harder to find patterns. Your varigated yarns are so much fun and make me look creative

  86. Nola says

    Scarves & afghans, here in the mountains of Big Bear Ca we definitely need them both in the cold winter weather especially with the snow.

  87. Patty Phillips says

    Definitely scarves, cowls and headband ear warmers! Love the versitility with colors and patterns to go with every occasion!

  88. Eve says

    Favourite cool weather crochet accessory – living in the UK I find that a cowl or light weight scarf is the most useful all year round. I crochet lots of accessories for my children and grandchildren and to date (this year) I have made 8 cowls, currently on my 9th. I know I am not eligible to enter this competition but felt obliged to enter a comment. I enjoy crocheting and trying out new stitches. I sometimes adapt the Afghan colours and stiches for cowls, scarves and mitts.

  89. Jo Martin-Adams says

    I am just now getting into making and wearing cowls. I also enjoy crocheting jackets, shawls, and hats. Thank you.

  90. Kristi Harding says

    Throws, blankets and afghans are my favorite accessory. Of course scarves are always good too. But nothing Better than curling up with your favorite homemade throw, blanket or afghan next to a loved one and watching a movie together in comfort.

  91. Michelle says

    I love crocheted scarves! They can just be an accessory to add a splash of color on top of your coat or jacket. Then when you get cold it can wrap snugly around your neck to keep you warmer. And if it gets cold enough, it is time to wrap your scarf around your head to cover your ears and neck and tuck the ends into your coat to block out the cold!

  92. Larisa K says

    In California you wouldn’t expect to be pulling out the scarves year round, but it seems that as the weather gets hotter the lower the AC temps go. So I enjoy using my collection of scarves full time. When I’m learning a new stitch or trying out a new type of yarn a scarf is always perfect project to make and then wear.

  93. Marguerite Leonard says

    My favorite are afghans that are different types of squares. Kinda like a granny square, but not! I one made an afghan with 66 squares. Each square was a different size and pattern. Lost the pattern and would someday like to find another one!

  94. Kim coulter says

    I would have to declare the Cowl my most necessary. It used to be a scarf, but the cowl, is much more user friendly. It stays on in the wind, keeps ears and head warm, and best of all, it does not fall to the ground or get caught in the door.

  95. Paula says

    Scarves and the perfect cold weather item to make. You can take it with you and wrap it around you as you stitch!

  96. Lisa Otts says

    A Poncho. When I was going up in the 70’s mom made them for us with granny squares and fringe a long the bottom. I guess those fond memories made me fall in love with new pattern I found. Love my poncho.

  97. Cheryl Turman says

    Wow, where do I start. I love cowls and scarves so much, but a soft blanket is hard to remove on a chilly night. I love the fingerless gloves also. But my favorite is making matching scarves, cowls and hats for my nine grandchildren. They love homemade items from me and it helps with the budget. I also love where creating beautiful things for others takes me, it is a great feeling.

  98. Marianne Boutet says

    I am still getting used to the idea of cowls. Have not found one that suits me (yet) but have knit and crochet them for several of my friends.

  99. Cindy Keller says

    My favorite cool weather accessory is a scarf that I’ve knit or crocheted for myself. Some I do in the traditional long scarf style, some as cowls. I like both.

  100. June Ricottilli says

    I love making scarves and hats. Quick and easy to crank them out. But I also love cuddling under a bulky yarn afghan project in the cooler months.

  101. says

    Cowls of course!! I love being able to change my look with just a simple accessory. I’ve made at least seven different cowls in different colors and patterns.

  102. Amanda V says

    My favourite cold weather crochet accessory has to be my infinity, mobius cowl. I made one for myself and it was so soft and warm, that I had orders for more from classmates and teachers.

  103. Al B says

    One of the many crocheted shawls that I have made. I love yarn and different patterns and the joy I get from creating something beautiful. I wear them year round!

  104. Laurie Morse says

    My Favorite crochet cool weather accessory has got to be a shawl that I can wrap around me, tuck up feet and work on gifts for family and friends.

  105. Emily says

    Whenever it gets chilly my go is a cowl. I prefer bulky but have a cowl in every color and thickness.theyre so versatile, hood, shoulders or just as accent.

  106. Susanne says

    I absolutely love making, and wearing, scarves.
    New York winters are getting more and more brutal.
    I could definitely use this package, to keep me and my granddaughters, warm this winter.

  107. Marion Davis Brant says

    Hats and scarves are my most favorite crochet cold weather accessories to make as well to wear.

  108. Kate says

    The sleeveless vests that I crochet for my little monsters and they hats and scarves I love making for them. It is wonderful when their eyes light up at the finished product.

  109. Sonya says

    My favorite cool weather accessory would be a nice soft infinity scarf that can be wrapped twice around my neck and still drape in the front. Makes me feel so cozy!

  110. Patty Bretheim says

    Living in North Dakota, I love a soft cozy warm scarf that I can pull up over my nose when the cold winds howl. Thanks

  111. Daryl Reese says

    I’m so up for crocheting a neat cowl. I like the idea there are no ends to worry about. Love it !

  112. Shelley Keating says

    My favorite so far is ( ahem WAS) the earflap icelandic hat I did with four colors from reflective yarn; unfortunately it was way too big and I had to negative knit it. I WILL, however be re creating it before winter!

  113. Rusty Boyd says

    My favorite cold weather crochet accessory is a warm hat. I love to make them for myself and my friends.

  114. Woodie says

    My favorite item is a crocheted hat with a matching scarf and fingerless mittens!! I have to be properly accessorized!! 🙂

  115. Rachael Glasco says

    I love my wrist warmers that I made last year! But sweaters and Afghans (I wear them around the house!) are my all-time favorites!

    Maybe someday I’ll finish my striped scarf lol

  116. Tammy Sigrist says

    My favorite crocheted cool weather accessory is one of my many frilly scarves! I have one to match any outfit or mood!! 🙂

  117. Eva Wade says

    Well, here in California I don’t get much cold weather, but when I do I love a good afghan to bundle up in… 🙂 I also love to make hats for my family in the colder climates…

  118. Lisa brenner says

    My favorite crochet cold Weather item that I wear even in warmer seasons is a wide crocheted headband with a crocheted flower attached. 🙂

  119. Ginna says

    I don’t know how to crochet but love the look of the oversized cowl/hoods. Would love to learn. Oh, by the way, red is my favorite color if anyone is reading this(hint hint hint).

  120. Jeannine Seppala says

    Fingerless gloves and cowls are popular with all generations. I have made both for young and young at heart!

  121. Cynthia Biedrzycki says

    My Favorite Cold Weather Accessory is a Muffler (also know as a neck scarf).

    I love to make “Mufflers,” they are versatile and warm. You can never have too many mufflers – short or long.

  122. June says

    Like to make lots of hats for grandkids, based on their favorite media characters, and enough so if one is lost there are plenty more. The hats have to cover the ears!

  123. Karen Wilcox says

    I make hats for 11 great grandkids, last year I made them with reflective yarn for their safety when walking home from school on those dark winter evenings. This year I am making them warm, toasty socks, some crocheted and some knitted.

  124. Aunt Bia says

    My favorite cold weather crochet projects are the cowls that I make for my young nieces, friends & myself. There are so many patterns and gorgeous colored yarns!

  125. Alice says

    The cowl has become my go to piece. I’m always cold, so I coordinate my cowl and outfit so I can wear it all day if I want. Great versatility and an easy, quick project, so I can make tons of them!

  126. Becky Parsons says

    I like afghans. I can keep my lap warm as I work. And I like to at least one sweater every year. Fun stuff for me.

  127. Shaye says

    A red hat that my grandma made me when I was in middle school and every time I get to wear it I get to feel close to her again.

  128. Melissa says

    My favorite cool weather crochet accessory would have to be boot cuffs. My boots are never snug against my calves, so it’s great to have something blocking the cold air. I like that I can crochet a whole set of matching winter accessories, right down to my boot cuffs.

  129. Lori Gaunder says

    Living in fla it doesn’t get too cold. But when it does I wear fingerless gloves and scarves.

  130. Sandra Michelin says

    I don’t crochet as much as I used to, but I loved to make pretty ponchos for my granddaughters and their friends.

  131. Sue Wagner says

    I love a lacy cowl. Not only are they beautiful but they work when the heat is to high in the building. Lots of crochet stitch options, gorgeous colors and endless compliments! Also make great gifts!!!

  132. Gail Hollingsworth says

    Here in central Alabama it doesn’t get bone chilling cold but I do like to wear a pretty scarf and/ or a cap or hat. All crocheted of course.

  133. Kelly says

    I modified a pattern for fingerless gloves into fingerTIPless gloves, to keep my hands warm while typing on the computer in my cold office in winter.

  134. Sabrina M says

    My lace crochet rectangular shawl that I can drape over my shoulders or wrap around my head to keep warm with.

  135. Mary says

    My favourite cool weather crochet accessory is a hat and cowl I made out of Red Heart Soft. It is my favourite yarn to crochet with. Everything turns out so luxurious looking and feeling.

  136. LeeAnn says

    Scarves! They were the first item that I learned to crochet, and they are still one of my favorites, both to make and to wear!

  137. Lynnette says

    My sister started crocheting about a year ago. She sits on a commuter train for about an hour each way. I would love to be able to give this to her to have a project to keep her busy

  138. Kristina Donaldson says

    Scarves for sure, but I think I’ll try to make one of these beautiful cowls!
    Thank you for sponsoring this contest!

  139. Yvonne Perez says

    My favorite thing to make is beanies for my little ones and cowls for my older daughter. Just bought a pom pom maker can’t wait to try it out.

  140. Erica says

    I think hats, scarves and shawls would be my answer. I also enjoy afghans and lapghans as well. The first item I ever crocheted was a scarf for my mother and ever since, she is always asking” ok what’s next ” lol. Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize pack.

  141. Karen Billings says

    Scarves of all colors, weights, and patterns! The scarves, in reality, are abandoned afghan projects. Shhhhh 😉

  142. Donna Fryar says

    I love making scarves as far as an accessory, but I also love making afghans during cool weather. They keep me warm when I’m making them as well as the recipient when they receive them!

  143. Wendy Galecki-Polk says

    For me, It is a throwback to my adolescence which has made its return to fashion—the poncho! Very fun to wear and perfect for the winter here in Phoenix. It’s not cold enough for a coat. Sometimes a heavy sweater might be desirable, but I find three poncho to work well.

  144. Deb Veneau says

    Infinity scarfs and sweaters keep me warm and stylish! Addicted to making scarfs. Going to donate a bunch i made to the city mission

  145. Jamie says

    Cowls and longer infinity scarves are my favorite winter accessories! I wear a black coat so I can change my cowl/scarf depending upon my mood or outfit!!

  146. Marcie says

    My favorite cold weather item is a blanket. I learned how to make them as a child from my grandmother and now I am going to be teaching my daughter this winter. I may try making a cowl this year as I think they look so pretty and wArm

  147. alagurl says

    The push to actually complete a crochet blanket for my daughter who is now 4 years old and possibly make a blanket for each of my nieces and nephews. One way to keep busy 🙂

  148. Karla says

    I love to knit and crochet hats, scarfs and afghans in the winter, the spring and summer wreaks havoc on my sinuses and I am allergic to most fibers.

  149. Nel Summers says

    l don’t go out much in the winter, so l spend my time crocheting fun hats for my grandkids and now my great grandson. l also enjoy crocheting doilies

  150. Frances Conwell says


    Currently, it’s a beige chain stitch scarf, that I wrap several times around my neck when I’m outside, or wear loose like a necklace when I’m inside.

  151. Nancy J. Anderson says

    I think my favorite is earwarmers, with cowls coming in a close second. If I’m indoors, though, I love to curl up with an afghan.

  152. Carol Ludwick says

    I prefer a hooded scarf for the really cold weather and I make a lot of shawls for the prayer shawl ministry at church. I have also knitted Christmas stocking for my family and extended family (I don’t have one yet)

  153. Linda Kennedy says

    Being from Arizona, I don’t need much to keep warm outdoors. But my husband grew up on the beach in California and likes to have our home very cool. So all year round, I can be found with slippers and afghans as I am working.
    Putting crocheted slippers on my cold feet, and covering my cold legs with an afghan, is the best feeling.

  154. Heather vanHoof says

    In the cool weather I love to wear a cowl. It is not as heavy as a scarf but still is nice and and warm and cozy!

  155. Michelle says

    Cowls are my favorite winter wear. They can double as a hood and keep my neck warm. There are many cowl patterns and you can make easy ones, or intricate ones. They are great for trying out new stitches as they are not as big as a sweater and cowls take less time to knit.

  156. Stephanie O. says

    Hats & gloves/mittens are do-not-leave-home-without accessories during the winter! I would love to have a homemade cowl that I could wear over my head in place of a stocking hat.

  157. Larry K says

    A crocheted scarf is a nice cool weather accessory for a guy, a cowl would be good for my wife. In the evenings, I like a lap afghan while I crochet.

  158. Joanne Ruebensam says

    When it’s start to get cool out. I will cover with one of my blankets that I have made or with my snuggle

  159. Vera Cairns says

    Hats always seem to muck up my hair, but scarves to wrap around my neck to keep me cuddly warm is what I really like.

  160. Mary Hillegas says

    I like cowls best. I always get cold even in the summer. A cowl can be light enough to wear any time and large enough to keep me warm year round.

  161. says

    I Love Snuggling up with a plush shawl in the evening watching a movie on a chilly night, during the day while I’m out and about, extra long scarves just feel so perfect!

  162. Dot Baumgartner says

    Scarves and cowls, of course!! I cannot stand to button a coat all the way up, so scarves & cowls cover the neck area beautifully..

  163. Vickie~ says

    My favorite cool weather crochet accessory are scarves and cowls. I have made them in different colors to coordinate with my wardrobe. One can never have enough of them. I hope I am selected.

  164. Trudie Fetterman says

    The beautiful blue hat and scarf set made for me by my late mother inlay, a special memory of her!

  165. Jean Chestnut says

    Socks, socks and more socks. I am in love with handmade socks! I usually have a pair in progress at all times.

  166. Victoria Jones says

    My favorite cool weather crocheted item is my crocheted hat with a small brim. I also have a scarf that matches, in color that is, not the pattern.

  167. says

    I cut my hair last year from a pink fauxhawk to a blond pixie last year so I wouldn’t stick out at my Grandpa’s memorial, and I learned that when the weather turns cold with cropped hair your ears FREEZE, especially on the east cost where the services were. While I have time I’m crocheting a few new slouchy hats and since my twin nephews are obsessed with Cars and Monsters Inc I’m going to get brave and work on some character beanies for them.

  168. says

    I work in the window of the TimHortons where I work, so I made a pair of fingerless mittens to help keep my hands from freezing during our long cold winters! I make many, many winter items but I think these would have to be my favourite!

  169. Penny Taylor says

    My favorite warm accessory is a pair of thick warm slippers I made a short while ago. They really keep the toes nice and warm. I also like making afghans and curling up in them, but I would have to admit that I do not like tucking in all those ends. 🙂 I would love to try making a cowl someday and I think this yarn would be great for it. Thank you for the opportunity to win some!

  170. Michele Ligus says

    I really don’t have one, I give my work to friends and family and the others in the family do not crochet. I do have a scarf my mom knitted for me that is warm and remi ds me of her. I would love a pair of fingerless gloves so I can work and stay warm or turn music when I sing, but my husband keeps reminding me I get to cold not to include my fingers In The gloves.

  171. Barb McQuain says

    Socks or slippers! If my feet are warm so it’s the rest of me. One winter vacation I crocheted slippers and hats for everyone in the family while we were away!

  172. Diane Kohn says

    My favorite warm accessory is hats. Unfortunately, they are easy to lose, so I always have a reason to make some more.

  173. Betty Harding says

    My favorite cool weather accessory is a shrug I made many years ago. It stays in place and doesn’t get in the way of whatever knitting or crochet project is in my lap.

  174. Janet Richter says

    This yarn is so soft, I make chemo caps and premie hats and also shawls for Ronald McDonald House, I love to see the smiles on those faces!!!!

  175. Claire C. says

    I have three beautiful crochet round scarves in blue, green and pink, perfect to bring winter some colors and wait for summer 😉

  176. Diane says

    I have been crocheting for many years & one never knows what design I will come up with when I make cowls, hats & scarves!

  177. says

    I am a new crocheter and want to make all types of things for my granddaughters to keep them warm and cozy. I see all these glorious ideas and want to try them all. Good Luck everyone and thank you for the opportunity to win.

  178. Joan Eader says

    I knit cowls for cancer patients in our area. This last year I donated over 30 cowls and 20 scarfs. This year, I’ll be making prayer shawls.

  179. Jennifer Edwards says

    Lol…I pretty much yarn bomb myself in the winter….hats, scarves, fingerless gloves…I wear it all!

  180. Cathy G says

    Definitely scarves. I live where it doesn’t get bitter cold so I don’t wear hats and gloves a lot but you can never have too many scarves. Even in the summer, the dress up any outfit and protect against the over air conditioned office.

  181. Annette Brown says

    I’ve crocheted many items over the years, anything from baby blankets, throws, scarves, snowflakes, dishcloths and even wool helmet liners for our U. S. Troops. Plus many more, my list goes on and on. I would love to add cowls to my list!

  182. Marsha Smith says

    I love a versatile scarf! It can show off a variety of stitching patterns and be worn loose or tied snuggly.

  183. Cindy says

    Afghans…working on one is like having a “blankie” on while looking as if I’m doing something!

  184. Sue says

    My favourite cool accessory is a thick scarf or cowel that can be wrapped around and around for extra warmth.

  185. Brenda Beighley says

    I have recently been making a lot of cowls. They are so very cozy and you can find a color to go with everything.

  186. Carrie Westphal says

    I really like shawls. While my children are lugging afghans and blankets around, shawls are really nice to have.

  187. Bobbie Kellogg says

    I love hats and cowls. I will soon be trying my hand at knitting fingerless gloves to keep in my car for those very cool mornings that will come all to soon. I also enjoy a cozy afghan to wrap myself in on those cold evenings. There’s nothing better for an evening on the sofa watching TV and doing some mindless knitting.

  188. Pallie Spadafino says

    I ponchos and shawls. Made in different weights and kinds of yarn they work from that first cold snap when the evenings are cool until the temps dip to freezing. I don’t think these items get enough interest considering how versatile they are in a wardrobe.

  189. says

    I love to crochet just about everything and I love the craft, but my favorite thing to do is crochet prayer shawls and give them to people who might just need a “hug”. 🙂

  190. says

    My favorite crochet items of all time are shawls. Light weight airy lovely shawls for evening or dress occasions; a nice medium weight,soft as a baby’s bottom. shawl for our cool evenings and nights here in Wisconsin when the weather changes; and a bulky double yarn crochet heavier weight during the winter when the temps in the house often get into the low 60’s and I’m cuddled on the sofa crocheting a shawl for a Christmas gift.

  191. Tammy Bradburn says

    I live in Florida, so not much opportunity for cold weather gear. But when the winter chill sets in, NOTHING beats a soft, wooly pair of crocheted socks to keep my feet toasty warm!

  192. Manda says

    I have thyroid disease so anything crocheted that keeps my hands and feet super warm! I’ve never made a cowl but i like the idea of one. I’m always looking for new patterns to try

  193. CARL WAHLSTROM says

    I like to make designer shawls that have a long wrap-around warming not only the shoulders but the hands as well.

  194. Courtney says

    I love to make wide, extra long cowls that can be wrapped 2-3 times. I really don’t like being cold and assume others want to stay warm too 🙂

  195. Penny says

    I love an afghan, but that’s a little big to wear! So I’d have to say my favorite accessory is a crocheted scarf.

  196. Maria says

    My favorite cool weather crotchet accessory would be a headband. I like the think headbands that keep your ears cozy. I also like to put a big flower and maybe some bling on it as well to dress it up. It is simply perfect for those days you want to wear your hair up, but also needs something to keep your ears warm.

  197. Karen R. says

    My favorite accessory is a light weight shrug. Perfect for when you don’t want a bulky sweater or long shawl. just right to take off the chill.

  198. says

    I am very new to crocheting, but I love the look of the cowls! I hate for my neck and ears to get cold and some of the cowls can be worn to keep both warm! I would love to crochet my own!

  199. Sabrina says

    I love scarves for chasing away the chill when I go out. But when I’m inside I need a good afghan to cuddle under to keep the chill away.

  200. Brenda Main says

    SHAWLS! Large cozy ones, mini shawls with fringe to wear as “jacket toppers”, medium “crushable” shawls to wrap around my neck in various ways, or as hoodies———–I love them all! I can’t wait for those first cool days of Fall to bring out all my favorites!

    Can’t beat a pair of jeans, turtleneck and a fringy shawl to transform an ordinary trip to the grocery store into a fashion excursion!!!! People always ask about them, and I’ve met a LOT of folks who now want to learn to crochet themselves!!!!

    The new textured yarns offer an infinite number of possibilities — even for beginners! I love sharing my skills with others of ALL ages.

    I always have a shawl draped over my sofa, and one in my guest room. Oh, and as gifts they are ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Perfect!!!!

  201. Angie Balser says

    My favorite cool weather accessory to wear is an extra thick and snuggly infinity scarf, I crocheted and/or knitted myself one in nearly every color last year. My favorite cool weather accessory to make though would be a scoody my daughters and nieces love them and the different designs and themes for them are endless

  202. Dana says

    I love my fingerless mittens and my infinity scarves. I can pull my infinity scarves up over my ears and my mouth when it gets really cold and hard to breathe.

  203. says

    I like to knit and crochet. In cold weather, I sit around making mittens and scarves. I like to curl up and watch television under a nice warm afghan. I make many mittens for the children of our area and the homeless.

  204. Patricia says

    I cover up in this very very large shawl I made for myself. It’s so big that it’s a small blanket. So, I keep adding to it a bowl after every other project. It is now becoming a king size blanket for bed.

  205. Arlene says

    I Love making Poncho’s,or afghan’s,for all my children and grandchildren. I have seven so that mean’s alot of yarn. Last year i made the fingerless gloves. 🙂

  206. Rene says

    I absolutely love making cowls! I have made them for many family members and have orders for more this year! I’ve made them with buttons and also in the round. I really like working in the round. I find it to be much easier and it gives me more of a sense of completion!!

  207. Hilary says

    I have my eye on a pattern for an afghan that is different colors in squares. An easy pattern for beginners. So cool looking.

  208. Lorraine says

    my finger less gloves,, easy to hold the coffee cup while watching my son at his soccer games, with the matching hat…I look fabulous!!!!

  209. ANN WALKER says

    I love to make all kinds of cool weather gear – hats, scarves & afghans but I prefer to wear my own hats!

  210. Debbie Bona says

    Fingerless gloves are my favorite. These keep my wrists warm (arthritis) while I work on my projects.

  211. Stacey M says

    I love making hats. They were the first thing that I “mastered” and it seems that I am always working on one.