Recent Survey Reveals Crocheters Interests & Habits

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A recent survey conducted by revealed the interests and habits of crocheters who subscribe to Hooked on Crochet, AllFreeCrochet’s free email newsletter. The goal was to gain a better understanding of what inspires our online readers, what (and who) motivates them to crochet, how they interact with the online crochet community, and just how much this hobby really means to them — you’ll be shocked to hear what they’re willing to give up in order to crochet!

Medical professionals always stress the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Although that may be true, AllFreeCrochet readers disagree; the majority of our readers have sacrificed shuteye in order to keep working on a crochet project. Out of 14,486 respondents, 61.7% of respondents admit they have chosen crochet over sleep at least once. And because there clearly are just not ever enough hours in the day, our readers also revealed that they to take their projects on-the-go – and are proud of it! 93.1% of respondents say they are not embarrassed to crochet in public.

Out of the 14,486 respondents to AllFreeCrochet’s survey, the majority were female crocheters over the age of 60 who crochet daily, and have known how to crochet since they were 18 years old or younger. Not surprisingly, the main reason they crochet is not for the money; only 98 out of 14,486 people (0.7%) say they crochet because of the profit they make from selling their patterns. Instead, 48.3% say they crochet because it’s relaxing, and 42% say they crochet because they like the feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed. 4.8% like the convenience of crochet (hooks and yarn are small enough to use on-the go), and 4.2% say it’s something fun to do with friends and family.

There are obviously many different types of yarn on the market today, but the majority of AllFreeCrochet readers (70.7%) enjoy working with worsted weight yarn the most, and 90% of readers choose to buy from yarn companies such as Lion Brand, Red Heart Yarn, Bernat, etc. Seeing a project they want to make excites readers the most, and 85% of readers find most of their crochet patterns online.

Aside from connecting with AllFreeCrochet through newsletters, respondents said they also enjoy interacting through a multitude of platforms including Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. They are most active on social media in the morning and evening hours.

AllFreeCrochet_survey_infographicKey findings of the survey include:

Favorite Reader Projects:
54% – afghans
21% – scarves
20% – hats
5% – sweaters

Social Media Use:
33% check social media in the evenings
32% check social media in the mornings

Main Sources For Crochet Patterns:
86% – online
8% – books
6% – magazines

Top Purchased Yarn Brands:
50% – Red Heart
15% – Lion Brand
9% – Caron
7% – Bernat
2% – Patons
0.3% – Premier
0.3% Berroco

Finally, the survey also asked readers what they would like to see changed in the Hooked on Crochet newsletters, both in format and in content. Here is what a few readers had to say about the AllFreeCrochet newsletter, Hooked on Crochet:

“I love your newsletter. It is very inspirational for a crocheter.”

“I am very, very appreciative for the patterns and tutorials that AllFreeCrochet makes available. I have become a much better crocheter and am now even creating my own original patterns. Thank you!”

“I enjoy finding AllFreeCrochet in my inbox and opening to find what it is new.”

“I love that the projects are so well written, and great pictures to walk me through learning how to do it. I’m about 3 years into crochet now… still loving it.”

“Keep up the good work in giving us interesting patterns!”

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How many of YOU would choose crochet over sleep? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. says

    ‘older people require less sleep,’ my mother told me upmty jillion years ago when she would be crocheting in the middle of the night. that’s true! now that i’m in my latter years, i, too, find myself crocheting or knitting in the middle of the night when i can’t sleep.

  2. Alexandria says

    It is true that I have stayed up trying to finish a project. Sometimes it
    was because I could not sleep, other times was so I could give the item to a friend or family member I expected to see soon. Most of what I crochet is a gift. But sometimes it is just because I keep thinking: “One more stitch, one more stitch…….

  3. Dorothy vonFriewalde says

    I have forgone sleep to try to finish a project. I am always thinking ahead to my next project. Most nights I have to go to bed early, as I am up early (3am) to get my husband off to work. I love to work on many different things. I have many needlework interests.

  4. Nancy Bernardi says

    I’m crocheting hats and scarves for “Operation Gratitude”. The hats and scarves are sent to our service men and woman. Check the site online and it will give you all the instructions needed. Para cord bracelets are also needed. Come on all you crocheting peeps, this is a good cause. God Bless America.

  5. karen D says

    years ago 30 to be exact I started learning how to crochet, unfortunetly I never learned much, I can ripple stich, but when it comes to fancy stiches I am lost, I had a book that was for beginers and I did learn how to do a 1/2 shell stich, but has been so long since have been able to really sit down and crochet( I am retired now ) but I can not find that old book, does anyone know where can find a book for dummies that has pictures and really spells it out, I am a visual learner and learn more from pics than words and with my IP network I can not watch videos it cost me a fortune to do so, and my granny squares are circles, and how do I put it all together, help help help–

  6. Ess says

    I’ve been crocheting since I was 11 and have stayed up late (or should I say..early?) numerous times crocheting. Either because I can’t sleep, or because I’m on a limited schedule for a project. I’m constantly finding a new project, then leaving the old one behind..But, Needless to say, I love crocheting enough to sacrifice time and sleep.. I’d rather make for other people, than myself. And I’d rather either make many different medium-sized things, or a very elaborately stitched large thing, than have to make something big with the same repetitive stitch over and over and over and over again… But maybe that’s because I’m 16 and I get impatient/bored easily.

  7. Mary O'Neill says

    I have found your variety of patterns excellent. However, it would be very good if you could give the types of wool an English equivilant. Here in the UK we have 3 ply, 4 ply, double knitting, Aran and chunky.

  8. Annemarie says

    As you get older you seem to require less sleep, so I spend may hours late ate night crocheting and watching movies on TV.

  9. Melba says

    I do not know that I have ever given up sleep for crocht, but I would be willing to do that if I needed to. I have been crocheting since I was about years old, and I love creating new things. I get all my patterns from the internet, and I have found some wonderful things. Almost all of what I crochet is for gifts. Keep the good stuff coming.

  10. Maida says

    I enjoy crocheting while watching TV. There have been times that I have gotten up because I couldn’t sleep and started crocheting. However, I find that if I am tired, I make more mistakes and have to put what I am working on down. Then usually end up ripping part of it out. So, that being said, it isn’t too often that I stay up late to crochet.

  11. alyshia says

    I’ve been crocheting since I was 6 or 7 years old. Any time I have an extra 30 minutes ill sit down and start working on something. I love watching a ball of yarn turn into something with just some twitches of my hands. Being 24 now I love how suprized people are when they see me chrocheting. Everyone always tells me that its an old lady hobbie, I just laugh, and them a hook and teach them how to do it.

  12. Devi says

    I’ve definitely gone without sleep to work on a project. My sons constantly tease me saying, “Mom, you’ve got a real crocheting problem. “. I laugh and keep working.

  13. Marlene says

    I find I am amaed at all the different stitches. I hve been crocheting for 50 years and I find I still have not tried them all. Trying new stitches is addictive for me. I just need someone to crochet for.
    Since I have been doing this for so long I have to remind myself that a skein of yarn (8oz) in my old patterns are now 2 to 3 skeins. Just like when I am cooking. Everything has gotten smaller.

  14. Rose says

    I have crocheted sincethe 1960’s. Addicted to afghans. I love the free patterns I get from web and share them with friends. I don’t remember loseing sleep over projects; but I currently have to give my hands a rest from too much crochet. i think I have tendonitis and carpel tunnel. it is hard to keep out of crochet. Most of my projects become donations or gifts to people who don’t crochet.

  15. Nancy Blexrud says

    I learned to crochet very young ??? I don’t like to do afghans but have done a couple. Have done dozens of doilies, one table cloth, lots of doll clothes, baby clothes. I have one complaint. Why do they have patterns you would enjoy making and they use a yarn that you never heard of before? Expensive at that. I’m making premi blankets and clothes for hospitals now. I’m 82 now and still going strong. Love it.

  16. cecelia knuckles says

    I can sleep when I’m dead…never enough hours to crochet now to waste them on sleep.
    74 and the sand is running out fast so..WHERE ARE MY NEEDLES?????????????Cecelia

  17. Victoria says

    Karen D… Try “I can’t believe I’m Crocheting!” It’s the one with a young woman working with orange yarn on the cover. I learned to crochet less than a year ago and found this book very helpful.

    Yes folks, I’m one of those “one more row, one more row” gals who gives up sleep for my craft!

  18. Randy says

    to karen D who asked “does anyone know where can find a book for dummies that has pictures and really spells it out, I am a visual learner and learn more from pics than words and with my IP network I can not watch videos”
    I have found that both Lion Brand and Red Heart websites have good downloadable instruction books for someone who wants to learn to crochet. They are the ones I used when I was beginning a few years ago.
    As a member, you can download the whole book (although the Red Heart book is no longer free even to registered members), or go through one lesson at a time online.

  19. Donna says

    Hey y’all, I learned to knit first and crochet second. It keeps me sane ( sort of ). For all yarny sites, I have this request : please, please make a printer-friendly version of your patterns. Much ink and paper is wasted when everything prints. Thanks !

  20. Helene says

    Sleep? Hm…that’s what I do only AFTER I fall asleep with the project in my lap. However, I also listen to audiobooks while crocheting and that alone will keep me going at the pace of the story. But, it’s only when I get up in the a.m. that I find that my pattern is not quite what it should be, thus…thank goodness crocheted items rip out easily! 🙂

  21. Carole Riley says

    I learned a little bit here and there from my Mom and Grammie – and dabbled in it on occasion as I was raising my children. I took an early retirement due to health issues and found myself loving to crochet I am so happy that I have a sight to come to for patterns and stories of other folk’s passion for crocheting I made prayer shawls for all in my family for Christmas and loved doing it. Crocheting gives me so much – great therapy.

  22. Alice Wheeler says

    I love to crochet and I take it everywhere I go even on vacation so when we are in our room can crochet.

  23. Pauline says

    I tend to start crocheting in the night if I wake up. I then find I wake up hours later with my glasses still on and hook still in hand

  24. Sheelagh says

    I taught myself crochet in my early teens and have been doing it on & off for years. I am in a very stressful job and crocheting while I work (job is on phone so no hands required)has been a Godsend for me Very relaxing and it has paid off in job performance at work and I go home a happier person which makes my husband happier.

  25. Jeanie Blake says

    I ‘be been crocheting and knitting since I was 12, I’m now 77 and starting needlepoint. I take my crafts with me wherever I go, I’ve even told my family “bury me with my needles and thread so I have something to do when I’m up there.” I have 17 grandchildren so I have lots of projects to keep me busy.

  26. Laurie says

    I have given up sleep to get a gift done in time, but mostly it’s “I’ll stop when I finish this row”. Of course when you do finally stop, you’ve gotten several more rows done. I can’t watch TV without crocheting. You know it was a really good movie if you only got a couple of rows done. I take my crocheting on any kind of road trip, and have met many people just from them admiring my work.

  27. Betty says

    I usually don’t stay up nights crocheting, I stay up nights looking at crochet patterns and videos from the emails you send. One site always leads to another and all of a sudden it’s 3am.

  28. Susan Gelinas says

    I have often stayed up till 3:00 in the morning because I just wanted to finish this one section of my project or I was so close to the end I couldn’t put it down. I don’t mind crocheting or knitting in public, why would I? I am learning new things all the time from the sites on-line and I just love the people and the patterns you find there.

  29. Teresa Horky says

    I would give up sleep but I get up very early in the a.m. to take kids to school and feel it is not to safe to so sleepy.I do most of mine on weekends and mostly small projects so I can finish them fast…

  30. Skrpune says

    I did choose crocheting over sleep to get gifts done for Christmas last month. Honestly though, I barely sleep as it is, so I wasn’t giving up much! 😉 In general, if I get in a groove with a project, or if there’s juuuust a bit more until I hit a certain milestone/part of the project, I tend to keep on keeping on. And then I’ll look at the clock and gasp, lol!

  31. carol says

    Yes, I have stayed up during the night to crochet when I could not sleep. I do find it relaxing and I also knit. I have been doing both for 40 years now & appreciate all the sites that allow us info on both hobbies. Thank u and enjoyed taking the survey.

  32. Karen says

    Yes, many times, I have chosen crochet over sleep, and my favorite kind of yarn is Bernat worsted weight.

    Other times when I cannot get to sleep, as I have too much on my mind, I get up and crochet a few rows and then I am sleepy enough to get a fairly good nights sleep.

  33. Geni says

    Im a very busy person but i always try to find time to crochet. A lot of times a stay late at night on my days off just to crochet. When i have even just 5 mins extra before leaving to work i will crochet. A lot of times i will give up blow drying my hair going to work just to have an extra 5-10mins just to crochet. I always bring my project on the go, i used to crochet while traveling but the next day i will be punished with migraine so i stopped doing that. I m good at multi tasking so while waiting for the food to cook and the laundry to finish i crochet. A bit of an addict i guess.

  34. Pat Kilbourn says

    I am almost 70. I learned to crochet when I was pregnant with my first son 42 years ago. I have definitely given up sleep to complete a project in the past. Now I don’t sleep as much and frequently wake up with my crochet project and hook in hand!
    I make items for Stitches from the Heart which supplies preemie and newborn baby items to Newborn Intensive care units around the country. I also make hats, scarves, and mittens for our local homeless shelters. My leftover yarn from these projects I make into scrap pads which I donate to our local no-kill cat shelter. Once in a great while I make something for friends or family or for myself. But the charity projects take precedence.
    I will be checking out Nancy B’s suggestion of “Operation Gratitude”. So many in need and so little money for yarn.

  35. Christina says

    I remember when I was a kid I used to wonder how my mom fell asleep in her chair sitting up. Now I understand. So when I’m in the middle of a crochet project and I need sleep it’s no problem. I just nod off in my chair yarn in hand. I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself waking up still holding the crochet hook. At that point I say to myself OMG I have become my mother.

  36. Crochet freek says

    I missed the survey, but like most others I have often lost sleep in order to complete a project. I don’t watch TV at all and don’t think I would like to crochet in front of it. I always have my crocheting with me. When I was a child, my Mum always told us to take “something to do” with us wherever we went, so that in the case of not having friends to play with, we won’t be bored. I learned to crochet at 3.5 years of age and knitting at 4, (but I’m not a knitter, it is far too boring and slow) and ever since I always have “something to do” with me. I was always shy of crocheting in front of other people, especially men, but I found out recently that most men, young and old, actually appreciate a women who can do handwork! So now I’m crocheting everywhere, as it is usually only the women who can’t do any handwork, who comment about it a supposedly being a old ladies hobby. Since discovering how much crocheting information there is on the internet, I have learned quite a few new things, which is extremely exciting! Thanks for the newsletter, keep up the good work!

  37. CraftyPNu49 says

    I have been crocheting since I was 18 and expecting my first child. I was medically retired in 1991 but it hasn’t stopped me from crocheting although at times projects do take longer. I have stayed up many times to finish projects. Also find myself crocheting when I can’t sleep. Projects are usually gifts for family or friends. Some of my friends have sent me money after receiving their gift to help pay for yarn. This I greatly appreciate as it means I get to do one more project. I love your newsletter and now find my patterns on line instead of in books although I have several books that I use to use.

  38. Jane says

    I haven’t yet given up sleep to crochet. I call my self a “crochet binger”. I will go thru a period of time where I will crochet constantly. Then for some unknow reason I will just stop for an extended period of time. I stopped about 2-3 yrs. ago & now have recently restarted this past Fall. Hopefully, this time, I will stay with it. I do enjoy finding all the new patterns & videos on the Internet. Plus I am finding it good therapy for my arthritis.

  39. says

    i know no crocheter who has not burned the midnight oil to get a project done for a deadline – birthday, holiday, or whatever. however, when crochet is done routinely in the evening, it’s relaxing enough to carry one’s cares away and set the stage for a good night’s sleep.

  40. says

    I give up sleep for crochet nearly every night! Actually, it’s more the other way around… pain keeps me up at night and crochet is there to keep me company!

    As an “indy” designer of crochet patterns, I found this survey extremely fascinating and I wanted to thank you for publishing your results! I was amazed that nearly 90% of people are finding patterns online now!

  41. Michelle says

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I have stayed up all night to complete a project. Or if I have discovered something new and I get caught up in it, I will be crocheting until wee hours of the night! My husband and kids think I am crazy…most of the time, until they get a crocheted gift they LOVE!

  42. Ladygray says

    Of course!! I’ll stay up late crocheting, knitting, or most anything else. That’s the only time most of us can get anything done without a zillion interruptions!!

  43. Brenda R says

    I taught myself how to crochet some 20 years ago because a friend found a pattern she wanted to make for her mother and was unable to read the pattern herself and learn the stitches. I have helped a handful of people since to learn how to crochet. I love it!!! It is relaxing for me. I am making afghans for my grandkids now. Would like to try baby doll clothes, barbie clothes and plastic mesh barbie furniture soon. I already get the newsletter and love every one of them.

  44. LindasueS says

    Sometimes I get in a trance when crocheting and I just can’t stop. I love it and especially getting a lot done at one sitting. Love taking projects on the go too. Sleeping comes second when there’s a choice whether to crochet or sleep.

  45. sumaya says

    yes i have done this, its like a good book you just can’t put down, i get anxious to see the finished item

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