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  1. Shirley
    August 31, 2015

    Lovely shawl in beautiful colors. I make what I can for charity. This looks like a fairly easy pattern I can do in the evenings. Thanks

  2. Char Green
    August 31, 2015

    I love this pattern. It has the collar I’ve been looking for. I also love the variety of stitches. And the colors are perfect! Especially since I can also use my leftovers for some rows. I want to make it.

    HOWEVER, I have tried everything to try to copy it — it’s not possible. The link goes to more shawls but not the ‘On the Wings of a Prayer’. I’m hoping I won’t have to retype it. I don’t normally stitch in front of my computer. Plus this looks like one that I can take with me. Please help.

    • AllFreeCrochet
      September 10, 2015

      To print the pattern, simply copy and paste the text of the pattern into a Word document and print it from there. I hope this helps!

      • Mary Rocco
        March 8, 2016

        Yes it does help. Thank you

      • gia
        November 7, 2016

        i just right clicked the page selected print and when my printer screen opened i selected pages 2-6 and printed away. that way i got the pic as well

  3. Anne T
    September 2, 2015

    I L O V E this pattern and planned to order the yarn immediately but….I need to know what the following mean as they are not included in the abbreviations at the beginning of the pattern.
    Row 3 – pm
    Row 26 – rm
    Row 33 – you
    Thank you !

    • Stitch&Unwind
      September 2, 2015

      pm = place marker
      rm = remove marker
      you, a typo – should be yo

      Thanks for asking. I’ve added these terms to the pattern to help make it clearer!

      • Anne T
        September 2, 2015

        thank you !

      • mrsgthep
        September 10, 2015

        If the markers are removed in row 26, I noticed in reading the pattern that row 30 requires purling to markers and removing them in this row. Are there 4 makers placed in this pattern? If there are what row would the extra 2 markers be added. I didn’t see
        more than 2 markers placed in row 3 and throughout the pattern unless I missed it I read the pattern twice. I thought the markers are there to determine the middle of the shawl to form the V. Beautiful Colors in this shawl!

        Thank you

  4. Anne T
    September 2, 2015

    Char Green – I had the same issues but this worked for me. I forwarded the pattern to my e mail account then printed it out from there.

  5. lilywhite
    September 3, 2015

    I use a knitting machine, how can I make it on it? cus I really love d pattern.

  6. Judy Craig
    September 4, 2015

    I always knit a strand or two of my hair into the shawl so that a part of me goes with it.

  7. Angeles
    September 7, 2015

    Thanks for sharing this lovely pattern. I’ve enjoyed for some hours but I’m a little confused with the number of stitches. From 135 sts on I found 20 sts were missing! Maybe wrong rows are considered as including also 4 yo’s. However my shawl seems to be on its way and looks great. I hope my English is enough to make myself understood.

    • Lisa Ogilvie
      June 22, 2016

      After you get to 135 sts, you work the wrong side row and then the next line of the pattern states to repeat last 2 rows 9 times more, there are no increases on wrong side rows, if you are still missing stitches after that look to the yo in the previous row, when you are incorporating a design and an increase in the same pattern of rows it would be easy to miss one, I do it frequently.

  8. Angeles
    September 7, 2015

    Sorry. I finally found my mistake. Thanks again.

  9. penny
    September 9, 2015

    Question on row 3 is there sitches missing between the yo and pm ex

    it reads K2,yo,pm,k1,pm,yo,k2 shouldn’t it read K2,yo,(stitch),pm,k1,pm(stitch),yo,k2. I have tried it adn it doesnt come out and have gone to my yarn store and they couldn’t figure it out can you help me thank you

    • AllFreeCrochet
      September 10, 2015

      Hi Penny,
      We checked with the designer and this is what she said: “I just took a look and it is correct, there are only 5 sts (will be increased to 7). It is making the spine.”

      Hope this helps!

  10. Holly Krietemeyer
    September 10, 2015

    I knit a lot and well and would like to use some of my time and talent for some charity work. Is there a need? If so, how do I get connected with some those groups. Thanks

    • mrsgthep
      September 10, 2015

      Hi Holly,

      I like to make and donate throws for local Cancer Centers for patients having chemo, especially children who are hospitalized. The patients can take them home with them. I find it rewarding and they are always greatly appreciated by all. Infant caps and chemo caps are a nice idea as well. I have donated throws and shawls to local Nursing Homes and the elderly patients love them year round! Just a few suggestions that I hope you enjoy to pass your talent and time along as much as I do.

  11. Marsha Halsey
    September 11, 2015

    It wont copy and paste either.

  12. Kay Straley
    September 11, 2015

    I would love to make this pattern but still have not found a way to print it out.
    Have made many prayer shawls but this is so different and want to try it.

  13. Gail
    September 13, 2015

    I was able to : highlight the pattern , go to copy, then I opened a new word doc, pasted on to that page, then went to print and had 5 pages to be printed. Reduced that by taking out spaces between each section, this gave me 4 pages. pressed print and now I have the pattern I just have to go thru the wool stash. after printing I saved the doc to My Doc’s in my crochet file.
    Thank you for the pattern. Blessings to all, Gail

  14. Lynn
    September 16, 2015

    Wondered if this pattern is going to be published into Ravelry. I prefer to house all my knitting there.


    • AllFreeCrochet
      September 17, 2015

      It’s original content for Stitch & Unwind- we do not post our projects on Ravelry at this time. Thanks for your comment!

  15. Rainie
    September 22, 2015

    If you look at the picture of the center spine, you will see that the increases are not the yo listed in the pattern. There are no holes. I like it the way its pictured.

    • Lisa Ogilvie
      September 19, 2016

      The only increases listed in the pattern are created by the “yo” admittedly a little harder to see on the spine but still there, if you want to increase without the whole at the spine you could use “kfb”, my daughter does this because she can’t stand “little holes in everything”. Hope this helps.

  16. Marie Lorway
    September 22, 2015

    To print: just highlight the instructions and print. I just did mine and had no problems. Looking forwary to making this pattern. Thanks.

  17. BJ
    September 22, 2015

    Does slipping marker mean remove it ?

    • Elizabeth
      September 29, 2015

      No. It means to slip it back onto the needle. For example: pattern says k1, sm, yo, so you would k1, slip the marker to the right needle and then make your yo so you marker will be between the k1 and the yo.

  18. Jeannie
    September 22, 2015

    This copy/pasted perfectly to my email 🙂 This is just gorgeous – thank you for sharing.

  19. Judy Chambs
    September 24, 2015

    I’m having a problem with Row 9.
    When I come to marker, I still have 1 stitch left. I also have an extra stitch at the end before the last 2 stitches.
    Can you help me with this problem?
    I really like the change of pattern through this shawl.
    Thank you.

  20. Debbie
    September 25, 2015

    I made this and it really came out too small. It looked bigger in the picture.

  21. Elizabeth
    September 29, 2015

    Thank you for the pattern. I like the fact that it has different stitch patterns and it’s not the same stockinette stitch throughout. Makes the pattern much more interesting and fun to knit.

  22. Barb
    October 8, 2015

    Was wondering if there was an answer to mrsgthep’s question about row 30? The markers were supposed to be removed in row 26. I’m at row 30 and don’t know how to proceed. Thought I could get this finished tonight. Frustrating.

    • Bonnie
      December 3, 2015

      I saw the same thing (I am to that point). I think there is an error (row 30) as the markers are already removed in row 26. That is what I am assuming – row 30 has rm by mistake. Hopefully I will finish in the next day or 2.

  23. Linda
    October 13, 2015

    Hi, re On Wings of a Prayer by Jesscia Anderson,

    Can I know if Row 5 is: ( just the stitches)

    K2, yo, K1 yo, sm , K1′ sm, yo, k2′ yo k2. (11 stitches) .

    Am confused with the markers. How many r there ? 2 or 3 ? I only get 10 stitches.

    Kindly assist me.

    Thank you.

    • LisawithGary Shaw
      October 24, 2015

      You have 7 stitches on the needle before you start this row, you are increasing 4 stitches (4 yo’s) 7+4=11. If you are getting any other amount look to your yo’s, that’s where i usually get hung up on a pattern.

      • Linda
        November 6, 2015

        Thank U LisawithGary Shaw for your help.

  24. Shari Levy
    October 17, 2015

    I’m confused. Two others posted about this too.

    Row 26 says to remove the markers. It also says to remove the markers on row 30 and then repeat the section once more.

    How can I remove the markers 4 times?

    This makes no sense.

    • LisawithGary Shaw
      October 24, 2015

      I suspect that the rm on row 26 should be sm, so I didn’t remove the markers until row 30 and the pattern worked just fine. My grandmother taught me as a little girl to read and re-read every patterns before I begin and it has stuck because 50 years later, I can’t start any pattern until I’ve read it through at least twice! It drives people I’m teaching nuts, but it is beneficial in a situation like this when a little typo can cause chaos. lol

      • Shari Levy
        October 30, 2015

        It says to repeat that section once. Do I leave the markers in so I can repeat it?

      • LisawithGary Shaw
        November 2, 2015

        Yes, you always leave markers into until you are instructed in a pattern to remove them, however with that being said, there is a problem with this particular pattern, it instructs you to remove the markers twice, which can’t be done, because if they’s already gone they’re not available to be removed later, what I tell my newbie knitters is to leave all markers in until the end. Hope this helps. Happy knitting.

  25. Jheri Goble
    October 20, 2015

    I see that 3 people have had a question about rows 26 & 30. I havent seen an answer. Did I just miss it? I also have the same question. How do we get an a solution? Have any of you ladies been able to solve it?

    • Bonnie
      December 3, 2015

      I would just remove the markers at row 26 as they don’t appear to be needed.

  26. Alanna
    November 3, 2015

    Loved the pattern and the yarn. Followed the pattern exactly ; used the right needles and yarn, but it came out tooooo small. very disappointing

  27. Frances
    November 6, 2015

    The shawl is too small. Any suggestions as to how to make it larger. I love this pattern and would like to knit several if I could make larger.

    • Carolyn
      November 19, 2015

      What did your finished shawl measure?

      Did you match the gauge of the designer as specified in the pattern?

      You might try using a needle that is a size or two larger. That would be the simplest way to enlarge the shawl.

    • Bonnie
      December 3, 2015

      Oh no – I hope it’s not too small as I am almost finished. I know my knitting tends to be bigger that the pattern so I may be OK. Maybe when it is blocked it will be OK?

  28. Mary
    November 27, 2015

    Can you make this shawl larger by repeating the sections one or two more times? If you can make it larger this way, will it effect the Ridged Lace section, which I assume is the collar. Most of the time a triangle shawl is just not big enough for my liking and this one I am making for someone else and I know it won’t be big enough.

    Thank you.

    • Mary
      December 23, 2015

      I did make this shawl larger by doing another full round of the garter stitch section, eyelet section and 1/2 of the stockinette section. It turned out great…and it really would not have been too big had I done a full stockinette section rather than a 1/2 section.

      I used a size 8 needle as the pattern called for and my yarn was a little off gauge…16 sts and 22 rows for 4 inches.

      Happy Knitting!

  29. Rachel Sommer
    January 13, 2016

    Huh, I wonder if I could somehow adapt this to a rectangle so it could be used as a tallit and wear it to synagogue!

  30. Skye MacAllister
    January 13, 2016

    Gorgeous shawl! Someone asked about finding organizations who could use prayer shawls. Good suggestions were made. I’d also like to say that any Veterans group/clinic/hospital can always use warm, cozy knits. My husband and I are both Veterans and we create many things for the homeless, or those who just can’t afford lovely things to keep them warm. Don’t forget that a lot of Veterans are women! Everything is appreciated. 🙂

  31. Debbie
    January 13, 2016

    Can someone tell me how this is a “printable” pattern? Cannot for the life of me see where the print button is.

  32. Angeles
    September 20, 2016

    Ríght now I’m working on my 7th “On the Wings of a Prayer” and hope I can keep it for me this time because I’ve given away all others. Always a lovely, easy pattern no matter the yarn. Thanks again for sharing.

  33. Diane
    October 29, 2016

    I want to knit this shawl but I can’t understand the instructions on row 5 and other rows. It says to knit to marker, yo sm. If I yo how will I be able to sm?

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