Learn to Crocodile Stitch: 4 Easy Techniques + 5 Free Crochet Patterns

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102495_6If you’ve already mastered the basics of crochet, then it’s time to advance your skills! There are so many awesome techniques to learn in crochet including the magic circle, bobble stitch, and my personal favorite, the crocodile stitch.

The crocodile stitch gets it’s name from the beautiful layers of texture that resemble – yes, you guessed it – crocodile scales. These layers may look complicated and challenging to work up to the beginner crocheter, but they are surprisingly simple to create. It’s nothing more than a simple pattern repeat consisting of double crochet stitches. If you know how to double crochet, then you should have no problem learning how to crochet the crocodile stitch.

There’s no better day than today to learn a new crochet skill! Whether you prefer to teach yourself or learn better in a group, there’s never been so many options as there are today when it comes to learning a new skill. In fact, our friends at Annie’s offer a wide variety of craft classes to take right in the comfort of your very home. Online classes are great because they’re essentially your own personal one-on-one class with the instructor. The class sessions from Annie’s make it so easy to log into your account and  ask the instructor any questions you may have as you learn. Plus, their classes never expire; once you purchase a class, it’s your forever and you can watch them on practically any electronic device at your convenience, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We were lucky enough to try out one of these online classes. Learn to Crocodile Stitch: 4 Easy Techniques with Debra Arch teaches you easy techniques and designs to help you successfully work up the crocodile stitch in every direction. You’ll also receive 9 exclusive printable crochet patterns that have been designed specifically with this class in mind. The patterns range from fashion accessories to home décor pieces and are great examples of the versatility of the crocodile stitch. Included are the Quick Stitch Headband, Whimsical Owl Purse, and the Simply Elegant Lotus Scarf,  just to name a few.

102495_1Throughout this two-hour class, Debra will first walk you through the basics of crocheting the crocodile stitch. She’ll then share step-by-step directions how to crochet it using 4 techniques that teach you how to work the crocodile stitch in the vertical, in rounds, in the flat, and in the circular. Each technique is presented in it’s own lesson, which are accompanied by projects that you work up using the techniques you learn. Aside from learning how to crochet the crocodile stitch and working up these pretty crocodile stitch patterns, you’ll also learn some of Debra’s own personal crochet tips and tricks to make your crochet experience easier and more successful.

Once you’ve mastered your skills with Annie’s online class, find even more free crochet patterns below that are made using the crocodile stitch.

The Crocodile Stitch: 5 Easy Crochet Patterns

Crocodile Stitch Christmas Tree: This is a great tabletop tree to make for the holiday season. Friends and family will be so impressed that you made this homemade DIY home decor design with your own two hands!


Crocodile Clutch: Crocodile scales have never looked so stylish! Tote your belongings around in style any time of the year with this adorable crocheted clutch. Treat yourself by making this free crochet pattern for yourself, or work this up for a friend.


Crocodile Stitch Bracelet: Embellish any outfit with this trendy accessory. Both kids and adults alike will fall in love with this cute crocheted jewelry item. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could even make a bigger version and wear it as a necklace!


Colorful Rio Scarf: Jazz up any outfit with this colorful crocheted scarf. Use any color combination you want to match the various seasons. It’s so easy to add color to your wardrobe when you have easy crochet patterns like this to work up.


Crocodile Flip Flips: Fancy up your feet with this unique crochet pattern. It may sound unusual to crochet your own shoes, but this free crochet pattern for Crocodile Flip Flips is such a fun and easy way to embellish those plain flip flops from the dollar store.



PLUS… Enter to win an online class giveaway! We are giving free access to the Learn to Crocodile Stitch: 4 Easy Techniques online class to one lucky winner. The deadline to enter is October 30, 2013. Enter here for your chance to win!


Can you crochet the crocodile stitch, yes or no? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Kim Stone says

    I have tried this stitch several times on my own and just can’t get the hang of it!! Love the patterns and I would love to win this!


  2. Deanne says

    I’ve seen this stitch used to make a really cute pair of “UGG” style baby booties. I would love to learn the stitch in order to make those booties!

  3. Rita Christensson says

    Well … I’m a budding crocheted and would loooooove to learn this stitch !! What a great way to show off my work and spread the love of crochet to others !! How could someone not want to crochet when they see such pretty stuff ?????

  4. wendy says

    Teahing myself to crochet to helo decrease stress and I am loving it. Coming along slowly and always looking for a callenge.

  5. Doris Terry says

    I would love to know how to make this stitch I have not been a crocheter long but would to learn and win. Have not seem this stitch before.

  6. Roshni says

    I love working the crocodile stitch, learnt it from a good friend of mine whose friendship I cherish, my friend was very very good in crocheting. Roshni

  7. Froggie says

    I would love to learn to do this and like the idea that it will be my class to keep and hopefully can use on my laptop or iPad. I also love the chance of winning something

  8. Dianne says

    Could you post a video tutorial for us all to learn how? I’m a grandmother that has crocheted for over 40 yrs. but I cannot get the hang of that stitch. I’ve seen it on other website, but the directions are very confusing. I’m sure seeing it done would help tremendously, but nobody has a video….at least none I can find. Please….show us how?

  9. Monica says

    I have found this stitch and I love it….it takes a little concentration, but I have it figured out and I love it!

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