How To Line A Crocheted Bag

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Guest post by Mary Vaughn from Crochet Chiq

Crochet bags are as popular as ever! I steered clear of them at first because I was afraid of how it would hold up after being used. The answer is to LINE LINE LINE them. If you line them you can be confident nothing will fall through your stitches, and your hard work will not get stretched out!

First take a look at this Seaside Shell Clutch. It is small, chic and simple. However, without lining or a zipper it isn’t as user friendly. If you have never sewn a single stitch before that’s okay; this post will show you exactly how.

***Please note this is written for someone who does not sew, therefore I am showing the most basic way to do this. As you get more advanced you may find other stitches or methods you prefer.**


First lets talk supplies:


You need fabric the size of your bag. I used scraps from a dress I made a few weeks back. However, if the bag is small you can go to a craft or fabric store and buy what’s called a fat quarter. If the bag is larger, a 1/2 yard will give you more than you need. When choosing your lining try to match or contrast your crochet. In this other bag I did, I choose hot pink felt (felt because it was cheap and this crafter has a budget, and because my 4-year-old gets his toys out a lot and I wanted a firm fabric to hold its shape) to contrast with the black lace design.

Lining Clutch










Also pay attention to the type of fabric you use, as some stretch and some don’t. I say cotton is always a safe bet and if you are unsure take your project with you and I’m sure someone in the store can help you.

Next you need a needle, multi purpose thread and a zipper if desired.

What I did was lay the bag down and cut fabric in the same shape just an inch taller and an inch wider. I do that to allow for 1/2 seam and in case I mess up.


To start, you want the nice or print side of the fabric to face each other and pin it into place with straight pins (optional to pin but can be very helpful especially if the bag is in a non square type shape). You will want to sew what is called a blanket stitch around the sides and bottom.

TIP: double thread your needle and don’t make it too long or it will tangle.

How to line a bag

Tie a knot (I triple knot) at the end of your two threads. Once your needle is threaded, insert your needle about 1/4 of and inch ( give or take just try to be consistent) pull the needle through. You want to then pull it through the back of the fabric and go under the loop. See the above photo.

Now your sewing doesn’t have to be perfect and can look like a hot mess and ugly, but still look great when turned inside out and used as a lining. See the below photo of my first lining. It works, but looks awful . I didn’t use the blanket stitch all the way through so it isn’t as strong but it still works!

Blanket Stitch








Now to sew the zipper on isn’t as hard as one would think! The last photo showed how I didn’t use the blanket stitch throughout and that was a mistake because the zipper didn’t hold well. However, when you sew it on using the blanket stitch and put your stitches close together like this the zipper will hold up great!

Blanket Stitch











Pin the zipper to the fabric (the right sides should be facing each other). Sew it on and repeat with the other side. Turn the bag right side out and place inside your crochet bag. Sew along the top with it open ( be careful not to sew your bag closed, I did that once LOL, nothing a seam ripper or scissors can’t fix) for the best shape. Add stitches ( hiding them of course) around the entire perimeter and a few throughout the front and back sides. Trim your ends and you are done!

Are you excited to line a crochet or knit bag? Need to find a perfect bag to crochet first? Check out these great free AFC patterns.


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  1. LuvCroshay says

    Perfect timing! I’m putting the finishing touches on a crochet tote. The stitches are tight but a lining would be a great accent.

    • Beth says

      yes, you can sew the side seams with a sewing machine and sew the zipper by hand. if your bag your crocheting has a flap I just sew a button on the bag and then a small loop to slid over the button. hope this helps.

  2. Laurie says

    That is exactly why I haven’t made bags. It only makes sense to line the bag so that it will keep its shape and to keep things from falling out. Now that will be my next project!

  3. patty says

    I have lined denim purses before. I just figured it out on my own. I used the sewing machine because I thought it would be stronger. I really don’t know. I always sew little pockets in mine. I need one large one on one side and two smaller ones on the other. It seems everything goes to the bottom of my purse.

  4. Chris St. George says

    I line my crochet bags all the time. I do use my swearing, I mean sewing machine to stitch up the seams an sew on the zipper. I then hand stitch the liner into the bag.

  5. Robin Johnson says

    My daughter just asked me yesterday if I would crochet her a large purse/tote bag. Thanks for the tips on how to line it , the timing couldn’t have been better as I started the bag today…

  6. Virginia Lockhart says

    Thank you for the tips. I made a neat clutch purse and have lining to put it, but haven’t been able to finish it because I didn’t know how to proceed.

  7. PADMA says

    I’ve made a lot of macrame bags both small and big and I presume this idea of lining

    would help me give my bags a good look

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