I Love Yarn Day Crochet Along: Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag Part 2

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Welcome to Day 2 of our week-long celebration of I Love Yarn Day 2016 and another installment of Stitch & Unwind’s I Love Yarn Day Crochet Along!

I Love Yarn Day 2016

In order to embody the wonderful theme of I Love Yarn Day, here at Stitch & Unwind, we want to share our love for all things yarn and “Stitch It Forward” by teaching you how to make this colorful, eye-catching Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag. Every day this week, we will be providing a step-by-step video tutorial explaining how to complete the four-panel messenger bag. As you can see, this beautiful crochet bag features a variety of unique stitches you are sure to enjoy and use for years to come.

In today’s video, Mary Beth Temple will explain how to complete the top left panel of the bag, as seen below. This panel features the surface crochet technique. Although the rows are laid out in a bit of a nontraditional manner, fear not! Mary Beth will explain how to complete the stitch from start to finish. Perhaps the best part is this two-color stitch pattern requires you to only use one color at a time. In other words, you can expand your crochet colorwork vocabulary and learn various techniques by only using one color of yarn at a time!

Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag

Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag

The Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag is a wonderful way to learn various crochet techniques since the front of the bag features four distinct panels. This crochet along will help you expand your crochet colorwork vocabulary while still working with only one color of yarn at a time.

Take a look at the video below and follow along as Mary Beth explains how to complete the purple and white “X” pattern you see at the top left corner of the messenger bag.


  • Patons Shetland Chunky: 5 skeins #24107878046 Oxford Grey (MC), 1 skein each #24107878310 Lilac Lace (A), #24107878008 Aran (B), and #24107878416 Pretty in Pink (C)
  • US size I/9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle

Panel One:

With A, ch 23.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1, turn. 22 sts
Row 2: Sc in each sc across. Extend your working loop so it does not unravel; do not turn work.
Row 3: With B, starting at beg of Row 2, sc in each of first 2 sc, *ch 7, sk 4 sc, sc in each of next 3 sc. Rep from * across; last rep will end with 2 sc. Extend working loop, turn.
Row 4: With A, ch 1, sc in each of first 2 sc, *hdc in each of next 4 (A) sc, holding ch-7 loops away from you, sc in each of next 3 sc. Rep from * across, last rep will end with 2 sc. Ch 1, turn.
Row 5: Sc in each st across. Extend working loop, turn.
Row 6: With B, ch 2, sl st in first sc, ch 3, dc in next sc, *ch 3, sc in ch-7 loop, ch 3, sk 4 sc, dc in each of next 3 sc. Rep from * across, last rep will end with 2 sc. Ch 1 turn.
Row 7: Sc in each of first 2 dc, *ch 7, sc in each of next 3 dc. Rep from * across, last rep will end with 2 sc. Extend working loop, turn.
Row 8: With A, ch 4, sc in each of first 2 sc, * tr in each of next 4 (A) sc, sc in each of next 3 (B) sc. Rep from * across, last rep will end with 2 sc. Ch 1, turn.
Rows 9 – 14: Rep Rows 5 – 8, then Rows 5 – 6 once more, do not ch-1, turn; end off B.
Row 15: Working in same direction as last row, place A loop on hook, ch 4, sc in each of first 2 dc, *tr in each of next 4 (A) sc, sc in each of next 3 (B) dc. Rep from * across, last rep will end with 2 sc. Ch 1, turn.
Row 16: Sc in each st across. End off.

Edging: With A, sc around finished rectangle placing 3 sc in each corner.

Be sure to show off your I Love Yarn Day Crochet Along progress on social media by using the hashtags #StitchItForward and #ILoveYarnDay all week long. We would love to see your Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag!

If you missed Day 1 of Stitch & Unwind’s I Love Yarn Day Crochet Along, be sure to check out this post to learn even more about our week-long celebration.

At the end of the week, you will be able to proudly show off the finished product:

Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag

PLUS, don’t forget to enter our I Love Yarn Day giveaway! One lucky reader will win all the goodies you see in the photo below, including yarn, ribbon, crochet hooks, stitch markers, a yarn ball winder, and an assortment of fabulous knit and crochet books! You have until 11:59 pm CST on Saturday, October 15th to enter, so be sure to check back throughout the week for more chances to win! The winner will be announced right here on Monday, October 17th!

I Love Yarn Day Giveaway

Official Contest Rules:

  1. Commenting on this page will enter you to win the prize. Duplicate comments will be deleted and are not tallied.
  2. The winner will be selected at random from the comments on this page.
  3. You have until October 15th, 2016 at 11:59 CST to leave your comment on this post, or any I Love Yarn Day post this week. Comments after that or on any other post will not be counted.
  4. Contest is open to anyone 18+ in the US and Canada. Void in Puerto Rico, the Province of Quebec and where prohibited.
  5. The winner will be contacted by the e-mail address provided in their account (please do NOT leave your e-mail address in the comments – you already provided it when you created your account.)

Who taught you how to knit or crochet?


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  1. Rosita says

    On the hidden patterns it would helpful if you would would indicate whether knit or crochet, such as Grandma’s Hidden Crochet Pattern #2.

    • Emilie says

      My mom tried to teach me how to crochet, but she was left-handed and I’m right. And she is better at knitting. So I taught myself using a book in the ’70’s.

  2. Robin J Halford says

    Been crocheting for years – I love it! So relaxing at the end of a long day. Just started knitting this past year. I struggle with it but I’ll get there.

    God Bless All

  3. Cassie says

    My mom taught me how to knit when I was a young kid. She taught me all my hand-crafts, except crochet. And it is not for lack of trying!! Crochet was the one that I could not “get”. Over the years, many had tried to teach me…but it took about 20 years, and one day, sitting on the couch, watching tv (eating something not good for me), seeing a crocheted tea cosie in a commercial for “Kleenex”, and thinkin’ to myself…”I bet I can do that!” So, I got one of my books w/tutorial, a crochet hook, some yarn, and no self-induced pressure for success…..started crocheting. And haven’t stopped. That was about 10 years ago.

  4. Janet Grutkowski says

    I actually taught myself how to crochet about 9 years ago. I learned how to knit many years before that and I had a coworker who did crochet and always seemed to be making cuter things with crochet. She attempted to teach me but I just couldn’t pick it up. I bought a book to teach myself and that did help but I still had trouble with some of the stitches. I actually finalized my self education by going onto about.com and watching videos on how to do some of the more complex stitches.

  5. Kandice says

    I think my Mom taught me. I have been crocheting for many years and am now teaching my children how it crochet.
    This pattern is cute and I might have to try it for my little girl.

  6. Gretchen Trumper says

    My grandmother taught me the chain stitch when I was very young, she’s left handed and was never able to learn much more than that. I picked it back up on my early twenties and taught myself the rest from books and a lot of trial and error!

  7. Rev. Marcia says

    My mom taught me to knit at age 11—61 years ago. I have taught my daughter and church ladies in a prayers shawl group, and have made many items for gifts both for myself and others. It is my therapy.

  8. Sarah Lawson says

    My mother taught me how to make a crochet chain as a child, but I taught myself (with the help of books & YouTube) to crochet & knit as an adult.

  9. Lila says

    My mom taught me how to crochet many years ago. I went from very tight to very loose stitches.I make baby blankets,some baby dresses, crochet hats and scarfs…..mugh more. My mother was a knitter so I taught myself to knit,,, ,wasn’t for me too hard….want to teach my granddaughters soon. Thanks

  10. Julie Gordon says

    My mom taught me to crochet when I was young and I taught myself to knit. My mom was patient as she had to teach my two younger sisters also. Mom is a jack of all trades as she sews, does all needle work, very talented lady. I have taught myself how to crochet using fine crochet thread making doilies. I love everything crochet! I also do needle work and plastic canvas. I cannot draw though.

  11. Amy Veen says

    A teacher in middle school taught me the basics and when I was 19 I bought a pattern book for a 64 square afghan and every square was different. The first afghan I made took me over six months because I was learning and I didn’t have you tube tutorials to fall back on. I learned alot though and have now made that particular afghan 3 times. I have now been crocheting for about 34 years.

  12. says

    I decided last Christmas I wanted to learn how to crochet. I knew how to make a chain and single crochet stitch and that was it. I watched tutorials on YouTube and learned everything I needed to know. I have made numerous headbands, booties, baby blankets and several virus shawls. I am truly happiest with yarn and hook in my hand!

  13. Andrea Duck says

    My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 4… I have been crocheting off and on for the past 30 years. I recently learned to knit this past year, by taking a class, and watching you tube videos.

  14. Angie Craig says

    My Mum and her Aunt taught me to knit when I was a very young child, I have since moved on and taught myself many other crafts (cross stich, tapestry, embroidery etc) but I could never ‘get’ how to crochet. (They were both left handed).
    Many years later, when helping my boys learn knots for sailing, something clicked and I realised it was like doing a crochet chain! Out came my books, hooks and wool and off I went, I’ve now worked out how to do several more stiches than my Mum even knew!

  15. Dean Young says

    My mother taught me some, but I learned to read patterns as an adult along with my daughter, who was taking Crochet in 4H.

  16. Bonnie McCormickLatoski says

    My grandmother taught me to knit a little, then I picked up how to do it better in home ec in high school. Since then I have gotten all the books and patterns I can to learn how to do more.

  17. Gail Hollingsworth says

    My grandmother was a super crocheter. She could just look at a picture of something crocheted and duplicate it perfectly. Me, not that talented. But she died 36 years ago and in her memory I taught myself.

  18. Pam Holmes says

    My mom taught me all sorts of crafting when I was little. Recently I taught myself to knit (she is right handed and i am left, so knitting wasn’t easy to learn from her), and have been knitting like crazy for a couple years, donating handmade items to causes such as relay for life (made 72 little knitted minions to give to each of the survivors that were at the Relay).

  19. Laurie Mansfeldt says

    My mom taught me how to crochet in 1983. That year I made four afghans for Christmas presents. We still have the afghans!

  20. Lu Widener says

    My mother taught myself and two sisters to crochet at a very young age. I taught myself how to knit at age 11 (many, many years ago, 54 now). I am the only member of my family (close and distant relatives included) that knits.

  21. Holly says

    My mother and grandmother taught me to crochet as a child. Later I came back to it, and they gave me my great grandmother’s patterns, hooks and tatting shuttles, so I could continue the tradition of Irish crochet lace and tatting.

  22. Elizabeth Sheehy says

    My neighbor Mrs W (God bless her!) taught me to crochet. The other girls all got slippers and I got lessons – I’d say I got the better gift as more than 50 years later I’m still a yarnie.

  23. LeeAnn says

    My mother taught me the basics of crochet (yarn tension, chain stitch) many years ago, but I have recently been exploring Craftsy to develop my skills!

  24. Sandy McIntire says

    My paternal grandmother began teaching me how to crochet about 50 years ago. My maternal grandmother did the same with knitting. Over the years, my mother, sister and others have also tried to help me learn over the years and the lessons finally started paying off about 10 years ago when I decided to start making amuragumi Christmas presents for my grandchildren. I have since picked up several stitches and mastered several patterns (like the ripple pattern) that I never thought I would be able to do.

  25. says

    My mother taught me how to knit and crochet. She has been kind through the years to work with me on learning difficult patterns for either skill and writes up tutorials complete with actual sample for me to use as reference. She is most kind!

  26. Nancy Ingram says

    I love yarn, yarn, and more yarn. I’ve been crocheting for 44 years and I love it more today than when I started all those years ago. Many more beautiful yarns and great patterns to choose from. Did I say I love yarn.

  27. JoAnne says

    Knitting was a required skill in Gr. 8 Home Economics course in mid-60’s, felt my
    knitting skills could never match hers, so to avoid unfavourable comparisons, I
    taught myself to crochet then. Driftedaway from it for a few yrs., so have recently
    begun crocheting again.

  28. Donna says

    A friend taught me to crochet while we were in nursing school. I retired after 42 years of working in Neonatal Intensive Care a few years ago. Still enjoy crocheting!

  29. Verna Foley says

    I enjoy reading about different things not make. I like reading about the projects with helpful hint in making something out nothing. Happy Yard Week. I crocket all time make baby blankets booties and blankets of NFL teams made three redskins and Buffalo Bills . I like the pages thanks for the fun.

  30. Senna says

    Absolutely love this idea! Always been a big fan of knitting and crocheting, so I always like to try something new!

  31. Sue Marie says

    When I was in college one of the girls in my dorm taught several of us how to crochet the basic granny square. She tried to teach me to knit too, but I couldn’t catch on. After college I took a knitting class and still couldn’t do it. Then after crocheting a sweater for my husband I was surprised to get to the end of the pattern and it told me to “knit a rib” on the bottom. I was laughing about what to do with my incomplete project and a friend said she would teach me. Well she did get me through that ribbing and now I can do very basic knit and purl, but other than basic dishcloths I stick to crochet which I find easier.

  32. Candace Parker says

    I learned to crochet from my older sister. I watched her and her friend.
    I have been crocheting since I was 15.
    I am learning a lot of stitches. I am now making more items.

  33. Pat Lessard says

    I learned from a book back in the 60’s when I was a teenager. I did not crochet for many years while I was busy at work and with my family. Now that I am retired, I am crocheting again.

  34. Nancy Ketter says

    My older sister taught me to knit when I was young, but I wasn’t a very good student. After I retired, I found an art teacher who has an art shop who gives lessons. Guess I was ready to really stick it out this time. Gave knitting and crocheting a try. Like to crochet the best. Only problem now is how long my carpel tunnel will let me crochet at a time.

  35. Donna Getz says

    My mother taught me to knit and crochet. She gave me a ball of wool which I almost wore out. I would knit it up, tear it out, crochet it up, tear it out. I was raised with six brothers and fours sisters so we never had much extra cash around to buy yarn. Was so happy when mom presented me with a pattern and wool for a bulky knit sweater from Mary Maxim. It had a blue background and a Canada goose flying on it.

  36. Marg says

    After 50+ years of people trying to teach me to crochet, I borrowed a book from the children’s section of my local library and taught myself. Now everyone is astounded my ability with yarn.

  37. Darlene Demell says

    My mother taught me how to knit when I was about 10 years of age. I taught myself how to crochet after I got married. I love knitting and crocheting and do a lot of both.

  38. says

    Yarn is one of my favorite things, so every day is an “I love yarn day” for me. It is one of the first things I look at when I go into a craft store. Of course, I cannot afford to buy all I would like to have.

  39. Sue McClellan says

    Love the crochet with one color at a time to create two color pattern. My mother taught me to knit when I was very young, she was from England and everyone knew how to knit. I had to teach myself to crochet and then taught her.

  40. Sue says

    I learned to knit from a neighbor when I was a child. I knit, crochet, and quilt. The knitting is the most helpful one to keep my fingers working in spite of arthritis in my hands. I am a “yarnaholic”.

  41. Kathleen Smith says

    My great granny taught me to tatt, her daughter, my grandma taught me to crochet and to knit, my other grandmother taught me to sew – all between the ages of 7 and 9! I was so blessed to have three such talented women in my life, I miss every single one of them, 50+ yrs later, and remember all those lovely, loving lessons.

  42. Virginia Huxel says

    A neighbor of my grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was just 12 years old. She taught me to chain, single crochet and double crochet, and to cast on, knit and purl but never got around to teaching me how to bind off. After that, I taught myself how to read a pattern and learned the more complicated stitches. Even after 35 years of crocheting I am still finding new and interesting things to make.

  43. says

    My Grandmother taught me to Crochet when I was 10 years old. It has been a passion ever since for me. I’m a true believer the one who has the most yarn wins.
    Being on disability waiting on a lung transplant it’s one thing I can still do. It is my passion.

  44. Evelyn Ralston says

    My grandmother made all the dresses for me and my three sisters. We were country girls in WV.
    She lived in the city. One of us girls would get to stay with her and grandpa every weekend. She sewed, baked cookies took care of her handicapped grown son and worked in the garden.But best of all she took time with each one of us and made us feel special. My time sitting with my city grandma was learning to crochet! She had so much patience with me . She would be so proud to know that I still love crocheting. My husband served 30 years in the Marine Corps and I have given crocheted baby blankets to marine babies all over the US and other countries.She taught me to pray for the health and happiness for the baby I was crocheting for and I always did and still do at 69 ! Love you grandma Katie! Hope grandmas are still teaching crochet to their grandchildren. .Wonderful memories . Her cookies were great too.

  45. Cathy says

    Iwatched both my grandmothers crochet since I was a toddler. When I was 12, I saw my oldest sister crocheting an afghan. I immediately asked her to teach me. She was patient with my lessons. After a bit, she gave me a beginning crochet book. Now some 40 years later I’m still enjoying every project, especially the gifts I can create.

  46. Jacque Checkley says

    My mother taught me how to crochet when I was 8 years old. She was right handed and I am left handed. We would sit across from each other at the kitchen table and I would mirror her stitches. It was unorthodox, but it worked. 46 years later, I am still crocheting. I bought a book and taught myself to knit about 5 years ago. Love all that yarn.

  47. Morr says

    My wonderful mom shared her love of crocheting with me when I was very young and I have shared it with my daughter!!

  48. Margie D Reed says

    My grandmother taught me to sew starting with elementary embroidery on dishtowels. She always made her own patterns as she came up through the Depression with a family of four kids and would tear apart her and my grandfather’s older clothes to make new clothes for the kids. That really inspired me.

    When I was in my early teens I became interested in knitting and crochet. However, I couldn’t find anyone who knitted but found several books in the Woolworths store on crocheting. I was able to teach myself to crochet through these books.

    By following my grandmother’s example, I was able to develop a few of my own patterns especially for dog sweaters.

  49. Niki says

    I haven’t been crocheting very long. I taught myself how to crochet by watching YouTube videos. I started Niki’s crafts on Facebook.

  50. Stephanie Fraser says

    My grandma taught me how to crochet! YouTube and other video services taught me how knit! It’s fair to say I LOVE yarn!

  51. Dianne Meere says

    my Aunt Barb taught me to crochet when i was 12 and i picked up the knitting sticks and a book at 21…. been crafting both eversince

  52. Peggy Worden says

    My aunt taught me to crochet when I was a teenager. I picked it up quickly. The first thing she taught me was what we now call the chevron pattern. I stopped crocheting for a long time but in the last few years have picked it up again. I am making a blanket for each of my grandkids. I have finished number eight and have two more to go.

  53. Alicia says

    My mother taught me to crochet because I would watch her and wanted to try. She finally relented and taught me when I was 6. I taught myself to knit not long after. I enjoy both equally.

  54. Rachel B. says

    My Grandma taught me how to knit a simple scarf, unfortunately I didn’t keep up with it when she passed away a couple years after that. Just this year, though, I found a bag that had a blanket she was knitting when she passed away and I really want to pick it up again in order to finish it and go beyond.

    When I was a freshman in college, a friend of mine taught me how to do the basic single crochet, and after I got married, I went hog wild on Youtube and taught myself the rest. Now I collect yarn at an almost alarming rate (jk, there is never an alarming rate when it comes to yarn) and can’t wait to teach myself how to grow in knitting like I have with crocheting!

  55. Shea Durossette says

    My grandmother in-law taught me to crochet in a very difficult time of my life when I was struggling with depression. She told me I was hopeless lol but she never gave up on me. I would spend hours at her house for months trying to learn. She never knew how to read patterns so she taught me stitches she knew. She has since passed away but I continued to learn how to crochet and taught myself how to read patters and have now taught several of my coworkers how to crochet to pass the time or to relax. And several of us at work have made crochet gifts for clients that come to our office and they have always been a treasured gift.

  56. Melissa says

    My grandmother taught me to crochet. After losing her to cancer I am sure to teach others in memory of her. I feel she is still with me when I crochet. So keep on stitching it forward we are all connected. Happy Yarn Day to all!

  57. Robin Johnson says

    My mother taught me to crochet and lots of other crafts. She also taught me the importance of doing a nice job while you are at it. I take pride in my work, thanks to her. I wish she was here to see me now….

  58. natalie says

    To be honest I watched youtube videos and taught myself from then on. My mother had shown me years ago but I had forgotten. So glad I picked up crochet again because now I can really enjoy a hobby that I am actually good at and it helps releive stress!

  59. jee vitanza says

    my Aunt Rosie taught me how to crochet when i was about 10 years old. before that i was a wiz with the thread spool and nails implement. i made yarn trivets for all the family that year. when i was in my 20’s i was on bed rest after surgery and i crocheted an afghan for every woman in ,my office. did them all in their favorite color. they flipped when they received them at the company Christmas party. one of my really good friends from that office showed me hers that she kept on the back of her couch and that was 20 years after i had given it to her. every time a baby is born out comes the yarn and needles. i have created countless gifts over the years to bring a smile to the faces of friends and family alike. good luck to all that enter. thank you for holding this contest!!!!!.

  60. Rachael says

    My sister taught me how to crochet. I have always been an anxious individual, which would cause me to bite my nails. This was my mother/sister’s attempt to keep my hands and mind occupied. Now I am always receiving requests for various crochet items from my whole family!

  61. Denise Powers says

    My Aunt Jan taught me to crochet granny squares when I was about 12 years old. At about age 23 I bought my first crochet magazine and learned how to do much more!

  62. Kelly Martin says

    I’ve been crocheting since I was 13. My mom had joined a crafting book club and purchased all sorts of crochet and knitting books. I just sat there one day and taught myself. My mom was surprised, as I was more of a tomboy. I love to crochet, it relaxes me.

  63. Susan Gillihan says

    Both my Mom and Grandam taught me how to crochet, but my mom was the one who helped me ‘perfect’ my technique by saying ‘Take it out and start over’ when I made a mistake I couldn’t fix. She’d also remind me “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”. I really miss both of those great ladies.

  64. Dineen Bailey says

    A friend of mine in high school. She was crocheting with a piece of wood on the bus.
    A pencil that she had fashioned into a crochet hook. I saw it and WOW! She taught me how to crochet on the bus and at lunch time. I save money from my lunch money and bought her a set of hooks from Murphy’s for showing me how.

    Love to Crochet!

  65. Donna Houle says

    My mom taught me to Crochet as a child along with knitting and embroidery. Love crochet and need some yarn to create something useful and pretty enough to share with others.

  66. Cheryl says

    My mom used to crochet when I was young and I always wanted to learn. She never had the time to teach me. So I bought a book on how to crochet and learned by my self. Now with the internet I have learned so many new stitches and patterns, It’s crazy Fun!! I love crocheting just about anything.. I just can’t get around the idea of Granny squares, I don’t see the point in making 100’s of squares and sewing them together.. other then that I love crocheting..

  67. Kim Lennie says

    My Grandmother taught me to crochet. I bugged and her bugged her for weeks to teach me to crochet when I was about 7. She finally probably just to shut me up showed me how to do the chain stitch then gave me a book with all sorts of crochet how to stitches home with me. The next week I brought back a granny square a little misshapen but all correct. My grandmother was so astonished she said omygoodness I guess I only need to show the tension and from there I have crocheted now for 46 years. Loving every minute of it.

  68. says

    I was very lucky to have several family members who knit and/or crocheted. My Grandmother taught me how to crochet at a very young age; once I was able to hold and control a crochet hook. My Great-Aunt taught me how to knit when I was 9 years old.

  69. Monica says

    Such a beautiful pattern. I have been crocheting since I was 8 but I still feel like a beginner. I will have to try this pattern. My Mom would love this as a Christmas gift!

  70. Rose says

    When I worked nights by myself, 11 to 7, in the late 60’s and bought a how to crochet and a how to knit book and when it was quiet, taught myself. I enjoy both but do much more crochet.

  71. diane pagaduan says

    I love to crochet and my mom taught me how to do the chain stitch and i learned on my own by reading crochet books. I love to give away my crochet projects to give a smile to somebody.

  72. Nicole says

    My younger brother was the one who taught me to knit! He’s always been better at finishing projects, even though he’s not very crafty right now. I learned/am learning how to crochet from a book written for kids (so much easier to understand) and YouTube video tutorials.

  73. Sue Kern says

    My grandma taught me to crochet when I was about 10. I didn’t do much with it then , but picked it back up & learned more stitches In later years. I now enjoy crocheting afghans, shawls, hats, scarves, etc. for my grandchildren & others.

  74. Shirley says

    My mother taught me to crochet when I was about 5 years old & have been “hooking”ever since – I’m now 78. I taught a couple of my granddaughters to crochet and am currently working on teaching a great-granddaughter. The most challenging though, ws teaching a left-hander to crochet. I accomplished this by sitting in front of a mirror and advising her to watch my hands in the mirror and not look at me. It worked.

  75. Corinne says

    I’m in the process of teaching myself to crochet. Of course with a lot of help from the internet and sites like this. THANK YOU!

  76. says

    Most of the basic knitting and crochet stitches were taught by my grandmother. However, a co-worker’s mother taught me how to follow a pattern, opening up a whole new world for me. Thanks to the internet, more complicated stitches and patterns were self taught with the help of YouTube.

  77. Amanda Broughton says

    My mama taught me to crochet when I was a preteen. I neglected the craft until after high school, but I’ve loved it ever since.

  78. Megan says

    I have two people who taught me to start crocheting and knitting. The first was my mother she started to teach me when I was about 6. The other who I don’t remember her name was and older woman in a nursing home. My moms a nurse and had to do a visit with in care patients, I was about 10, she took me with her to wait in the rec room while she worked and there was a woman knitting. I got to talking with her and we spent the next hour or so working together. I’ll never forget how she taught me to knit even if I can’t remember her name. She went so far as to give me a set of her knitting needles and some yarn from her stash to keep working.

  79. Courtney Downey says

    I watched my mother so many crafts growing up. She loved to make things that added some beauty to our lives, and I inherited that from her. I taught myself to crochet on a whim 2 years ago, and now I’m hooked. There are so many things to make out there! I hope to teach my daughter as she gets older.

  80. Anita Eckley says

    I learned crochet basics from my great grandmother. Then when I wanted to learn more, I got some how to books and experimented with stitches until I got the patterns sorted out. Now I just pick up my hook and yarn and go at it.

  81. Barbara says

    My mother taught me some crochet stitches and then a few years later my husbands grandmother taught me more. Had to give it up for awhile due to having to work a lot of hours but have slowed down now that I’m older and have taught myself how to read patterns and with the help of everyone out their learned some new stitches and still learning more.

  82. Anne Hawkins says

    Mikey from the Crochet crowd
    At 55 I made up my mind to learn and turned to YouTube where I found this wonderful person with a soothing voice

  83. Judy Bobbitt says

    I learned the basics of knitting through girl scouts so many long years ago. I taught myself how to crochet. I find both relaxing but not so much on learning new patterns for knitting, but with some patience and many times frogging especially in the beginning (life lines used through out the rest of the project) I am able to finish a new knit stitch or project fairly easy.

  84. Evelyn Daniels says

    My Mom has a book on how to knit, tat & crochet. I figured out how to knit from this book. I had trouble with the crochet part and asked a friend who showed me. Sadly she is no longer with us. I’ve been using online videos to do special projects for my granddaughters.

  85. Pascale says

    I taught myself how to knit and crochet. I brought the complete idiot’s guide to knitting and crocheting and followed the directions. I did this as a distraction for me while my daughter was in the hospital, now 13 years later I am still crocheting and loving it 🙂

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