Our Favorite Scarves: To Infinity and Beyond!

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Whether you’re ready to admit it to yourself or not, summer will soon be over.  While that means an end to sunny weekends spent lounging at the beach, it means we get to pick up our needles and cast on some awesome projects for the new season.  Though I love the look of a knit sweater, one of my favorite types of autumn projects has to be infinity scarves.  Not only are these beauties perfect for making for Christmas time, but they’re ideal for adding a splash of color to an older wardrobe.  Since AllFreeKnitting has an array of free knit scarf patterns available, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite patterns for you to enjoy.  Be prepared to get inspired!

Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern


1. Anime Cowl: This colorful creation is an explosion of bright hues in one, creative cowl.  Even if you choose to make your own anime cowl in a more subtle shade, you’ll love how chic the end result is.

2. Cool Breeze Infinity Cowl:  Simple.  Cozy.  Elegant.  This cowl captures what it means to be stylish without trying too hard.

3. Lavender Magic Cowl: By using a cable technique with no defined edges, instead of creating a tightly knit cable stitch, the result is an attractive, large twisted fabric. The Lavender Magic Scarf is guaranteed to become one of your most favorite designs.

4. Cable Ace Infinity Scarf: Made for the curious knitter interested in improving their cabling skills, the Cable Ace Eternity Scarf is the perfect stylish accessory to combat even the coldest of winter nights. Whether you wear this scarf around your neck as is or loop it around your neck a few times for added warmth, you’ll love how effortlessly chic this trendy pattern can be.


If you can’t get enough of the projects above, make sure you check out our full collection of knit infinity scarf patterns on AllFreeKnitting.com.


Tell us: Out of 1-4, which cowl is your favorite?

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