Knit and Crochet for American Heart Month

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Knit RedLet’s have a heart to heart talk. February is American Heart Month. Taking care your heart is obviously important since it keeps you going on a daily basis. One of the best resources for information regarding a maintaining a healthy heart is the American Heart Association.

Some key things to focus on include nutrition, exercise, and stress management. If you knit or crochet, you’re already helping your heart by relieving stress! Next time you’re sitting with a ball and needles (or a hook), working away at a pattern, notice how calm you become.

Consider checking out Knit Red: Stitching for Women’s Heart Health. Heart disease is the biggest culprit of women’s deaths in the United States. Knit Red combines heart-health inspired patterns from today’s knitting designers along with tips, recipes, facts and stories regarding heart disease. This book was published in 2012 by Sixth&Spring Books. The publisher has since released a similar book entitled, Sew Red: Sewing and Quilting for Women’s Heart Health.

Heart Happy Patterns

Crocheted HeartsKeep your blood pumping by crocheting the Happy Hearts Afghan. Two smaller patterns that are my favorites are the Granny Heart Pattern and the Hearts Around Square.

The Easy Heart Applique is a quick and easy pattern. Once you’re done, wear it proudly either on a bag or shirt. Or make a chain of hearts to hang around the home or your cubicle. The sight of something cute that you made might keep you calm. These small Crochet Hearts are also sweet and simple–perfect for a quick burst of stress relief.

Burn some energy or cool down with the clicking of two needles. Knit up some cozy Heart Stealer Mittens. And of course, here are some simple and adorable hearts for knitters to make too!

What other hobbies do you have to keep your heart happy?


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  1. says

    quilting is good exercise! sew awhile, knit awhile, press awhile, knit awile, cut awhile, knit awhile and stand and stretch, walk around, go get a drink between each.

  2. Lois Roberson says

    I am only 47 yrs old and have had triple by-pass surgery jan. 8th of this year. I have unknowingly been sick for the past 12 or more years because drs can’t see past the young age. One artery was 100% blocked, and one nothing can be done for it. Please, it doesn’t matter your age, if you do not feel right, go to the dr and demand a heart health check. Only you know when something is wrong, if one dr won’t listen, maybe the next one will. I finally found a dr that would listen even tho i was in congestive heart failure at the time. They estimated maybe another 2 years before it killed me.

  3. Migdalia Lopez says

    I am working in two dresses a baby twins to be born next month, for a gift. The dresses are very nice, i’m finishing the second one just now!!!

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