Learn to Read Crochet Patterns: Lesson 2

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Learn to Read Crochet Patterns with Michael SellickLet’s continue our journey through reading crochet patterns as we move on to Lesson 2. (Be sure to check out Lesson 1!)

The next step is to break down the components of a crochet pattern. The initial examination of a pattern is an important determining factor for most crocheters. Will you actually make the project? The video goes through the different decision points.

You can expect to learn about the skill levels and find out what they really mean. You will also be able to learn about the gauge, materials lists, recommendations, and notes from the designer. The patterns and materials listed in the video can be found on my website.

In the lesson 3 of this series, I continue to breakdown the barriers of learning how to read crochet patterns. I am going to tear apart a crochet diagram and show you the components, as well as easy memory hooks and the purpose for them. The advantage to crochet diagrams is that they are universal. There is no language barrier involved in using crochet diagrams.

See you next week! Happy Hook’n!

How do you choose the patterns you crochet?

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