Learn To Read Crochet Patterns: Lesson 8

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Learn To Read Crochet Patterns TestWelcome back to the Learning to Read Crochet Patterns series. You’ve made it to Lesson 8, the final video and first full project. I’ve been presenting a new lesson each week on how to read crochet diagrams and I’ve been including mini exercises that you can watch and crochet along with. In case you’ve missed any, you can find all of the lessons here.

Now that we have reviewed crochet diagrams as thoroughly as possible, it’s time to try a real pattern. In this tutorial, you can follow along as we complete a beautiful star. Once done,  you can applique it to a pillow or use it as a decorative table piece. The diagram and written instructions can be found here as well as on my own website. This pattern isn’t as complicated as it looks. You’ll be working with various stitches and some clusters. Have fun applying all of your new knowledge to this project and enjoy your finished piece!

For free patterns and more information about my free crochet patterns course, you are invited to visit my website.


What other decorative crochet pieces, like this star, have you made?

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