14 Jaw-Dropping Name Brand Shoes You Can Crochet

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It’s so fun to search the Internet trying to find unique crochet patterns that we think will interest our readers. Lo and behold, there are a ton out there! Being a shoe lover that I am, I thought it’d be fun to find crochet shoe patterns that you wouldn’t normally think to look for. From babies to adults, there are some super cute crochet designs out there, but when learning how to crochet baby booties, we’ll have you wrapped around our finger. Take a step into these cute patterns that will make you fall in love with shoes all over again. Forget the dollar signs that come with Jimmy Choo’s and crochet some adorable Uggs and cowboy boots. These are some jaw-dropping designs you’ll be working up tonight!


14 Name Brand Shoes to Crochet

Name Brands You Can Crochet:

Crochet Rain BootsCrochet Rain Boots – Who would have thought to make a shoe that’s specifically for the rainiest season ever with an absorbent material like yarn? Well, you can’t exactly where these rain boots outside, but it’s the thought that counts. These have been one of the more popular patterns with our readers, lately. They would make a cute photo prop for your kids; just add an umbrella and a rain coat, and you’re good to go.


Loopy BootiesLoopy Booties – Any little girl will love running around in these loopy booties. The loops really add a girlish feature to them and they’re fun to work up, too. This bootie has a resemblance of ruffles, which allows you to pair them with a cute little dress. Add a colorful button for a pop of color.



Country Cowboy BootsCountry Cowboy Boots – Saddle up with these boots and a cowboy hat and go riding on that horse. These are some super cute baby booties that again, will look great as a photo prop. For someone growing up in the country, these would make a nice gift.



Infant Ugg BootsInfant Ugg Boots – Instead of spending the big bucks on name brand shoes, why not crochet your own? These wrap around booties will show off your child’s stylish side and best of all, they can be worn by boys or girls. Any toddler will be gawked at in these Uggs.



Unforgettable Roller SkatesUnforgettable Roller Skates – Back in the day the fun thing for us kids was to go to the roller rink, throw on a pair of stinky roller skates and start rolling around that floor. Bring back the memories with these crocheted roller skates. It’s not often that you see a neat crochet design like this one.



60 Minute Mary Jane Slippers60 Minute Mary Jane Slippers – Mary Janes are a great style for anyone to wear. Instead of the old fashioned t-strap shoes, the Mary Janes have a bit more style to them. This design only takes an hour to work up and will look great on anyone. Walk around the house or add a durable bottom to these slippers for outdoor use.



Baby Boat BootiesBaby Boat Booties – You might have seen these crochet baby booties before, but I just can’t get enough of them. If you’re headed on vacation or just taking a stay-cation, these boat booties are too much to handle. The stitching that goes around the edge of the bootie adds just enough embellishment to make them stand out.


Vintage Baby SneakersVintage Baby Sneakers – We all know we had a pair of sneakers growing up as children and quite frankly, they might still be in my closet all dirtied up and old looking. However, these are the cutest crochet shoes that will make your little one the talk of the town. Sew on a button or cross stitch a design for a completed look.


Monk Strap BootiesMonk Strap Booties – These booties are an easy crochet pattern to work up. Instead of rolling your eyes at the expense of kids’ shoes, crochet your own and be proud of the product you come up with. These booties are easy to slip on and off and best of all, the crochet instructions come with a variety of sizes so the shoes can grow with the child.



Baby Bear Hat  Crochet Crocs SandalsBaby Bear Hat & Crocs – Now we all know that Crocs are popular with kids and adults, but can come with a price tag not all of us are happy about. When I came across this pattern, I had to share it with you. Crocs are easy to wear, and this particular pattern comes with a matching bear hat.



Crochet Work BootsCrochet Work Boots – Go ahead; get to work in your new work boots. These remind me of construction boots, but they are nowhere near the standards of what work boots actually consist of; they are modeled after the popular Timberland or Carhartt work boots for adults. These would be great for a Halloween costume.



Gladiator Baby SandalsGladiator Baby Sandals – Now I know summer is just about over, but the popular Gladiator style sandals have been popular this year and in years past. The hot pink crochet color of these is just too cute for any little girl. These are easy to work up and will make your little girl super stylish.



Womens Crochet Loafers PatternWomen’s Crochet Loafers – Loafers by far are the comfiest and coziest design ever created. Not only are they easy to walk around in, but they’re great for lounging, too. This slipper pattern is simple and sleek; it would also make a cute gift, too.



Baby MukluksBaby Mukluks – These little booties make me smile every time I look at them. They remind me of the cold winter season and Eskimos with their furry hoods covering their head. This style is very fashionable with adults, so babies should be stylish in them, too. With a solid color or a variegated yarn these will keep baby’s feet warm.





What name brand shoes would you love to have, but would be neat to crochet, instead?



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  1. Teresa says

    I would love to see or have a pattern to do youth to adult sizes in cowboy boots. I’ve tried making them from the baby cowboy booties, but once you get past the toddler sizes, I can’t figure out how to make them bigger for the youth to adult. Anyone know where you can find such a pattern or can you put one up in here? I’m willing to pay for one too. Thank you!


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