Knit Your Worries Away: 20 Knitting Therapy Patterns

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I don’t know about you, but I find knitting extremely therapeutic. When I’ve had a bad day, coming home and picking up a knitting project is a great way to relax, clear my head, and focus my thoughts on something simple and enjoyable. When I’m working on a therapy knitting project, my worries just melt […]

25 Knitting Patterns Fit for a Goddess

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Sometimes you just want to feel wrapped in luxury. Like a goddess. I know I do. The richness of super soft yarn and a delicate handmade fabric just can’t be beaten. I love working on knitting patterns that will make me feel like a goddess incarnate. If you’re like me and love to wrap yourself in […]

Knitting for Beginners: An Editor’s Adventures in Yarn

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Here at Prime Publishing, we editors have a pretty sweet gig. We work on websites about food and crafts all day, we get to sample delicious recipes from our test kitchen, and we’re a pretty cool group of people on top of it all. In August, though, many of us got to try something totally […]

Knitting Around the World: 16 Global Knitting Patterns

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As a knitter, I enjoy looking at patterns from around the world. Knitting styles and preferences from different cultures are so interesting, and it’s fun to work with techniques and motifs that are new to me. And with the big games coming up this summer, where athletes from all around the globe will be coming together to […]

27 Knits You Can’t Screw Up: Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners

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I’m just learning how to knit. I’ve done some arm knitting recently, but nothing with needles. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit “for real.” But I knew that I needed something simple to start. So, I went on a hunt and rounded up a bunch of knitting patterns for […]

Learn How to Knit with a Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Moss Stitch Dish Cloth

Knitting may seem intimidating at first. (I should know – I’m intimidated by it myself!) But there are simple ways to learn how to knit that won’t freak you out. When you begin learning a new crafting technique, you want to start small. So what’s the easiest project for the inexperienced knitter? I give you: the […]

Free Pattern Friday: Claire’s Capelet from Red Heart


It’s April 1st, it’s Free Pattern Friday, and there are no jokes here! Season 2 of Outlander begins airing this month, and if you’re a fan like me, you’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment since the last one ended. In the time it’s taken to film the second season, I’ve had time to read four […]

How to Finger Knit

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Last week we introduced you to loom knitting, which is a fun alternative knitting technique that doesn’t require needles. Today we’re teaching you about another way to knit without needles: finger knitting! This is an especially great way to knit on the go, because you don’t need any special kinds of tools at all – […]

34 Infinity Scarf Patterns to Knit Today

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Infinity scarves are the type of accessory that stays on-trend all year long. They’re cozy in the winter, but are great for keeping the early spring chill at bay, too! This collection of 34 Infinity Scarf Patterns to Knit Today is just the thing to occupy your time on these last few winter nights. Get […]