Animal Inspired Knit Hat Patterns

Animal Inspired Knit Hat Patterns

One of the best parts about knitting for kids is that you get to use your imagination and get a little crazy without actually having to wear your creations. Some of my favorite knitting pieces have been those I’ve made for my tiny nieces and nephews. Whimsical knit sweaters with shooting stars and orbiting planets, […]

How to Knit a Dog Sweater: Cozy Knits for Your Four-Legged Friend


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I am not a fan of winter. Well, strike that. I enjoy the week before Christmas, and that’s it. I can take or leave snow…but don’t even get me started on the cold. I wear sweatshirts in the summer time. My car’s seat warmers stay on […]

Away in a Manger: 20 Nursery Room Ideas


Preparing the nursery for the homecoming of your little bundle of joy is an exciting process. It’s a time to exercise your creativity and allow your nurturing instincts to shine through. But with so many different ways to decorate a nursery, it’s hard to know where to start. Although there are many different directions that […]

The Best Free Crochet Animal Hat Patterns


Did you know that you’re just one click away from the best free crochet animal hat patterns? We have an awesome assortment of animals that you’re sure to find one you love. These patterns have become very popular this winter and if you’re not sure what I’m referring to then you’re in for quite the […]

Readers En-Gauge Winner: Your Favorite Fiber Animal


Happy Tuesday everyone! Yesterday we asked you the weekly Readers En-Gauge question. The idea of Readers En-Gauge is we ask a question and you answer it. Not only can your answer inspire the rest of the yarny community, but it also inspires us to give you a crafty prize. Monday’s question was: What is your […]

Readers En-Gauge: Your Favorite Fiber Animal


Welcome back to another edition of Readers En-Gauge. We’re always interested in hearing your likes, dislikes, tips and techniques. Last week we asked, “What do you make for autumn?” There were some very enthusiastic responses. Check them out to get some ideas! This week we are wondering: What is your favorite fiber animal and why? […]

Meet the Designer: Linda Dawkins

Known for her eco–friendly knitting, meet Linda Dawkins from Natural Suburbia! A designer for AllFreeKnitting, she specializes in naturally made toys from hand-spun yarn and original patterns. Linda, from South Africa, is inspired by animals and their beauty. There’s no denying that her patterns create amazing knitted animals. You can browse her blog for more patterns […]

Crochetdermy: Yarn Gone Wild

Here at AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns I’m always on the lookout for incredible crochet projects. I’m so impressed by what people can create with crochet needles and yarn. So naturally, when I saw the work of U.K. artist Shauna Richardson, I had to share it with all of my fellow yarn-lovers! Richardson makes what is called “crochetdermy,” a […]

Huggable Crochet: AllFreeCrochet’s Latest Book Giveaway!

Our friends at AllFreeCrochet have a brand new giveaway going on right now! Up for grabs is Huggable Crochet, a book written by Christine Lucas that features the most adorable cute and cuddly animal crochet patterns you’ll ever find. Inside, you will find more than 19 wonderful crochet patterns of animals from around the world. […]