Knitting Loom Love: 15 Free Patterns

Knitting Loom Love Featured

I’ll be honest: I’m a procrastinator. As organized as I try to be, as much as I plan and schedule things out, I’m always caught off-guard by how quickly time passes. This happened to me with fall this year – I had big plans to assemble my cold-weather wardrobe BEFORE it actually got cold outside, […]

Pocket Knitter Giveaway

What better way to mark the end of the month, than with an exciting new giveaway?  Starting today, you can enter to win your very own Pocket Knitter courtesy of  AllFreeKnitting.                                       Enter To Win: Pocket Knitter If you love to knit on the go, but hate lugging around large knitting needles, why not try […]

Loom Knitting With All-n-One Loom Giveaway!

Hey there, yarn enthusiasts!   AllFreeKnitting is back with another exciting announcement: we’re giving away a signed copy of the book Loom Knitting With All-n-One Loom to one lucky winner.  Inside this versatile collection, you’ll find 11 practical and stylish patterns for the knitting loom. From hats, bags, scarves and shawls, this book has a little […]

Finn’s Hat: A Children’s Cancer Charity Project


The Delaware Head Huggers is a group from Delaware that is dedicated to creating hats for cancer patients. Due to chemotherapy treatments, many cancer patients lose their hair. Knitting and crocheting hats is one of the many ways to provide some comfort to these patients. The group’s current project is to collect hats for […]

Meet Kirsten Mangus!

Today we’re introducing you to a talented loom knitter, and one of my favorite people to work with, Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses.  As a mom of three, Kristen balances her time between caring for her family and making fantastic loom knitting tutorials via YouTube.  In her free time, she also designs jewelry and is […]

2nd Annual Gift Giving Video Series: Gift 6 Loom Knit Christmas Ornaments


Welcome back everyone. This is the sixth week of the 2nd Annual Gift Giving Video Series. For 12 weeks, I’ll be presenting  you with video tutorials for simple gifts can make for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you knit or crochet, there will be something for everyone! This week we’ll be learning how to loom knit Christmas ornaments. […]

Video Tutorial: Loom Knitting 101

Today I’m sharing an educational video on loom knitting. There are plenty of us who knit with two needles–whether they’re straight, double-pointed, or circular. But did you know there is another way to knit? Using a loom, you can create a number of  projects, many of which are similar to what you would make with […]