9 Printable Granny Square Afghans

printable granny square afghans

Ah, the good ol’ granny square. While the classic square lives on, it is now very common to see variations on the square. Crochet squares can become more lacy and lightweight. Some have flower centers and others have circular centers. These variations keep us interested in crocheting more and more squares for different blankets. There’s […]

Handmade Gifts for a New Mom: Knitting and Crochet Patterns


It’s getting to be that time of year again – baby time! Someone always seems to know someone having a baby in the spring and preparing to welcome a little one into the world. And while so many people may focus their time and energy into crocheting and knitting for the new baby, perhaps we […]

Plan Ahead for Sunshine: 13 Sunflower Crochet Patterns


There’s an open lot on the road I take to work that is planted with sunflowers every spring. It’s an amazing sight to see and it’s all I can do to not pull off to the side of the road and frolic in the field. Of course, I’d probably look like a crazy person. But […]

Picture This: 16 Free Picture Afghan Patterns


Have you ever seen those crochet afghans on Pinterest that look absolutely INSANE? And I’m not talking about a crazy stitch or complicated stitch sampler blanket or something. I’m talking about afghans that look like Van Gogh came and painted a masterpiece on an afghan. How does one do it? HOW can crochet all of […]

Year of the Horse: 29 Free Crochet & Knitting Patterns


Every year according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, an animal becomes the zodiac animal of the year on a 12 year cycle. This year, starting on January 31, it’s the year of the horse. I was born in the year of the horse and I find this quite fitting. I’ve loved horses since I was […]

50 Afghans for 50 States


Show your state pride by crocheting one of these crochet afghan patterns! Some feature the state flower, the state motto, state gems and so much more. If we could send you a postcard from us to you, this is what we think it would look like! Alabama –  Camellia Flower Square (state flower) Alaska –  […]

9 Printable Flower Crochet Afghans


The temperatures outside just continue to drop every day. How low will they go? I’m not sure, but I don’t really like thinking about it. See, if you think about cold weather too much, you just feel colder. So, my theory is that if we think about spring, sunshine, and flowers, we will be much […]

Go USA! Team USA Patterns for the Patriotic Knitter and Crocheter


The Sochi games will kickoff on February 7th this year and we couldn’t be more excited! There are some really wonderful things going on in the yarn world surrounding the games. First off, have you heard about Ralph Lauren? They made the official team sweaters with Imperial Yarn for the USA team to wear in […]

Shelling out the Shell Stitch Crochet Patterns


Today I bring you the ever-popular shell stitch! Many of you have tried this stitch and use it all the time. But for us newbies out there, it’s best to start with the basics. Shell Stitch Tutorials I will warn that these tutorials are amazing and even addictive. However, the shell stitches in these videos […]

9 Printable Crochet Throw Patterns


There is nothing I want more than to curl up with a crochet throw and take a nice afternoon nap. Seriously, I’m so tired and a bit chilly today. Since I don’t have time for a nap, I may just crochet a throw instead. We all know how great online crochet patterns are, but it’s […]