DIY Clay Handle Crochet Hook

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Designer hooks are even more fun when you design them yourselves! These are very easy to make even if your don’t consider yourself a crafty or DIY person. All you need is polymer clay and a crochet hook. If you have never worked with clay before and/or want design ideas check out these amazing jewelry projects […]

How to Read Yarn Labels

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When you pick up a new ball of yarn, there is a plethora of information on that little slip of paper.  Learn how to read a yarn label with ease, so that you can pick the perfect yarn for that knit baby sweater or crochet afghan pattern.  This tutorial will decipher the yarn label so […]

Video Tutorial: Learn to Tunisian Crochet


Tunisian crochet can look intimidating the first time you see it, but I can promise you that it really is easy.  The basic Tunisian stitch (sometimes referred to as the afghan stitch) is really nothing more than a simple single crochet, just worked in a unique way.  Don’t believe me?  Well, I’ve filmed a tutorial […]

Long Tail Cast On Tutorial

Long Tail Cast On Video Tutorial

If you’re getting ready to start a new knitting project, chances are you are considering what cast-on method to use.  Often times the pattern does not specify what method to use, and there are many methods to choose from.  One of my favorite cast-on methods is the Long Tail Cast On.  This particular method provides […]

How to Crochet a Bavarian Rectangle from I Like Crochet


If you’ve been wanting to expand your crochet skills recently, then head to I Like Crochet‘s Stitch School! With the holidays approaching and 2015 right round the corner, now is a better time than ever to learn a new crochet stitch. In case you didn’t know, each and every issue of I Like Crochet features […]

Choices in Stitch Repair: Tinking, Going Fishing, or Ripping

Special thanks to Mark Rougeux for this knitting tutorial.   Fixing a stitch, whether it be twisted, dropped, knitted instead of purled, or just plain old sloppy tension, doesn’t always work out as nicely as you might hope, especially if you discover it several rows later. Sometimes when knitting becomes rather mechanical, my mind tends […]

The Diary of an AllFreeKnitting Intern: Confessions of a Novice Knitter

How to Knit for Beginners: 6 Free Tutorials

Dear Yarnies, I have a confession to make. Just a few short months ago, I had no idea how to knit. My needles had remained buried in my closet for 11 years, as my Nana’s attempt to teach me had ended as a failed experiment. Then, this summer commenced with a new and exciting editing […]

Tutorial: Using Circular Needles and DPN for Decreases in the Round


Special thanks to Mark Rougeux for this knitting tutorial.   An article I wrote in July, 2014 prompted a reader to ask about decreasing using circular needles. Nicole Vieu wrote, “I would love a tutorial on using double pointed needles or magic loop for making a hat! I can knit in the round but I […]

Practical Knitting: Laptop Sweater Tutorial


If you’ve been looking for a practical yet unique way to protect your laptop, check out this attractive pattern from our friend and knitting guru, Mark Rougeux. Practical Knitting: Laptop Sweater Tutorial by Mark Rougeux   Practical knitting is something I vowed I would keep in mind when I started serious knitting. I won’t make […]

Link Love: 13 Basket Weave Crochet Patterns

13 basket Weave Crochet Patterns

In my opinion, basket weave crochet patterns tend to get overlooked a little. That’s why I wanted to dedicate this Link Love to one of my all time favorites: 13 Basket Weave Crochet Patterns. I love how much texture this design can give a blanket, scarf, hat, etc. One thing I absolutely love about basket […]