TNNA Swag Bag Giveaway!

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Over the weekend, we attended the The National Needlearts Association’s winter trade show in gorgeous Long Beach, California.  Aside from getting plenty of yarn eye candy to admire every day, we also got a sneak peek at brand new products that will be hitting yarn stores later this year.  We also met so many wonderful companies and tons of talented designers, so stay tuned to the blog for our complete recaps of the show later this week. In the meantime, don’t miss this exciting giveaway!

The great part about attending TNNA is collecting all the awesome SWAG for our devoted readers! And, as luck would have it, we have a whole bag full of knit and crochet goodies that we can’t wait to share with one lucky winner!


There is TONS of stuff in our Swag Bag, including an eat.sleep.stitch. t-shirt, NEW Amour crochet hooks from Clover, Hiya Hiya bamboo knitting needles, yarn cozies, a stitch light from Buffy Ann Designs and two fabulous totes from Universal Yarn. This is a must-have collection of products that will make you feel like you were right there at the show with us!

Want to win this bag chock full of goodies?

Simply leave a comment below and answer our question to be entered to win. You have until February 20, 2013 to enter, so get your comment posted today to ensure that you’re in the running to win this exclusive one-of-a-kind SWAG bag from TNNA!

Giveaway Rules:

  • Contest open to US and Canada residents 18+
  • One comment/entry per person per blog post.
  • Contest closes February 20, 2013 at 11:59p CST.
  • Leave a comment on this blog post to be entered to win.
  • Winners will be posted on Stitch& and notified by email.

Leave a comment by answering this question and you’ll be registered to win our TNNA SWAG Bag Giveaway:

What knit or crochet project is next on your list for 2013?


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  1. Karen says

    Always so exciting to win something, thank you for the offer. I’m knitting little heart pins to include in Valentine cards to hand out to our Joni & Friends local group. Lots of fun to bless others with our knitting!

  2. Millie Taylor says

    This sounds like FUN! You can never have too many craft supplies! My next project is going to be slippers – I need to use the yarn I bought at Christmas. 😉

  3. Joy Cook says

    I’m going to begin knitting my first baby blanket for a very good friend who is having a baby girl soon. I am a beginning knitter and am looking forward to learning new knitting stitches this year.

  4. Crystal Barrington says

    The next thing I will be working on is a knit version of Mary Margaret’s tam from the show Once upon a time!! I am so excited to get it started and it is for me!! I very rarely get to make myself stuff 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  5. Kai Ellis says

    Yes, I would like to win this stuff! And, as to the other question, I have developed a fondness for making fingerless mitts and think I will be making quite a few pairs in 2013.

  6. says

    Next on my list of crochet projects is a sweater for myself. I’ve made things for nearly every member of my immediate and extended family, but haven’t made anything for myself yet.

  7. Amy Hansen says

    Thank you for the opportunit to win this! Next up on my list is to finish an afghan I started for my grandmother. My goal this year is to finish as many UFOs as I can!

  8. Carrie Barnes says

    I have been crocheting for years, but I have just started knitting. My first project of the year will be learning to knit cables!

  9. Cynthia Poppe says

    Hey I just read an article re: the studies that knitting burns more calories than sex! No wonder I am delightfully skinny with a constantly dwindling stash! Knit Away Every Day!

  10. Brenda Brauner says

    The yarn cozies look like a great idea. I’m always chasing a ball of yarn here and there, and trying to keep it from unwinding too much!

  11. says

    My next project is a top-down sweater in a scrumptious rainbow yarn. Kinda crazy for me but I’m going for it anyway! 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  12. Sandy Chesebrough says

    Would love to win this. My project right now is crocheting hot pads for a Relay for Life event we have coming up.

  13. Michele says

    I’m really into beaded knitting these days, so… I’m looking at some amazing scarf patterns from Sachiko Uemura on Ravelry. Would love to add this little giveaway to my stash!

  14. Susan says

    Just started knitting an “off-duty” winter hat for a local soldier – from local hand-dyed alpaca. If that doesn’t count, next project is for me (I hope) from another batch of locally dyed alpaca – a neckerchief.

  15. tresa byrd says

    next project is a Light & Shadow scarf by Classic Elite for my niece. would love to win the bag of goodies 🙂

  16. Ashley Ford says

    I have several items on my list to do this year including four full-sized afghans for a client done in the draft dodger scarf stitch pattern and a throw in a diamond bobble stitch as a birthday present for my mother-in-law.

  17. Brenda says

    My list is very long. Have been trying to finish UF0’s, so I can start new one and one big project is a Maggie’s shawls.

  18. Victoria Murphy says

    What a GREAT giveaway! Planning on crocheting/knit some washcloths, and potholders. Gave all mine away as gifts for xmas. These will replenish my supply. Going to Sanilbel for a week and these projects will be small, easy to carry and quick.

  19. Marion Tanyi says

    Would love to win this to take to our weekly knit club. We have been planning a road trip and would love to travel your way.

  20. Abbie Meemken says

    I am trying to learn intarsia and fair isle this year. My color work is lacking and I am dying to make some super cute hats and sweaters with patterns.

  21. Cyndi Klaers says

    My granddaughter is due March 5 and I have been busy knitting and crocheting hats, booties and blankets. I have ideas until she gets married, I would love to win!

  22. Trudy webb says

    I’d love to win. My next project is a cap for my sisters n law who is starting her 2 round of chemo and has already lost her hair. She lives in NB and says she didn’t realize how warm her hair kept her!

  23. Sandra Degener says

    I will be knitting an infant mermaid costume for my best friends baby! She is doing a mermaid theme for her bedroom and the costume is to have photo’s taken in!
    And P.S.- I want to win!!!!!!!

  24. Jenny Truitt says

    Ooooh, I would love to win this prize! I JUST finnished winding yarn into balls to begin Hannah Fettig’s Rocky Coast Cardigan. But I also have about a million other projects I want to knit in 2013!

  25. says

    I am working and will be an ongoing project is doll clothes for the American Girl Doll, two of my granddaughters got the doll for Xmas so I am making clothes for them. I also have a pattern for a sampler afghan to crochet that has some great stitch patterns in it. Thanks for the chance to win this great swag bag.

  26. Tammy Prosey says

    Thanks for the chance to win this, would be great to win. I’m knitting a cardigan at present & plan to attempt knitting a spring dress next.

  27. Joye Slife says

    My next knitting project is a pair of socks – want to knit both socks at one time! 🙂 I’ve also bought yarn for a geometric design afghan.

  28. Lynn Higginbotham says

    I need to stop poking around the Internet and finish my knitting projects……I’ve only got 3 going, LOL

  29. Linda Walters says

    Hats, hats, hats. So I can give to people who need them. Mainly knit, but some crochet. I have a whole list of other things for 2013. I want to knit a scarf with a soft, fuzzy,feather like yarn for my mom. I haven’t worked with that type yarn yet. And make a knit cowl for my 3 year old grand-daughter. Its been requested but I’m having trouble finding a good pattern.

  30. Brenda Price says

    I am going to start a new afagan as soon as my shoulder is healed. Would love something to cheer me up..not being able to do anything is horrible…

  31. Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick says

    I’m trying to design a carry-all for my reusable grocery store bags. I think I’ve come up with a workable pattern.

  32. Lynne Petersen says

    I am in the middle of a sweater for my dog at the moment…if I don’t hurry along it will be spring before I finish! My next project will be knitting a pair of socks. I love knitting socks and I have so many neat patterns I am having trouble deciding which one to pick!!

  33. Helen Hoefing says

    I make many different prayer shawls for cancer patients at a local hospital. I will continue to create these as well as trying my hand at socks— Fun,fun,fun.

  34. Colleen B says

    I just found out SIL is having a girl! It is the first girl after three boys on that side of our family so I am knitting a super girly hat and baby blanket for her.

  35. Janice says

    I am homebound after a stem cell transplant and have spent much time on knitting projects. My daughter got me some things to help me learn to crochet too. This bag would be great to own.

  36. Elizabeth Barker says

    I seem to be on a shawl kick this year. I think I want to do something special for the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who.

  37. Paula v says

    Oh, yes I would live to win this. I have a huge goal this year of doing major craft projects each month. I have a new grand baby on the way and would have more than enough things to work on.

  38. says

    Would LOVE to win this!
    My next project is about 10 newborn hats for a photographer friend of mine. She wants them for her photo studio. I just finished ones with GIANT pop-poms on them and am now working on a baseball-themed hat. Busy busy busy!

  39. Nannette Cintron says

    I’m finishing booties and blankets for save a life (a local pregnancy help center).Also, working on washclothes.

  40. Julie addison says

    Right now- I’m not knitting anything as I broke my hand over the holidays. Right now I’m in Physical therapy and they said I could start knitting in a couple weeks…. It sure would be nice to have a gift bag to get me started back! I’ve gone through withdrawals! seriously!

  41. Chris Olszewski says

    would love to win this bag full of goodies. I am currently working on a valentine wash cloth and a valentine pom hat for my g’daughters.
    Thanks so much for the giveaways.

  42. Christina Drummond says

    My next project is a patchwork baby blanket for my next grandchild (due in August) – it will be done in a soft cream yarn, and each patch will feature a different traditional aran stitch.

  43. Teresa Fussell says

    My next project, in honor of the passing of Sybil on Downton Abbey, is her gray hat worn on her next to last appearance. I would love to win this prize to get me over the sorrow of her passing! LOL

  44. Holly L says

    My next project(s)will be a sweater for my grandson, some headbands for my daughter, and fingerless gloves for my other daughter.

    I almost always have more than one project going at a time, so can’t just say ~project~! 😀

  45. Cindy says

    Presently I’m knitting a lace scarf, then it’s back to the Christmas afghan I didn’t finish by Christmas. 🙂 Next up – probably, though it generally depends on my mood when it’s time for a new project – Staci Perry’s Zasio Sweater Coat.

  46. Staci Powell says

    My next project is a baby blanket for my step-daughter’s first child. But I knit hats & blankets for charity year round!

  47. Jean Bernard says

    Would love to have these to add to my stash. Husband just not understand why I need so many different needles, to which I reply “why do you need so many screwdrivers?”

  48. Dorothy Lind says

    whipping up some more “scrubbies” then will g et serious and work on afgans….Would love to win this! Thanks for the c

  49. Ginette says

    I’m working on a baby pants. I did not a this kind of knitting yet, but, it’s for my little nephew and I want to see him with it 🙂 so i’ll persevere

  50. Amy says

    I have several projects lined up, but the one I gotta get finished next is a beaded crochet necklace that I am making for a friend’s birthday.

  51. Connie Hendricks says

    well, good question, I just started it yesterday & it is one of my 2013 goal, the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Wrap.

  52. Cruz Garcia says

    Love, love to knit & crochet! I am currently working on knitting some Barbie dresses for my nieces. And just finished crocheting a cowl. Can’t wait for my next project pillows for my couch

  53. Avis Rogers says

    Love love your give away bag. I have been knitting before my first child was born and love to knit. I like making mittens on 2 needles so rewarding.

  54. Eve Theriault says

    I am currently working on a cable cardi, a lacy stole and a pair of gloves. I will try to finish these before starting another project 🙂

  55. Lucia Thiel says

    I have a ton of crochet in the plans for this year, we’re opening tabby tailors. a pet cloths store with photo props for every size animal <3 All crocheted

  56. Mary Drewnowski says

    I have a wonderful denim blue afghan to finish for my husband for his birthday!!! Then finish the shrug for our great niece!!! Then need two cocoons for twins coming soon!!! then……..

  57. Karen Tatro says

    finish socks on needles, re-do wrist warmers for friend, spin new yarn and make more wrist warmers for same friend. THEN for me start a spring sweater.

  58. Tina says

    I am currently knitting two baby sweaters and I want to start a basketweave baby blanket. Learning new stitch patterns

  59. Marilynn Denison says

    Knitting supplies and bags are two things I have problem resisting. Working on 5 needle socks, I really want to master them. So at present trying different patterns.

  60. Josephine Gigi says

    I’m working on crocheting up a granny squares afghan from all my scrap yarn. Then I’ll need some new yarn! This goody bag will have a good home if I win. 🙂

  61. Mary Jayne Chuba says

    Would be a wonderful giveaway to win! My next project will be a colorful spring afagan as a Wedding gift.

  62. Debra Rosser says

    I make items for children and adults in our neighborhood shelter. And all supplies would be a blessing to our craft club. Thank You

  63. Doris Shultz says

    Just finished a baby bunting with a hood. Just trying to decide whether to sew the bottom closed or to sew in a zipper. Have never put a zipper into my knitted projects before. Got some left over yarn that I will make into a baby hat and toy to donate to charity.

  64. Patty says

    Great give away!! I am new to Knitting and crocheting. I love both very much!! They are my escape and my relaxing time. Currently I am making prayer shawls to donate to my church.

  65. Lynn Barkema says

    Not sure my post “took”. But am always excited to learn about knitting, new yarns, new patterns, and new supplies

  66. Sharon Powell says

    I’m currently working on a pair of socks–one down, one to go! Then a Poetry in Motion vest from the Universal website.

  67. Lynn Barkema says

    What knit or crochet project is next on your list for 2013?

    Just finished my first pair of socks, nexxt project is a headband from a class on Fair Isle, Intarsia and Mosaic knitting.

  68. Josclin Kelly says

    Winning swag….who wouldn’t like that? Currently using a Loom for some knitting projects…crochet is on my list…:)

  69. Holly Hughes says

    Right now I am working on an afghan for my mother in law’s birthday this month. After that I want to do a wedding afghan for my oldest son & his new bride.

  70. Anne-Marie Haynes says

    Looking forward to knitting my first pair of socks after I finish a few more dishclothes and my first baby blanket. Much to knit!!!!

  71. Suzie Buza says

    I’ll be making a pink, baby sweater for my nephew’s expected baby girl! But that won’t be the ONLY thing.

  72. Lee Viliesis says

    Still finishing my queen size spectrum afghan. But taking break to make some monsters for 600 monsters strong, to help kids who are victims of gun violence. Check out their ravelry group, or Facebook page.

  73. Carla P says

    The next project on my list is a chunky crocheted cowl, but first I have to buy a crochet hook that’s big enough!

  74. Maria Wong says

    In 2013 will be working on a baby blankets – everyone I know seems to be having babies this year! Sure would love some fancy yarn swag to make the knitting fly!

  75. says

    I am actually reknitting a sweater I just frogged completely, and knitting myself a ukulele strap. Next up, charity sweaters for orphans and needy children here in Mexico.

  76. Ellen says

    Next up…a bright red (with black trim) sweater and hat set for my daughter’s friend’s new baby. The mama prefers bright colors and I remember how disappointed I was when my grandmother wouldn’t use bright colors to make garments for my daughter all those years ago. So…what mama wants, mama gets!

  77. Susan Havens says

    My next project is a diagonal stitch afghan for charity. It is turning out really pretty. Would love to win this Bag!!!

  78. Ita says

    I’m just about to start crocheting a lace mask, very excited about it since I haven’t done thread for years (not including the one yarmulka I made for DH a few month ago).

  79. MaryJane says

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! My next project is toe-up socks (way to much sock yarn in the stash!)

  80. Lisa C. says

    Leg warmers for my baby girl and a snake toy that my little boy saw in one of my knitting books and is begging me to make for him.

  81. Sandra Roman says

    Currently all my projects are caught up in crochet and knit. I have a few cross stitch (blue boy and pinkie) waiting to be completed. In the mean time I am open to suggestions for a new project as I like to have something on my hook all the time as I have a passion for crochet.

  82. LadyBugsyJane says

    I’m just starting ‘Love Actually’ from Knitty. I’ve not learned to double knit yet and this looks like a good project to start!

  83. Sue Rudick says

    Our knitting group is making throws for veterans at our local Hospice. We have do anything we want as long as it is red, white and blue.

  84. sharon kellett says

    I have just finished a cardigan for myself in a cream fleck wool and am now going to start on a vibrant pink one. Gives me something to do in the evenings.

  85. says

    I am working on a sunburst blanket for a single size bed! Thank you for this opportunity to win all these goodies!

  86. Christina Sarnowski says

    My next project is a wave blanket for my 14 yr old daughter. We picked out colors last night and I am about to buy the yarn for it! Can’t wait to get crocheting 🙂

  87. Gabrielle Dota says

    My brother and his wife are having a baby so my next project is going to be a baby gift. I just need to decide: a blanket, a sweater, a toy ???

  88. Betts Kleinhans-Stevens says

    I love to crochet. I am new to this site but I will be sure to bookmark. My next project is learning to knit

  89. Melissa Ames says

    I ammaking a scarf for my moms birthday on the 15th and then onto mid shin length slippers in teal and black for my niece! Have made 5 scarves and have yarn cominng for 12 more!

  90. says

    What ISN’T on my list?? 🙂 I am working on:

    – Slippers for the homeless shelter
    – Lap blanket for a friend
    – Hat for my BF
    – Baby dress
    – Baby blanket that I’ve been working on since, oh, July…I better finish it before 2014!!

  91. Marsha Sparks says

    I have a slouch hat with a brim & a matching scarf to make with Bernat Bling Bling yarn. I’d prefer to crochet with it, but I’m having issues finding the holes, so I might just resort to knitting. Either way, I’ll enjoy making them! I’m sure there are items in the give away that would make my yarn crafting better!!

  92. Mary Jung says

    Currently I’m working on a crocheted tablecloth, small heart shaped ornaments and Shamrock ornaments.

    My next project will be Easter Bunnies for the grandkids.

  93. Gabriela says

    Hi, Caitlin thanks for the post!!
    I’m going to crochet “Creepy Cute Crochet by ChristenHaden”, two of each because a have two kids!!!

  94. Pat Barnes says

    My NEXT project probably will be a pair of cable/lace wristlets AFTER I get the Oakland shawl I’m working on done.

  95. Tara Becker says

    Next up is a matching headband and fingerless glove set for myself that is going to be knit in a bulky, colorful yarn.

  96. Heather says

    In 2013, I really want to attempt to make something- perhaps a cowl- with my new alpaca yarn I got for Christmas! I want to make this cowl in a beautiful lace pattern! I really want to try out the products included in the gift package! 🙂

  97. Lissa says

    I love surprise goody bags!!! I have approx 8 baby gifts to knit and crochet between now and April so those are onto list. If I have time I would like to crochet a wire necklace for my new daughter in law

  98. Kim Haibeck says

    I’m going to make the Twinings sweater from Twist Collective if I can ever manage to get close to gauge on a swatch and get accurate measurements. 😀

  99. Julie Cousino says

    I am currently crocheting baby booties. next is a doll or two and some baby dresses. Have to get ready for my new grand baby to be!

  100. L. Leal says

    My next project/project is actually my New Year’s Resolution. I cannot start any new projects until I finish all my WIP’s in my closet. Right now I am knitting a baby blanket and just finished crocheting a baby blanket. They will be donated to the local Children’s Hospital.

  101. Michelle says

    It’s been a while since I’ve made a sweater, so I want to make my first shaker knit (fisherman rib) sweater.

  102. Donna Garnett says

    I knit mittens and hats and stockings. I would love to win this so I can try the new needles. Thanks,Donna

  103. Susan Igel says

    Next on my to knit list is a lacy prayer shawl in a gorgeous shade of orange sherbert for church. On my needles now? A pair of socks for me.

  104. Pat Hamaluk says

    My resolution, “no more yarn until…’ would go right out the door if I were ti win! The picture makes me want to see more!!

  105. Pat Hamaluk says

    My resolution, “no more yarn until…” would go right out the door if I were to win this! The photo makes me want to see more!

  106. Karen Tuck says

    I have a dorm full of kids I’m knitting scarves for (we’re in CT but some are from as far away as CA) number 12 going right now (actually 12 and 13 are started)!!!

  107. Naomi Hauf says

    My next project is a pair of hot pink and black striped fingerless gloves for my niece to wear as she cheers on her daughter at cheer competitions in the cool spring Nebraska weather.

  108. Amy Nixon says

    Thank you for the chance to win your awesome looking bag of treats! I need more stuff to make it through a Vermont winter!

  109. Linda Runnells says

    My next project for 2013 is crocheted edgings on dishtowels for a friend. I would love to win this prize!!!

  110. sharon pfann says

    I would love the giveaway because I love to knit and crochet and love to have all the swag bag has . need needles and all the stuff you have in the picture

  111. Cherie says

    I love to knit and destress! working on Hats for friends and for those going through Chemo treatment. Have two sweaters started! never have just one project going have to have several!I love all the new yarns out and how soft they are!

  112. Heather Kirby says

    This is so awesome! I am starting a crochet afghan for my parents family room as a surprise and also started to knit chemo caps to donate to the local hospital. I love to knit anc crochet – I find both ways very relaxing.
    Good luck to everyone!

  113. Margaret says

    My list is endless!! I have three scarves, one shall, a baby blanket and a little girl’s dress I’m working on right now! The love of it all!!!

  114. Ashley S. says

    Next up for 2013 is a honeycombed sweater for my sister that I have been “starting” for about three months now! Yay procrastination!

  115. Kelly says

    My next project for 2013 will be some more crocheted cowls made with Lions Brand Homespun yarn. They work up quick, are super soft, and very nice and warm. Good luck everyone!!

  116. Teri Kepner says

    Next up is the Dragon Scales scarf to send to a swap partner! Awesome gift package that anyone would love to receive!

  117. Michelle Busler says

    My next crochet projects will be all BABY…new one due in our family come August. Also crocheting hand towels and dishcloths for myself.

  118. Sharon Pickrell says

    Right this very minute I am working on a purple and white lap blanket for my Relay for Life team to raffle off. Then, I want to start on some fun hats. Did a long bearded hat and have several people that want one too. I am excited bout doing fun stuff like that. Thanks!

  119. Emily says

    I just finished crocheting a car seat blanket for a baby boy and now I am going to make one for a baby girl. My cousins are popping the kids out like crazy!

  120. Lauri says

    I am currently working on a pair of knee high socks for my daughter. I have several more sock projects planned. Then I start on some cowls and infinity scarfs and possibly some mittens. I also am dying to do a fourth of July blanket, but the one I want to do might be a little outside my level of experience.

    Good Luck to all that entered!

  121. sharon cameron says

    working on a jacket and I have some ideas for a few other projects…always have something running through my mind to try!

  122. Linda Kennedy says

    After I finish the 2 baby afghans I have underway, I will be making slippers for the 8 year old girl next door.

  123. Sharon Knight says

    I would have loved to have been able to experience the convention, how awesome that must have been!!! Thank you so much for sharing the experience and some of the swag !!!

  124. Gina Fulkerson says

    Teaching myself how to knit. I’m working on a shawl and I think it is coming out very nice for my first one.

  125. Alicia Morris says

    Im working on kitchen towls and hotpads with dishcloths. and a pot scrubber that I got the pattern from my grandmothers old books frome the 1940 relly fun patterns

  126. Twila Hollinhshead says

    would love to win it. Like to try new yarns and new patterns. Yarn is my down fall along with new knit and crochet gagets. knitting on three hats now. got 3 great grandbabies blankets to knit. got two of them in one day.

  127. Audrey Solino says

    I would love to be crocheting right now. But I have really bad tendonitis and havent been able to for months now. It is my favorite thing to do. I hope no one else has this problem. It first started when I was crocheting plarn, as it was very stiff to work with. accupunture did not help and cortisone was short-lived.

  128. Susan says

    I am going to crochet a basket and fill it with hats that I knitted and crochet, for a craft booth. Would love the goodie bag.

  129. Cheryl Maxim says

    A necklace! It’s braided after the knitting is completed. Also knitting a hat, crocheting a hat, knitting a sweater and trying to figure out my knook! Would love to win.

  130. Joanne pearl says

    Workings n red scarf project for charity. My challenge for this year is an argyle sweater. Would love to win

  131. Susan Hill says

    I’m finishing a pair of crocheted baby booties, then I need to make a bootie/hat set for new baby due next month. Some new supplies are always welcome!

  132. Rosaline says

    I am working on a afghan blanket called “Year Round Blanket 2013” that will have a row for each day of the year. That’s 365 rows with various colors. As well as 100% cashmere items for my shop.

  133. Shirley Colvin says

    I’m crocheting a baby blanket for my sisters baby that she is having in Sept. I don’t know what she is having so I’ve already made a boy blanket now I’m making a Girl blanket. I’ve also just learned how to make mini heart ornaments to give away at my Grange meeting on Valentines day.

  134. says

    I am working on a afghan blanket called “Year Round Blanket 2013″ that will have a row for each day of the year. That’s 365 rows with various colors. As well as new 100% cashmere items for my shop.

  135. Nancy Snider says

    My current project is a crocheted shrug in a beautiful russet color. And then I have some scarfs to work up.

  136. Angela D. Smith says

    I have two afghans that I am working on that I need to finish. I have been working on them for a couple years now. I just need to get them done!

  137. says

    No trade shows available here in Alaska, so it would be a real treat to win this swag bag! I have a baby blanket for a cousin’s new baby boy on my hook right now, with several orders for fingerless gloves waiting patiently in line!

  138. Nancy Snider says

    At present I am crocheting a shrug in starlette tweed russet. When that is finished I plan to work on several scarves.

  139. Laurie says

    Would love to win this, am barely an intermediate knitter, but cant get enough. Hats, scarfs, weird architectural patterns. Starting a blanket, then a sweater!! GO Knitters!

  140. Elizabeth De Franco says

    I love making just about any craft & could never have too many supplies. I’ve been crocheting hearts & shamrocks to give my grand daughter to craft with.

  141. Kimberly N says

    My next knitting project is a scarf from a mesh Tivoli yarn my hubby picked up for me on his business trip to Ireland. Yup. My hubby braves yarn stores and fabric stores when he’s off on business to bring me treats! He’s a keeper. 😉

  142. Linda Auker says

    I have plans for shawls, baby blankets, hats, and socks! I need to forget about work and just stay home and knit! 🙂

  143. Covington says

    I am making some awesome harry potter crafts! I have a baby blanket in Gryffindor colors, a Slytherin scarf, and a baby blanket made with different HP squares.

    I also hope to make a HP Gryffindor Quiddich sweater for me. 😀

  144. Heather gilbert says

    My next project is a crocheted cowboy set with boots, cowboy hat and a vest! Would love to win this awesome bag of goodies!!

  145. Peggy Morris says

    I am working my way through a book of knitted dishclothes in order to practice different stitches and improve my skills.

  146. Nancy J. Elliott says

    What knit or crochet project is next on your list for 2013?

    I would love to learn the double knitting technique.

    I also, want to make hats and scraves for a local chairty. These would be made starting now, and I would work on them all summer to have in time for the start of school in the fall.

  147. Ellen king says

    My daughter is having a baby in june in Houston! So since she doesn’t need much knitted wear, I’ll be making toys-stuffed animals!

  148. Heather says

    Currently, I’m knitting myself new kitchen towels. (Yay post-holiday selfish knitting!)

    I’d like to make a granny square skirt after that.

  149. Linda Davis says

    I am going to be making a hooded scarf with tassel for my daughter. I will be using a a loom knitter. It looks like fun!

  150. Shannon Campos-Hatfield says

    Well. i know my son wants iron man gloves, so i need to crochet those, i know my husband wants some mittens, and my daughter wants a pretty hat. but with the winnings, i would use the thread to tat!

  151. Cindy DeRose says

    Lots of heart bookmarks, Valentine fingerless gloves, baby hats, and anything someone pins on the wish list. I grant all friends wishes.

  152. BJ Grace says

    My next project, Valentine Hearts for co workers. Please, please, please with sugar on top….PICK ME 🙂 🙂 <3, <3

  153. Deb says

    Currently working on prayer shawls for a wedding party of 5, next will be 6 X Granny squares for donation for blanket ministry.

  154. Christine Damm says

    I am new to knitting and I am making a tear drop blanket for my bed. It will be made of all different colored yarn sense all the yarn was giving to me. Thank you for the chance to win.

  155. Markita Gumble says

    I have a scarf out of hand dyed yarn that I want to complete in 2013 for my first project of the new year.

  156. Christine says

    I am currently working on a scarf for my sister in law but have to put that on hold and start a winter hat for my brother pronto!

  157. Karen Boehlert says

    It’s time to make some mouse-shaped blankies for the kitties in our family and some kitty-shaped ones for the doggies we have!!! And even some for the fur-friends waiting to be loved and adopted.
    Great Swag Bag! Thanx for the chance 🙂

  158. Judith says

    This TNNA Swag Bag Giveaway would be very useful in my project to crochet scarfs and hats for the local shelters and homeless people. Great Prize!!!

  159. Anissa Valente says

    Ohhh my next project will be from the Crochet Today Mag, I wanna make the Petunia Hat and the Tooth Fairy pillow.. I’m disabled n fighting thyroid cancer n lung masses n house bound. So I knit and crochet for Charity’s n friends and family’s. It would be so Awesome to win the Swag bag n all the goodies too use towards cancer patients like me. I don’t know where I would be without yarn, I’m on a fixed income yes n yarn n stuff from you guys would so go a long ways. But I love learning new things and learning how to make things to make others as happy as I am making them. Ty Anissa.

  160. BRANDY BLEVINS says


  161. sarina coffin says

    I would love nothing more then to win this for my Mother in Law. She works her butt off for minimum wage and this would make her so very happy. She certainly deserves it. Maybe she could teach me a thing or two about it! Thank you for the wonderful chance to win. 🙂

  162. Kristina Ricker says

    This would be so wonderful to win. I’ve been knitting for our local schools for years and would love to add a new variety of yarn to my projects for them! And I’d be honored to win!

  163. Linda Kluck says

    Currently working on a crocheted floppy eared bunny for a baby due March 29, a knit scarf, a crocheted scarf, and a prayer shawl. Next project depends on need. I would like to make 2 socks at one time on a circular needle.

  164. Elizabeth says

    I would really love winning this as I would craft for 24 hours a day if I didn’t have to sleep. Right now I am making 2 hats one knitted and the other crocheted. I get6 tired of working on one of them and I will switch to the other.

  165. Wendy Urruty says

    Would love to win this SWAG!! I am going to make a sweater for me!! Not for anyone else or anything else. ME!!

  166. mary ann cline says

    Baby…Baby….Baby…Baby……4 babies due during July, August and September! You KNOW what I’m crocheting……..anything baby!!!!!!!!!

  167. Florence says

    I am currently knitting little purses that stay on the knitting needle as handles. They are coming out fantastic.

  168. Cammy Lowe says

    Need to finish knitting hats for both residents in a nursing home and for premie babies at Ronald McDonald House.

  169. Megan says

    Working on custom-made chullos, and slippers – making myself learn new techniques for sock heals and toes, after many years of doing flap and gusset

  170. Debbie says

    My next project for this year will be some crochet dog toys. My dog loves them and they hold up longer than any store bought dog toy I have found.

  171. Becky says

    just so many projects to start…. ready to finish a few little pigs here in my yarn bag… Would love to win this gift set…

  172. Jen W says

    I am currently working on a ripple afghan, but my next project is the Crochet-a-long from Bernat: the Temperature Scarf! The colour of each stripe is determined by the temperature each day – stripes for each day of the year! I am just waiting for the yarn I ordered for it to arrive!

  173. Allison says

    I am working on knitting a ladybug pillow for my baby girl, and crocheting a new matching blanket for her new toddler bed. I am so super excited about it too!

  174. Marcy Rosenberg Starnes says

    Dear Favcrafts:

    I am so excited about this contest, since I am such a big fan of your crafts! Each day I check my e mail to see the new projects you have in store for me. Over the past two years I have made so many of your projects. Each year I display the crocheted snowmen family, on my living room table. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I even made one for my mother-in-law. In my kitchen: the soap apron on my counter so cheery in orange and the tea pot cozy!
    In November I made myself the chunky neckwarmer in gray, I wear it over a black leather jacket. It looks so smart! Since I like to make my own gifts, my husband suggested I make all the women on my list neckwarmers. I made six chunky neck warmers for Christmas presents in a variety of the recipients favorite colors: red, green, black, white and blue. I sent some to family as far as New York, I live in Michigan. Everyone absolutely loved them! I’m still getting complaints.
    I’ve started a scrapbook of favcrafts for projects I’d like to make in the future. As a full time crafter, thank you for all the joy you’ve given me.
    Marcy Rosenberg Starnes

  175. Geri says

    A summer cardigan from Plucky Knitter yarn – if they ever have any yarn left to order when I get home from work!

  176. Crystal moore says

    Love this! I would live to win so I could start learning to knit. I’m currently crocheting a Mickey beanie n carseat blanket for a friends baby shower.

  177. Jan Fitch says

    My next project will be a sweater for my grandchild coming in August. I’m waiting to find out pink or blue! In the meantime, my chorus is selling ruffled scarves, si I am turning them out as fast as I can!

  178. Daisy says

    Currently knitting a baby sweater for my new great niece. Would like to knit a shawl or may crochet newsboy hat for my granddaughter. Could really use the giveaway since the nearest craft store is 70 miles away, running out of yarn, hate when that happens.

  179. Mary Ihla says

    Our 25th grandchild will be arriving in June, so I’ll be knitting and crocheting all sorts of little things for baby Paisley.

  180. Deanne Griffith says

    I have already knitted a sampler block afghan, so my next project is going to knit another sampler block afghan with different block stitches. I love sampler blocks.

  181. Julie h says

    I am making baby hats for a preemie ward at a hospital. That my great niece was born at in nov. only weighing 2.5 pounds!

  182. thea says

    Up next, big sized amigurumi owls for my dear friend’s children. After that, I want to attempt a cardigan for myself.

  183. Stephanie says

    I am making a baby blanket for my hair stylist who is expecting her first child later this year. After that is done I will be working on two afghans, one for each friend getting married this year!

  184. Alison says

    Next I plan to crochet infinity cowls for my sister in law and niece for their birthdays. Then I am going to make myself something, but haven’t decided what. I haven’t bought myself any tools for a long time and this would be lovely to win.

  185. Carolyn Calhoun says

    I’ve been crocheting so much that my husband gave me one skein of yarn for Christmas. I took the colors and ran with it and am making my first ripple throw.

  186. Charley says

    I am working on a baby blanket for a friend. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize it would make me very very happy!

  187. Alison says

    I will be making birthday present scarves, a sweater for myself, then an afghan. I’d love to win this package!

  188. joanne says

    I wish, I wish, I wish. Oh what I could design with this fantastic give away!!!!!!!!

    Let’s see if my 3 wishes come true!!!

  189. Ellen M. says

    I’m a pretty new crocheter and I’d like to try a chunky infinity scarf. Thanks for sharing this great goodie bag with us!

  190. joan says

    I want to knit some fruit pot holders I found on Allfreeknitting. This is a great site for seeing inspiring patterns to make.

  191. Antonia Sowash says

    Next on my list is a crochet granny square blanket. I plan on making a large granny square using my yarn stash

  192. Conchita Brown says

    I’m crocheting an American Flag afghan for my son who is in the Army. I’ve already crocheted the 50 stars, that are waiting to be sewn on. I would love to win the giveaway. Thanks!

  193. Kate says

    Just finished entrelac baby hat with ruffly edge for any day now birth, so next is a multicolored blanket for the April baby

  194. Henrietta Kopecky says

    I’m just learning to get my knit on beyond the standard scarf. I’m going to take on a cardigan after I take the CA Bar exam in a couple weeks. One challenge at a time. 😀 any suggestions? Recommendations? Things to avoid? Thanks! 😀

  195. Sara Hoogendoorn says

    Right now I’m workin on stockin up on baby blankets for gifts throughout the year and next I think i might tackle my very 1st sweater! So excited!

  196. Sandra says

    A shawl for my daughter to take on her travels. Got to be done by 4/1. And the pattern is more of a challenge than I thought.

  197. Theresa says

    spring break is coming and I have a whole week open. i could use this swag bag and make lots of pretty’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks.

  198. Amelia Johnson says

    My Dead Fish Hats, from a FREE pattern online, were so popular with all their recipients, child and adult, that I am knitting some to donate to the Duke Children’s Hospital.

  199. Sandra Heath says

    Looks like some products that I haven’t seen before, so it would be fun to win this, and have some new knitting tools.

  200. Ann Hedington says

    My next project is going to be re-purposing some socks, the pattern wasn’t working so I’m frogging them and trying again with another pattern. (It was a KAL with friends, so it hurts to wash out, but my 2nd choice pattern is similar at least)

  201. Brenda Bradley says

    well with this many enteries, I am sure I will never win but its always worth a try. This is a great prize thank you

  202. Michele Werner says

    It would be very nice to have more yarns and accessories. I love to knit, crochet, tat, etc . . . It would be fun to have those cool yarns to “play” with. It would be down right inspiring to work with nice things! Michele

  203. Cindy Griffith says

    My next project will be to make an afghan for my 19 yr old daughter using Caron’s soft yarn. Looking forward to it immensely!

  204. Nicole Newbill says

    I’m working on increasing the difficulty of my projects so I plan to make a big chunky Aran Sweater. Time consuming but worth it!

  205. kim graff says

    I am trying to finish a fair isle sweater for myself and have a dress and sweater on needles for my niece’s baby – she is due feb 14th, 2013

  206. Linda Surro says

    I’m working on 3 different projects. A scarf for my granddaughter, an afghan and a shawl for those chilly nights!

  207. Mary Bolster says

    Lots of lace! I am working on a knit-a-long shawl and have another shawl in the works after I finish this one.

  208. Deborah says

    My next project is the Carson shawl by Romi. I’ve had the yarn since last summer, but knitting for others kept getting ahead of a shawl for me.

  209. says

    I am getting ready to knit a custom cabled pullover from a Craftsy class. The yarn has arrived and I need to do my measurements as the first lesson in the class.

  210. Marcia Carter says

    I want to win this. I plan to make my niece’s little boy his own crocheted yo-yo style “ding-a-ling” toy inspired by the Chuck Berry song. His baby brother turned one, and he’ll be 3 next month.

  211. Susan Benesch says

    Thank you for this beautiful give away. My next project is to make and donate another pair of mittens for the Kissing Hand Mitten Project.

  212. Bonnie says

    I’m starting a Revontuli shawl using Lorna’s Laces Solemate in “Tribute” colorway. And I should add that the drawing is the day before my birthday, so I think I should win a lovely present! 🙂

  213. Rebecca C says

    i think whats next on my list is to go thru everything that ive either made free hand or uber modified and put it all down in writing and then getting test knits done, so i guess the project is to learn how to write patterns.

  214. Betty Holden says

    I owuld like to makes some more Sashay scarfs and then to crochet a pink afgan.
    it would be fun to win because I hardly do win anything but I am jus doing this for fun. Thanks for the opportunity.

  215. Josee says

    Oh…the beautiful things I could make with this swag bag of goodies! To make people happy and warm around me, this would be perfect!

    Cheers! And crossing my fingers… 😀

  216. Sherri Graven says

    My next project is a sweater for my granddaughter. She loves purple, guess what color it’s going to be? 🙂

  217. Nicole Newbill says

    I’m looking to advance the complexity of my knitting so my next big project will be a big chunky Aran Sweater!

  218. kari mariott says

    I am making a baby cocoon. I would love to win . I am just getting back in to crochet and trying to learn to knit. Have fibromyalgia and it is hard to move a lot.Crocheting has helped me feel better about myself and what I can do for others.

  219. robin spanke says

    I’ve completed 45 hat sets since december 1st, another 50 to go before march, am actually taking vacation time from work to do this…i am addicted

  220. Shelly H says

    Working on a cowl & fingerless mitts. Next project is a Louisa Harding sleeveless shell out of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic for my sister.

  221. Penny Reese says

    I adore gadgets and all the minutia associated with knitting. It is such a joy when we have a swap in a couple of my Ravelry groups. I stalk the postman until I get my surprise in the mail.

    My next project up is a shawl for a swap, and I am learning to felt with a hedgehog for a wee grandnephew.

  222. Brittany says

    I am making a prayer shawl that is my own pattern, for my boyfriends grandmother. Next I am making a skirt for my 6 month old baby sister. Then starting a pillow for my boyfriend after that! Maybe with this kit I could make something special for someone else;)

  223. Becky says

    Baby booties! I have so many young friends that are having babies. I’d like to have some on hand. Teeny knitted hats to match would be fun too! Love making these sweet little goodies.

  224. Sundari says

    Who would say no to such a giveaway…!!!!Love the stuffs and i really wanna win….!!!!All the best to all….!!!!

  225. Maria C. Kolander says

    Crafts have been my world since I was a child. As a child, I learned to sew from middle school, learned to crochet watching Mama, learned to quilt from a elderly co-worker & learned to knit watching online videos. My favorite craft, knitting, has brought joy to my life when I needed comfort, learned to give handmade gifts to those in need & has kept my dogs warm in sub-zero weather. I’ve never won anything in my life (not even at Bingo!), so I hope I can win this awesome giveaway & continue to make more items to give as gifts. Maybe one day, I’ll make something for myself (I’ve only made a pair of fingerless mitts–that’s all!).

  226. Carol Brooks says

    I have several projects on needles that are in the works, but I am itching to do some stuffed animals for my great grandchildren. there’s just not enough hours in the day for this compulsive knitter .

  227. says

    i’ve sox and a sweater about to come off and a skein of quivit sock blend and two of half and half yak and silk for a shawl waiting for winding and cast on. love swag! thanx for the chance to win some!

  228. Terri Turner says

    I’m just learning to crochet and the 1st projects are dish rags. Then, I want to make scarves. Thanks for the change to win a Swag Bag. Good luck everyone.

  229. geeta punjabi says

    i geeta punjabi and my family is shifting to a new place so i have decided that all my table mats as well as decorations will be done from crochet. thank you

  230. Michael R says

    I am working on knit throws to send my siblings for the upcoming Christmas. I have 8 throws to make, not counting something special for my mother.

  231. Janet Cobb says