Top-Down Tops: 15 Free Knitting Patterns

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Do you prefer to knit from the top-down or the bottom-up? While knitting from the bottom might be easier for some knitting patterns, if you’re making a top it’s definitely better to work from the top down. That was you can sort of try the shirt on as you go to make sure the fit is right, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally making it too short – if it looks a little small, you can just modify the pattern and make it longer right away!

These 15 knit top patterns are all knit from the top down, meaning you end up with the top you want every time. These tops and cardigans are great for layering, so you can keep wearing them all year round! By adding little embellishments like pretty buttons or pairing them with bright accessories, you’ll have a new spring wardrobe that looks like it’s hot off the shelves – when really, it’s hot off the needles!

Top-Down Knit Tops Top-Down Tops: 15 Free Knitting Patterns


Do you prefer long-sleeved or short-sleeved sweaters?


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  1. Peggy says

    Please help me I downloaded a pattern for a knitted Afghan The first row states Row1 (RS): Knit. What does mean. Thank you for your help Peggy

  2. Sunnie Mitchell says

    I love all of the patterns presented here – thank-you so much to the writers for the patterns, and the editors for hunting down the collection:)

    But. But I am a beginner knitter. I’ve managed a few flat-knit pieces and my confidence is growing as I work my way through my first real shaped pieces – ‘knitting in the round’ will be learned after the flat-knit baby booties and winter hats.

    Is there any chance at all you kind pattern hunters could track down a collection of flat knit garments for those of us with beginner skills? I know these patterns exist as I’ve stumbled across one or two – a collection of the best presented here would be super!

  3. Wendy says

    You seem to do more crocheted patterns than knit, which is fine. However, when you send out your emails it would be very helpful to the subscriber (me) if after you list the pattern, you added C or K after it. I don’t want to unsubscribe but I don’t crochet and I spend a lot of time clicking on crochet patterns that I won’t use. Example from today’s email: Top Secret Pattern #10 (C) Or, if ALL of that day’s patterns are crochet, you could even say that. “today’s top secret patterns are all crocheted”. Just a suggestion. I get tired of clicking and finding no knitting and often just delete the email then-and I could be missing a pattern I might like because of it. Thanks.

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