Walk in the Park: 30 Autumn Knitting Patterns

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As the August heat begins to die down and September approaches, we can start knitting for autumn.

We can stroll along on cool fall evenings, smelling the freshly fallen leaves and the year’s last few cuts of grass. Our hillsides glow like sunsets from trees filled with rich fall colors. Crunchy leaves blow around and make that delightful scratchy sound on the pavement while the air becomes crisp and refreshing. Brisk fall evenings are perfect for twilight strolls and romantic walks through the park.

However, that brisk and invigorating air doesn’t come without a chill. How often have we cut our leisurely strolls short because we felt a little too cold? While we are still shrugging off the heat of the summer, we forget to start layering. With this list of autumn knitting patterns, you’ll never forget to leave the house without a trusty hat, scarf, or cowl. You’ll always remember to keep the chill at bay and cover your shoulders with these lovely shawls and ponchos. Filled with deep fall colors, these knits will keep you warm without the heaviness of your winter wear. Start knitting for your evening walks and fall in love with these 30 autumn knitting patterns.


Ombre Cowl


Knit Hat Patterns

Yellow Seed Stitch Beret

Hats are the best way to keep warm without bundling up. These autumn knitting patterns are filled with rich fall colors that will go perfectly with all of  your fall jackets and leather boots.

  1. Terzetto Triangle Hat
  2. Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap
  3. Berry Swirl Beanie
  4. 2-Hour Butterfly Beanie
  5. Yellow Seed Stitch Beret (Pictured)



Scarf Patterns

Boho Girl Scarf

These scarves are as light as the leaves falling from the trees, but they’re heavy enough to keep the chills away. These autumn knitting patterns will keep you fashionable and warm. These patterns are so easy that they’ll be a walk in the park.

  1. Autumn Nights Scarf
  2. Fall Camouflage Triangular Scarf
  3. Autumn Leaves Scarflette
  4. Two Hours or Less Scarf
  5. Attic Treasures Scarf Editor’s Favorite! 
  6. Boho Girl Scarf (Pictured)
  7. Autumn Artisan Scarf



Knit Shawl Pattern Ideas

Lace Edge Garter Stitch Shawl

Keeping your shoulders covered can instantly make you feel cozy. Drape gorgeous, lacy shawls across your back for a stylish stroll through the park. These patterns are filled with all of the colors of fall: deep crimsons, pumpkin oranges, grass greens, earthy browns, and plum purples.

  1. Sunset Shawlette
  2. Lace Edge Garter Stitch Shawl (Pictured)
  3. Autumn Rose Shawl
  4. Funky Fall Wrap
  5. Tangerine Tango Shawl



Knitted Poncho Pattern Ideas

Charming Chestnut Poncho

Wrap yourself in warmth with a knitted poncho. These autumn knitting patterns are perfect for fall layering. These pieces will keep you warm and sophisticated. Throw one on with jeans and heels for a night out with the girls.

  1. Stylish Stripes Poncho
  2. Rustic Stripes Poncho
  3. On the Prowl Poncho
  4. Charming Chestnut Poncho (Pictured)
  5. Cozy Artisan Poncho
  6. Favorite Fall Poncho



Knit Cowl Pattern Ideas

Diagonal Weave Cowl

Like hats, these beautiful cowls are great items to put on when you feel that brisk autumn chill in the air. These cowls will look great with your fall jackets. You’ll never want to leave the house without one!

  1. Birthday Cowl
  2. Diagonal Weave Cowl (Pictured)
  3. Rib & Cable Cowl
  4. Bear Track Cowl
  5. Falling Leaves Cowl
  6. Ombre Cowl



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What autumn knitting pattern would you like to knit for your walk in the park?



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