Win Four Skeins of Alp Royale Yarn!

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Hungry for more yarn?   Then I have some exciting news for you because AllFreeKnitting is giving away four skeins of Alp Royale yarn  to one lucky winner. Isn’t this stuff gorgeous?

                                     Enter to Win Alp Royale Yarn

The details: AllFreeKnitting is giving away four skeins of Alp Royale yarn from Feza Yarns to one lucky knitter/crocheter.  Colors include shades of blue, purple and green.  Each 210 yard hank is composed of natural winter fibers including wool (50%), merino (15%), cashmere (25%) and silk (10%), meaning the resulting yarn is incredibly warm and soft.  Don’t miss your chance to win this incredible yarn that retails for $29.99 per skein. Contest ends 2/21/13.

Which color is your favorite?



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  1. Beth Watkins says

    If it was for myself, I’d pick the blue one on the top. But I love to win it to make something for my son and he would choose the Green one next to the top.
    Thanks for a chance to win this yarn!

  2. AweMe Designs says

    My favorite color is in the green family, but love the purple family as well. Heck- all of the colors are awesome, even safety orange! LOL. thanks for the chance to win something. aweme

  3. Marybeth Mank says

    I love the blue & green ones for myself. My mom would love so e made from the purple one. The grey one would make a perfect pillow cover for a kitty pillow.

  4. Janet Bothwick says

    I think the grey is nice, and I like the brown too. But my favorite would have to be the blue – it’s so vibrant.

  5. Carolyn Stein says

    Hmmmm . . . purple . . . no, green . . . no, purple . . . no, green. Beautiful yarn, think the green would be more versatile. Pick me! Pick me!

  6. Mary Hitchcock says

    What beautiful yarn. The colors are gorgeous, who can pick a favorite??? I guess purple and blue would be my first 2 picks, I have 4 year old twins grandchildren (a boy and a girl), one loves purple and the other blue, they would love something made from this.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. Susan Kapaun says

    I would love the purple or the blue. I would love any of them. The “natural winter fibers” is what I would like.

  8. Kimberly Blanks says

    I really like the blue because I feel it reminds me of the sea. It is very relaxing to me but at the same time has an energy of its own. Good luck everyone:) Thank you for this wonderful contest.

  9. Susan says

    The one on the bottom looks brown, which would make a nice scarf to match my coat! I like variegated colors – self-stripping.

  10. Saftshe says

    Hard to choose , blue is my favorite color, purple is my granddaughters and green is my daughters, so I guess any one would be great!

  11. laminitagirl says

    They are all favorites, but for different reasons. Blue because it’s my favorite color overall. Gray, black and brown because they are just great looking and would look great in a number of different patterns.

  12. kim says

    I was looking at this yarn, trying to pick just one favorite color. I have to tell you that I love all of the colors!! I have always wanted to work with a cashmere yarn or a yarn that had cashmere in it. It looks so warm and soft, and I can picture each of the colors used in a different project.

  13. amethyst2 says

    All Things PURPLE! Of course. But 2 each of blue and purple would do nicely. I love knitting those two colors together…its an awesome blend.

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