Crazy Like A Fox: Go Nuts for Free Woodland Critter Patterns

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woodland-critters-knit-crochet-patternsWhat does the fox say? I think the fox says…it’s time to knit and crochet some woodland patterns! Going along with the rustic theme this year, the holidays are approaching and I’ve been seeing many woodland creature ornaments, decor, and even clothing featuring cute little critters. Sure enough, these woodland creatures have scampered into the yarn world and I couldn’t be happier with the patterns I’ve been finding. Be prepared to start saving, pinning, and collecting these patterns below.

Super Foxy Patterns

Foxes are by far the most popular animal of the season and it’s easy to see why. With a  cute little nose and adorable face, you’ll love all of these fox inspired patterns.

  1. StupidFox Crochet Baby Blanket
  2. Sly Fox Crochet Hat
  3. Felted Fox Bag
  4. Fantastic Fox Pillow
  5. Foxy Yarn Basket
  6. Fox Scarf (knit)
  7. Fox in the Snow Mittens (knit)
  8. Foxy Loxy Scarf (knit)

The Lone Wolf

While this pattern may be the lone wolf right now, I have no doubt you’ll love crocheting your own animal hat this year.

  1. Fuzzy Wolf Bonnet

Beary Cute Patterns

While bears may be kind of terrifying in the wild, they sure do look cute when they are knitted or crocheted!

Amigurumi Bear Pin

  1. Bears and Balloons Baby Blanket
  2. Snow Bear Hooded Scarf
  3. Fuzzy Bear Hat
  4. Baby Bear Booties
  5. Bear Lovey Blanket
  6. Amigurumi Bear Pin
  7. Baby Bear Newborn or Preemie Hat (knit)
  8. Cute Christmas Bears (knit)
  9. Cute Bear Hat (knit)
  10. Little Critter Baby Hat (knit)
  11. Whimsical Bear Hat (knit)

Lucky Rabbit Patterns

Little wabbits are just so cute! Try one of these free patterns today.

  1. Lucky Bunny Applique
  2. Bunny Beanie Pattern (knit)
  3. Baby Bunny Newborn Hat (knit)
  4. Teeny Tiny Knitted Toys (knit)

Wise Owl Patterns

OwlieOwls are probably the second most popular woodland creature as of right now. They are wise and certainly loveable creatures. Fall in love with their big eyes with these free patterns

  1. Tawny Owl Afghan
  2. 12 Crocheted Owls
  3. Knitted Owl Pattern (knit)
  4. Owlie (knit)
  5. Hoot Water Bottle Cozy (knit)

Birds of a Feather Patterns

  1. Songbird Square
  2. Cute Bird Applique
  3. The Love Nest
  4. Bluebird (knit)
  5. Bird in the Tree Ornament (knit)

Quiet as a Mouse

  1. Baby Mouse Booties
  2. Sweet as Sugar Mouse

Majestic Moose VestMoose, Deer, and Reindeer Patterns

  1. Majestic Moose Vest (knit)
  2. Christmas Moose
  3. Nosy Little Reindeer
  4. Murray The Merry Reindeer
  5. Rudolph Hat (knit)
  6. Reindeer Christmas Cup Cozy (knit)


Which woodland animal is your favorite?

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  1. Ruth says

    Fox in the Snow Mittens are adorable…I love the thumb tail! And I have a friend whose last name is Fox. I’ve never knitted in this style, but this might lure me over to the Fair Isle side. The mittens should fit one of the Foxes in their family, but no one better say, “I want a pair too!”


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