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PREMIER YARNS-Deborah Norville Everyday Soft WorstedYou’re going to love this giveaway! You have a chance to win three skeins of this gorgeous yarn from Premier Yarns!

It’s hard to believe, but yes it’s true – this is 100% acrylic yarn and yet it’s so amazingly soft that it doesn’t even compare to normal acrylic yarn. Other yarn has a tendency to pill and wear down, but the Deborah Norville Collection has anti-pilling qualities which will leave your crochet projects in tact and looking wonderful. With 12 solid colors and 24 incredibly beautiful prints, this yarn collection is perfect for a variety of projects.


We are giving away three skeins of “Parrot” and it’s easy to see why. The variegated yarn will create a gorgeous crocheted afghan that changes colors as you go in an almost tie-dye color scheme. This yarn is machine washable and dryable which is why the anti-pilling quality of this yarn is so great. Medium worsted acrylic yarn just doesn’t get much better than this!

Enter to win this incredible yarn here!

If you win, what would you use this yarn for?

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  1. Amber Horner says

    Loving the look of that yarn, would love the chance to test it out. Would make a great dress for my niece ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Renee says

    I would love to win this yarn. I have not tried any of hers and just got back into crocheting. I would use it to back this really neat circular vest. I am making it in plain navy right now that I had on hand but would love to make it in a special yarn for my mom or daughter

  3. Alice Long says

    I would make a baby blanket or something for a baby, I have 2 new greats coming any day. Such pretty colors, I like doing something different than the pink and blues.

  4. Katy Hale says

    This would be wonderful to win. I’m currently making hats and scarves for next Christmas to give to the kids at my son’s school.

  5. Jan Harrison says

    I would have to do a hat & scarf… maybe some slippers to match :p My mind is going crazy with ideas right now lol… Maybe even a lovey blanky for my 19 month old!

  6. says

    I love yarn and have many skeins in many colors, but I don’t just collect them, I use them on scarves, hats, cowls, throws, sox, afghans, you name it. If it can be crocheted, I will try to do something with it – even bags to carry my purchases in because I use the plastic bags for the “plarn” to make plarn rugs. Washes up well, but this yarn is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it in stores soon.

  7. says

    I would love to make something for my almost 5 y/o granddaughter, Megan. The colors are so pretty, just as she is: bright and cheerful(usually!). She’s not a girlie girl that likes pink and purple so this would be perfect.

  8. Mitzi Trenz-Christian says

    For the past year or so I’ve had a pattern for a “to-die for” shawl (and for myself for a change..lol), that this yarn would be perfect for.

  9. Donna Roth says

    I make afghans for special needs children and also for hospice patients. My son has cerebral palsy and my mom has had breast cancer. This is my way if giving some love and hope to others who need some extra love and care.

  10. Barb Lehr says

    If I won this beautiful bright cheerful colored yarn – I would crochet a PRAYER SHAWL for our ministry … It is sure to cheer someone up that needs it so much.
    Thank you

  11. Tish Bilby says

    First let me say the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. I would love to win but if I don’t win, I would certainly buy it when it becomes available. So many ideas are running through my head. I just finished making a frog cocoon using Deborah’s yarn. So I’m thinking of making another cocoon for my new grandbaby due this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Debra M says

    I would make an afghan to give to the Hospice House in honor of my Dad. They took such good care of him in his final days & I would love to give back to them.

  13. Wendy J Mecca says

    Slippers! I always make afghans, shawls and the like, and I do this with freezing feet! DuhMe…I crochet!

  14. Ruth Greene says

    I would make a beautiful shawl with it to give to the senior ladies at the nursing home. They would love it.

  15. Sarah Redford says

    I have made many things for friends and family so I think I would use this to make some trim for a shirt I want to make for myself. Then I would use the rest to make items for charity.

  16. Amy Winkle says

    So many possibilities! I think something bright, for a child, either a hat or maybe a toy. I have some great patterns for amigurumi fish!

  17. Katherine says

    I could use this for a baby blanet for my new granddaugter! I have 4 grandsons and I will be getting my one and only granddaughter in March. She will be the last of the grandchildren.

    • Fundi Fe (felecia hullett) says

      Peace Kat..hay drop me a line would love to hear all the babies then i can tell you about mine! love you Fe

  18. Jean Cutshaw says

    I would probably use it to make an afghan or a baby blanket. Although I would make a beautiful scarf & hat too

  19. Becca Riley says

    I have a new niece coming in late May or early June, I’d love to make something for her with this yarn. It looks beautiful and I think it will make a beautiful sweater for a little one.

  20. LindasueS says

    I would love to make a shawl for the little ladies at church. We have a little collection and this would make a beautiful addition.

  21. Rondi Potts says

    There is a fabulous scarf pattern that I make with rows of double crochet alternating with crossed triple crochets and “noodle” fringe. It would look fabulous in this variegated print! I love the Deborah Norville “Everyday” yarn.

  22. says

    Ooooh, love the colours! Have just learned to crochet so my lack of ability limits what I can do….but granny squares (which I can do!) would look amazing done with this yarn.

  23. Kate Reisig says

    If I win the yarn from Deborah Norville, I will make a T. V. watching throw for my grandaughter,who loves brite colors.

  24. Wanda Herron says

    If I win the yarn from Deborah Norville. I love to make the crochet or the knitting for baby blanket. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Marybeth Mank says

    I just a pair of really pretty crochet patterns – cyanne coverlet and sea pennies – that I would live to adapt for creating a new bedspread for my bedroom.

  26. yvette simpson says

    Well their are so many things i could make but I definitely want a cute yarn bag made with that color…Thank you

  27. Annie Mangelli says

    Gorgeous colors. If I was to win, I would make a “lovey” for new (adopted via a sweet young lady who chose me as a 2nd mom) grandgirl. Every baby needs that little security to grow with.

  28. Carrie W says

    OMG, this yarn would make a perfect hat for my 19 month old daughter! She loves bright colors. It would also make great headbands, flowers, and wristie warmers. Oh the fun I could have!!!

  29. Juanita A Montgomery says

    that is some very pretty yarn and I can see myself making an afghan or sweater out of it will buy some in the future.

  30. Mary Lou Boothroyd says

    Been hoping to find yarn with these colors to make a poncho for me. Been knitting for everyone else so with this beautiful yarn I think I deserve a little something for myself.

  31. Susan Kapaun says

    I would use the varigated yarn to make a shawl (poncho type). I think the pattern making yarn would make a beautiful shawl.

  32. Beth S says

    I would make a hat, scarf and mitts for my great niece, she loves vibrant colors and loves to go with me to pick out yarn for me to make things for her.

  33. Carolyn Frisby says

    I would use this bright and happy yarn to make a hat, scarf and mittens for my grand-daughter. That way IF she were to fall into one of those awful snow drifts that they have this year, she would be MUCH easier to find.

  34. Susan Kapaun says

    I would make a poncho for a preteenage girl (granddaughter). The brightness of the colors and the “pattern” would stand out.

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