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Spooky Knitting: 11 Homemade Halloween Costumes


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of boring Halloween costumes. We’ve all see the black witch hats, the plain white ghosts. Why not knit your own costumes from free knitting patterns [3]? It’s time for some originality folks! Don’t you want someone to come up to you and ask, “Where did you get your costume?”  And you can say with pride, “I made it.”

So I challenge you to get inspired by these awesome costume patterns and ideas [4].

Halloween Hats – The Perfect Excuse to Knit

First up is this crazy Jekyll and Hide hat [5]. I have never seen anything like it before. Just pull down the brim and you’ve got yourself a pretty scary ski-mask. I probably wouldn’t recommend skiing with it though (unless you want to scare your fellow skiers…).  If this hat isn’t your thing, check out some more sweet and spooky options below!

Jekyll and Hide Hat [5]

  1. Knitted Elvis Wig Pattern [6] – These wigs are probably the craziest knitted wigs I’ve seen!
  2. Witch Hat [7] – The wicked witch of the west has nothing on this hat.
  3. Kid’s Pirate Hat [8] – Ahoy matey! A Pirate’s life is for me. This hat is felted which gives it a nice shape.
  4. Hallowig [9] – Talk about bubblegum pink, you’ll be the talk of the trick-or-treaters this year.
  5. Skull Cap Beanies [10] – These beanies would go quite well with the Pirate Hat above. Make a whole pirate crew with these beanies.
  6. Candy Corn Hat [11] – Always a classic, the candy corn hat is great for kids who would rather be a little sweet instead of scary.

What’s so funny?

Oh yes, these knitted costume ideas [3] might make you laugh, but that just makes them perfect for Halloween. Give the Incognito Glasses [12] a try! A whole group of people wearing these would be hysterical.  Keep on reading; there’s even more hilarious options below!

Incognito Glasses [12]


  1. Spock Ears [13] – Star Trek fans unite! This is the best knitted accessory for a Star-Trek costume.
  2. Knit Mustache [14] – The mustache is in this year, so you can wear this knit mustache for Halloween and any other day just for laughs.


Don’t forget about your pets!

Pets can celebrate Halloween too!  Just switch some of these sweater patterns to use orange and black yarn to make them more Halloween friendly. I can see this free knitting pattern for the Pupsicles Dog Sweater [15] producing festive sweaters:

Pupsicles Dog Sweater [15]

  1. Mouse Ears Pattern [16] – Okay, not going to lie, but this might be my favorite. The mouse ears are just so cute!
  2. Cable Knit Greyhound Sweater [17] – These are fun sweaters to knit for any dog. Take your dog trick-or-treating and you won’t worry about him getting too cold.
  3. Ninja Cat Hat [18] – I’m not sure many cats would like wearing this for a long period of time, but you can pose some fun pictures!

To see even more Halloween costume patterns, check out the How to Knit 17 Halloween Costume Patterns [3] page on AllFreeKnitting.com [19].


We want to know, what will you knit for Halloween?