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14 Corner-to-Corner Crochet Blanket Patterns


You know you can crochet a blanket in straight rows, but did you know you can crochet a blanket diagonally? A diagonally crocheted blanket is called a corner-to-corner blanket [3]  (or C2C blanket, as it’s often abbreviated online) since you work, quite literally, from one corner of the blanket to the other. Working up a crochet blanket this way ensures you get a perfectly square blanket, and since you continue increasing until you’ve reached your middle and then begin decreasing, you can make this blanket as large or as small as you want to. Corner-to-corner blankets make fantastic crochet baby blankets and throws, and they’re often worked up with simple single and double crochet stitches. You can also use these to make larger crochet granny squares and afghan panels.

The single and double crochet stitches for a corner-to-corner design often form diagonal rows of little squares, which help make the diagonal design more distinct. Though you can make corner-to-corner crochet blankets with solid shades or stripes, as in many of the designs below from our friends at AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns [4], you can also practice with colorwork and crochet little pictures in your work. You can treat your proposed design as a pixelated picture on a grid, as you’ll see in the Zoodiacs Blanket [5] and the Have a Pixel Christmas [6] designs.

c2c-blankets-afcap-blog-1 [7]

14 Corner-to-Corner Crochet Blanket Patterns

  1. Diagonal Box Stitch Granny Square Crochet Pattern [8]
  2. Diagonal Rainbows Baby Blanket [9]
  3. Rainbow Diagonal Afghan [10]
  4. Corner to Corner Crochet Throw [11]
  5. Striped Corner to Corner Afghan [12]
  6. “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” Blanket [13]
  7. Restful Corner to Corner Crochet Throw [14]
  8. Autumn Harvest Striped Throw [15]
  9. Spring into Summer Crochet Blanket Pattern [16]
  10. Quick Corner to Corner Crochet Baby Blanket [17]
  11. Amish Multicolor Throw [18]
  12. Natural Daisy Baby Blanket [19]
  13. Patchwork Zoodiacs Crochet Afghan [5]
  14. Have a Pixel Christmas Crochet Blanket Pattern [6]

What colors would you use for a C2C blanket? Let us know below in the comments!