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14 Retro Knitted Throws


In many ways, everything old is new again. Well, the same can be said when it comes to these 14 Retro Knitted Throws. These free blanket knitting patterns have a bit of nostalgia stitched into them, but they pack a punch when it comes to modern-day comfort. Knitted throw patterns [3] take time and effort, so while you’re working one up, you can reflect on the memories of yesteryear and excitedly plan for the future.

Whether you keep one of these beautiful knit throws for yourself or give one as a gift to a loved one, there’s no doubt they will be perfect for snuggling up on the couch or staying extra cozy by the fire. In fact, you can even use your blanket to keep warm while you blissfully work on your other WIPs. Handmade throws are often passed down from generation to generation and serve as special reminders of those who have gone before us. Start a new family tradition by working up one of these beautiful blanket knitting patterns [4] today.

Retro Knitted Throws [4]

14 Retro Knitted Throws

Easy Retro Knit Blanket Patterns

These retro knit blanket patterns [4] represent the best of the best. There really is something for everyone in this collection. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never knit a throw before, because many of these patterns are perfect for beginners and those looking for a straightforward pattern.

Rolling Waves Knit Throw [5]

  1. Cozy Colors Garter Stitch Blanket [6]
  2. Endless Cables Knit Throw [7]
  3. Effortless Cherry Wine Afghan [8]
  4. Countryside Charm Afghan [9]
  5. Simple Striped Seed Stitch Afghan [10]
  6. Sunny Days Rib Stitch Blanket [11]

BONUS! Easy Retro Knit Throw [12]

Timeless Knitted Throw Patterns

Some knitted throw patterns can truly stand the test of time. Many years later, the design and construction of these knitted blanket patterns are still in style and can be utilized in almost every home. Take your pick below and you will surely not be disappointed. From chevron to cables, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the beautiful knit throws [3] of your childhood.

Cozy Colors Garter Stitch Blanket [6]

  1. Rolling Waves Knit Throw [5]
  2. Get Fresh Throw [13]
  3. Seafoam Knit Throw [14]
  4. Twisted Taffy Throw and Pillow [15]
  5. Chevron Throw [16]
  6. Timeless Aran Throw [17]
  7. Warm Cable Knit Throw [18]
  8. Quick Knit Chunky Lace Throw [19]

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