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14 Wine-Inspired Crochet Afghan Patterns


When do you typically open a bottle of wine? At dinner? When guests come over? On a Friday after a hard week at work?

May 25 is National Wine Day, and I’m sure many people will be celebrating with a bottle of their favorite white or red. As you relax and sip your drink, why not take inspiration from what’s in your glass?

14 Wine-Inspired Crochet Afghan Patterns [3]

You can take a cue from your favorite wine by crocheting an afghan [4] to match. Choose an off-white color to imitate your glass of Chardonnay, or pick a berry tone to match your Cabernet Sauvignon. Check out these 14 Wine-Inspired Crochet Afghan Patterns for more delicious ideas!


White Wine Afghan Patterns

Lady Windsor Lace Crochet Blanket [5]

Relax with a glass of wine and a homemade crochet blanket.

Make an elegant crochet afghan [6] to match your elegant lifestyle. Whether it’s lacy or cabled, a gorgeous crochet afghan is the perfect accessory to help you relax while sipping from your glass of Pinot Grigio on a Friday night. Plus, it matches with everything!


Red Wine Afghan Patterns

Seductive Syrah Afghan [13]

Make an afghan to match your wine. It will look elegant while easily disguising spills!

You’ll adore these red, maroon, and berry-colored crochet patterns! Perfect for the holidays, you’ll love curling up under one of these cozy crochet afghans [14] while enjoying a glass of Merlot near the fireplace. Bonus: If you happen to spill some wine on your blanket, no one will notice.



Let us know: What is your favorite type of wine?