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17 Crochet Patterns Inspired by Mixed Berries


June, July, and August are the perfect months to eat meals outside. You can barbecue and eat sticky and saucy foods because you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess! (Nature takes care of that.)

17 Crochet Patterns Inspired by Mixed Berries

17 Crochet Patterns Inspired by Mixed Berries

A variety of berries – such as strawberries, cherries, and blackberriesare in season during the summer, making them the perfect outdoor snack for your messy youngsters. Just spray their hands off when they’re done eating, and they can get back to playing while you get back to your latest crochet project. The easy crochet patterns [3] below were inspired by the many colors of summer berries.

From blueberries to cherries to black raspberries, there is a delicious project here that everyone can enjoy.  Follow these gorgeous crochet patterns [4] to have a berry good summer!

What is your favorite summer fruit or berry?