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17 Shocking Shell Stitch Crochet Patterns


Picking up shells has always been my favorite thing to do when I visit the beach. However, as I get older, I find I have less and less time to go to the beach. When I’m feeling nostalgic for those big buckets of fishy-smelling shells, I tend to pull out some shell stitch crochet patterns [3]!

Shell Stitch Crochet Patterns


The shell stitch is one of the most beautiful and versatile stitches in crochet. First of all, the stitch makes a lovely border on almost any afghan or granny square. Secondly, if you crochet the stitch in a circle you get a gorgeous star-like pattern. Thirdly, the unique texture of the stitch pattern looks absolutely gorgeous when used in any clothing pattern.

In short, shell stitches [3] are way better than beach shells.

The good news is if you’ve never attempted this stitch before, AllFreeCrochet [4] has plenty of tutorials for the stitch itself [5], using the stitch as a border [6], and even creating a more solid version of the stitch [7] for thicker afghans.

If you’re already a self-professed shell stitch pro (or you’ve seen those tutorials and are ready to try a project), then the following patterns are for you!


Lovey Fingerless Gloves [8]

Fancy Market Bag [9]

Wavy Shells Blanket [10]

Wavy Shells Beanie [11]


Paper Dolls Shawlette [12]

Chainless Quick Shell Afghan [13]

Sky Blue Top Pattern [14]

Picot Shell Stitch Scarf [15]


Renaissance Tunic [16]

Shelled Bookmark [17]

Let’s Party Crochet Poncho [18]


Beach Day Cover Up [19]

Scale and Shell Bag [20]

Stacked Shells Slouch [21]

Petite Mermaid Costume [22]

Sexy Legwarmers [23]


Women’s Slanted Shell Slippers [24]

What’s your favorite crochet stitch?