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22 Food-Inspired Knitting Patterns You Need To Make


Although winter knitting patterns will keep you warm no matter what Mother Nature throws your way, they might also be drab. With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to look for food-inspired knitting patterns [3] that are also comfortable to wear. If you’re ready to ditch those chunky-weight gray cowls and hats for colorful knitted accessories [4] and clothing, then keep reading. You can find inspiration for colors to use in patterns for spring and summer by looking in your pantry and produce basket. With these knitting patterns inspired by food colors, you’ll serve up some serious style.

22 Food-Inspired Knitting Patterns You Need To Make


So, why should you grab your knitting needles and get to work on knitting patterns with food-inspired colors? Glad you asked!

1. Picture Your Final Project

The color gives you something to envision when planning how you will use the final knit project this summer. It’s one thing to plan to knit a stylish cowl [5] with lightweight yarn for spring, but it’s another to visualize knitting a cowl that will be made with yarn that’s the color of a lime. When you have a specific idea of how the final project will look, then you can start planning how often you’ll wear (and show off!) your finished item with the rest of your warm-weather outfits. At the same time, using food colors will make it easier to communicate to others how the final project will look, too.

2. Make a Statement

Food-inspired yarn colors are typically rich and bold. Whether you want to incorporate the colors of raspberries, plums, or coffee in your next knitting project, one thing is certain: You’ll be using yarn in vibrant, eye-catching colors that will help you stand out in the crowd this summer.

3. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Following food-inspired knitting patterns can be a fun way to incorporate your favorite food into your everyday wardrobe! If you love pie (and who doesn’t?), then subtly show off your love for pastries with a colorful knit top or scarf reminiscent of a slice of blueberry pie. Incorporating colors of your favorite food in your everyday wardrobe is a creative way to add some pizzazz.

4. Get Inspired When Making Gifts for Others

Are you planning to knit a clutch or coasters as a gift for someone else? Then consider thinking of the recipient’s favorite food when selecting yarn for your project for a truly personalized and thoughtful approach. If you’d like, you can also tie the color to a memory or experience you’ve shared with your family member or friend. For example, a shawl made with yarn in a dark shade of brown could evoke memories of the lattés you shared after your latest night out at the movies. The result is a beautiful handmade knitted gift [6] that is completely customized and unique.

I’ve taken a look at AllFreeKnitting [7] to find some of the best free knitting patterns that use inspired by food colors that I think you’ll love. From knit baby blankets easy enough for anyone to make to scarf patterns, you can get started on making these colorful spring and summer knitting patterns today!

Scrumptious Knitting Patterns Inspired By Desserts


From a sturdy shopping bag to a gorgeous baby blanket, these knit patterns are as sweet as the desserts that inspired them! Whether you knit an item for a loved one or for your own use, you’ll love creating something that is both gorgeous and stylish. In addition, these knitting patterns feature bold designs that will also add some color to your wardrobe or your home decor.

  1. Lemon Supreme Pie Poncho [9] — Brighten your summer with this free knitting pattern!
  2. Just Like Grandma’s Blueberry Pie Mittens [10]
  3. Vanilla Ice Cream in a Dish Cable Tank [11]
  4. Strawberry Pie Shopping Bag [12]
  5. Strawberries and Cream Baby Blanket [8] — Perfect for beginners!
  6. Cherry Pie Pillow [13]

Garden Patch: Fruit And Vegetable-Inspired Knitting Patterns


Look to your favorite fruits and vegetables when selecting a knit pattern. Featuring monochromatic looks or colorful variegated yarn in a range of different colors, these knitting patterns are just what you need this spring and summer.

  1. Tart Lime Dishcloth [15] — You’ll want to whistle while you work when using this knit dishcloth!
  2. Pleasantly Plum Wrap [16] — This will look amazing over your favorite sundress!
  3. Fruit Salad Slouch Hat [14]
  4. A Bowl of Tart Raspberries Clutch [17]
  5. Slice of Watermelon Scrunchie [18]
  6. Bright Tangerines Knit Tee [19] — The perfect gift idea for the fashionista in your life!
  7. Twist of Lemon Shawl [20]
  8. Mixed Greens Salad Coffee Sleeve [21] — You’ll love the use of variegated yarn in this pattern!
  9. Blueberries from the Garden Throw [22]

Even More Food-Inspired Knitting Patterns


This menu of food-inspired knitting patterns includes accessories, tops, and more. From gifts for your friends to stylish little numbers you’ll want to keep in your closet, you’ll want to knit all of these patterns!

  1. Blueberry Muffin Baby Blanket [24] — Make this knit baby blanket for the next baby shower on your calendar!
  2. Luscious Blueberry Smoothie Top [25]
  3. Cotton Candy at the State Fair Dress [26]
  4. Thanks a Latte Shawl [23] — What a great gift idea for your best friend!
  5. Dash of Cinnamon Lace Bolero [27]
  6. Raspberry Sorbet Headband [28]
  7. Chocolate Milkshake Sweater [29] — When spring is still a little too chilly, wear this cute short-sleeved sweater.

How do you use food-inspired knitting patterns? Let us know below in the comments!