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24 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns Fit for Royalty


If you grew up watching Disney princess movies, there’s a good chance you also dressed up like your favorite princess at some point. Cinderella, Ariel, and Princess Jasmine have been popular for decades.

To get that same special feeling as an adult, you can give your home a royal touch by taking inspiration from past or present rulers. We’ve compiled a list of 24 free crochet afghan patterns [3] that are inspired by different princesses in history and on-screen. Check it out below!

24 Free Crochet Afghan Patterns Fit For Royalty [3]

Princess Diana

Eclectic Indoor Garden Afghan [4]
This vintage design is fit for a queen.

The Princess of Wales had a large spectrum of styles throughout the 1980s. From loose-fitting dresses to tailored jackets, from plaid to polka dots, she always had a certain amount of class that many women envied. These unique crochet afghan patterns [5] are inspired by some of her outfits that stood out.

Kate Middleton

Vintage Scalloped Blanket [11]
The princess in you will love this classic and chic blanket.

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her classic, elegant outfits. Whether she’s going bold or vintage, Kate Middleton always looks good. Here are some classy crochet afghan patterns [12] she would appreciate.


Vintage Victorian Afghan [18]
Curl up under this Victorian afghan and read your favorite fairy tale.

The heroine from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” went from being a quirky bookworm to an elegant lady. These gorgeous afghan patterns and cute baby blankets [19] are inspired by her story and her favorite colors.


The Cold Never Bothered This Cozy Afghan [25]
Keep out the cold with this cozy cover.

The cold doesn’t bother the powerful Queen of Arendelle from the Disney film “Frozen.” It won’t bother you, either, if you make one of these cozy crochet blankets [26] next winter.

Which other royals do you think have iconic styles?