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30 Lacy Crochet Shawl Patterns


Nothing makes me feel more fabulous than a delicate crochet lace pattern [3], especially when it involves a shawl I can grab on the go. When I’m supposed to be somewhere, I’m always a hot mess: dropping car keys, forgetting that my cell phone is in my back pocket, and running back in the house for “just one more thing.” I need a wrap that can work with all my warm weather activities and is easy to throw on (when I suddenly remember I should pack one). With summer coming up, lacy crochet shawl patterns are the perfect antidote to those days when the weather likes to trick you—warm during the day and just a little too chilly at night. Keeping one of these delightful crochet shawl patterns [4] around will help you stay prepared for those days and looking better than ever.

30 Lacy Crochet Shawl Pattern [5]


30 Lacy Crochet Shawl Patterns


Long and Flowy

Wearing over-sized, airy shawls just makes me want to dance around in a meadow somewhere. These would be the perfect wraps to throw on over a pair of leggings or jean shorts to give you a little extra coverage with their additional length in the back without suffocating you.

Flowing Angelic Shawl [6]

  1. Flowing Angelic Shawl [6]
  2. Lacy Hairpin Shawl [7]
  3. Open Air Shrug [8]
  4. Date Night Shawl [9]
  5. Swanky Crochet Kaftan [10]
  6. Across the Galaxy Shawl [11]
  7. Queen Elizabeth Crochet Stole [12]
  8. Golden Lacy Crochet Shawl [13]



Want even more summer? Check out these great crochet summer patterns [14]!

Short and Sweet Around the Shoulders

You can’t be constantly tugging your wrap up and adjusting when you’re out being a rock star, so these lacy crochet patterns [3] take care of that for you. These all fit nicely just around your shoulders and are pinned by a broach or securely crocheted so that you don’t have to try to hold them up.

Summer Morning Shawl [15]

  1. Summer Morning Shawl [15]
  2. Goddess Shawl [16]
  3. Rainbow Lace Crochet Poncho [17]
  4. Beauty and the Beast Shawl [18]
  5. Berry Harvest Crochet Cowl [19]
  6. Unique Lace Crochet Wrap [20]
  7. Emerald Lace Crochet Wrap [21]
  8. Butterfly Fling Crochet Shawl [22]
  9. Beach Vacation Crochet Shawl [23]
  10. Pink Lace Crochet Triangle Shawl [24]
  11. Penelope’s Lacy Shawl [25]
  12. Maid Marion Lace Crochet Shawl [26]


Divinely Draped Drama

These designs are classic crochet wrap patterns [27]crafted to drape around your shoulders and arms with all the drama and impact you could desire. These are light and versatile patterns that could be worn around the neck like a scarf or loosely swept around your shoulders to keep the chill off a lovely evening dress or even a cute tank outfit.

Happy-Go-Lacy Crochet Shawl Pattern [28]

  1. Happy-Go-Lacy Crochet Shawl Pattern [28]
  2. Vintage Lace Popcorn Shawl [29]
  3. Stop and Stare Crochet Shawl [30]
  4. Alpaca Your Wrap [31]
  5. Lacy Pineapple Crochet Shawl [32]
  6. Romantic Lacy Crochet Stole [33]
  7. Lacy Fall Shawl [34]
  8. Flirty Crochet Shawl [35]
  9. Flamingo Pink Lace Shawl [36]
  10. Summer Lace Crochet Wrap Pattern [37]




What’s your favorite shawl style?